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Working with PivotViewer and the CxmlCollectionSource – Wintellect DevCenter. Microsoft’s PivotViewer control is an amazing tool for visualizing data and creating a unique UI for your application.

Working with PivotViewer and the CxmlCollectionSource – Wintellect DevCenter

The one issue everyone seems to have with it, however, is its lack of styling capability. In fact, working with PivotViewer in Expression Blend yields little in the way of styling or templating. There are only a few color settings one can make, and some generic overall changes. Replacing the filter panel or info panel is not currently supported. What to do? Since we cannot style the filter panel, we need to hide it and put our own in. 1: public override void OnApplyTemplate() 3: base.OnApplyTemplate(); Generating the Collection Data. As I mentioned previously, getting your data design right is critical in creating a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing collection.

Generating the Collection Data

In that same post, I also mentioned that it’s good to test your data design using the pivot viewer before creating any of your trade card images. This will help to validate that you’ve chosen the right facet categories and that your sample sizes look like about what you would expect across your various pivots – particularly in histogram mode. Pivot (both the rich client and Silverlight control) expects XML data written to a defined XML schema. Additionally, your XML should be saved as a file with a *.cxml extension (more about additional requirements for hosting on the Web or from Azure later). The best resource for understanding more about this format (as well as download the actual XSD files) is the pivot Web site – more specifically, the Collection XML Schema page. The workflow is managed using a SSIS package and looks like the following: <?

1. PivotViewer – Working with Facets. PivotViewer series Intro In this next tutorial about the Silverlight PivotViewer control I would like to give a little more depth on Facets.

PivotViewer – Working with Facets

What are facets, and how are they used in runtime generation of collections using the PivotServerTools library. Removing scrollviewer from Pivotviewer. Don't know why, but moving my pivotviewer application from Silverlight 4 to Silverlight 5 changed some things.

Removing scrollviewer from Pivotviewer

When I used to switch to graphview my categories used to group together into some ranges like in this figure (in SL4) Now something changed and each category has its own column in graphview. PivotViewer for a rich search experience. For ClipFlair, I’m looking into implementing advanced search using Silverlight PivotViewer Update: You can now check out ClipFlair Gallery in all its PivotViewer with DeepZoom glory.

PivotViewer for a rich search experience

A really nice example of PivotViewer search is at: This may take long time to load, since its loading 10000 children art DeepZoom image tiles You can use the mousewheel to zoom in there or the zoom slider at top-right (can also click an item to zoom to it) See the filters at the left handside, play with them by selecting items there at the various properties to see the images get rearranged to show only ones selected by the filters.

Has also buttons at the top-right to bin the items based on having same values at properties selected Another good example is Netflix movie catalog: e.g. select Sort: Genre at top-right and click Graph View button there instead of the default Grid View to see the items get binned by Genre, then start filtering them down from the left handside bar.

Good Coffe Good Code Blog

How to add hyperlinks in web deployed PivotViewer App... For link to open you have to add LinkClicked and ItemDoubleClicked (if you want open the link with doubleclick) event on the PivotViewer: private void pv_LinkClicked(object sender, System.Windows.Pivot.LinkEventArgs e) { PivotView pv = sender as PivotView; OpenLink(e.Link.ToString()); } private void pv_ItemDoubleClicked(object sender, ItemEventArgs e) { PivotItem piv_item = pv.GetItem(e.ItemId); if (!

How to add hyperlinks in web deployed PivotViewer App...

String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(piv_item.Href)) { pv.CurrentItemId = e.ItemId; OpenLink(piv_item.Href); } else { MessageBox.Show("No Web Page... "); } } private void OpenLink(string linkUri) { HtmlPage.Window.Navigate(new Uri(linkUri, UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute), "Blank"); } If you have more than one link to open and want to see the Action Button on the top right corner of the item when you mouse over the item, you need to add CustomAction. GetCustomActionsForItem - MSDN Search. Microsoft Silverlight. Silverlight 5 Pivot Viewer Videios Or Walkthroughs. Hello.Ihave extended PivotViewer, added a property which is acustom control that includes a datagrid (but it can be anything), then if i wanted tomove to DataGrid View i hide the Tile View, if i want to show Tile View i hide DataGrid.One of myextendedPivot Viewercontrol is as follows, here i hide the Tile View completly;You can see this here: public class PivotViewerEx : PivotViewer { private Grid GridContainer { get; set; } private Grid GridViews { get; set; } public CollectionViewContainer Tile { get; set; } private DockPanel ImageOptionPanel { get; set; } private PivotDataGrid DataGrid { get; set; } public PivotViewerEx() { PropertyChanged = new PropertyChangedEventHandler(PivotViewer_PropertyChanged); CollectionLoadingCompleted = new EventHandler(PivotViewerEx_CollectionLoadingCompleted); SetResourceManager(PivotViewerResources.ResourceManager); } public override void OnApplyTemplate() { base.OnApplyTemplate(); if (this.AppliedFilters.Count 0) { inScopeItems = new Listlong(); break; } }

Silverlight 5 Pivot Viewer Videios Or Walkthroughs

Blip/src/BL!PPivotPiewer at master · vforget/blip. Insights of a Full Stack developer: PivotViewer. Up close you can see the clear all button has been restyled and the drop shadow removed:

Insights of a Full Stack developer: PivotViewer

Semantic Zoom with Silverlight 5 PivotViewer. In-Depth Semantic Zoom with Silverlight 5 PivotViewer 09/02/2012 Get Code Download Trying to visualize the StaffName property is a good example.

Semantic Zoom with Silverlight 5 PivotViewer

If each staff member is represented by a different color and you set the background of each trading card to the color representing that staff member, then you have created a visualization that will make sense and is useful to the user. With a large number of trading cards, a user can look at the histogram of tables per hour and can visually determine which staff member had the most tables for that time period. Implementing Value Converters The best way to accomplish this visualization is with a value converter. The IValueConverter interface has two methods: Convert and ConvertBack. Listing 3 shows an implementation of a value converter that will map the staff names to unique colors. Akshaya's World. In the past, many times I have come around a situation where I want to load a completely different set of facets in the Pivot Viewer without really instantiating a new instance of it!

Akshaya's World

While in the Pivot Viewer’s first version it was relatively simpler (by just loading a different cxml) but in the second version it didn’t work right, when I was using the client-side loading of items. There was always something that didn’t work example the filter pane wouldn’t show the facets of the new collection, etc. But, there’s a very simple solution for this (actually it was too simple to be believable for the first time…at least for me), so here it is…before you set the new PivotProperties and the Templates, just write down the following 3 lines:

Picking MaxWidth for PivotViewer Semantic Zoom » The benefit of creating an implementation of PivotViewer and Deep Zoom from scratch is that you get a better understanding for how it all works under the covers. (If you haven’t had a look at the HTML5 PivotViewer you can check it out here – The Silverlight 5 version of the PivotViewer control brings a whole heap of long awaited features including dynamic collections, item templates and Semantic Zoom. PivotViewerDemo. Insights of a Full Stack developer: PivotViewer ItemsLoaded event. Pivot Collection Tool for the Command Line - Documentation. This document provides a high-level overview of the Pauthor library. It consists of a general description of the various namespaces, key classes they contain, and the relationships between them. This document is not an API reference, nor does it give specific guidance on how to use the API to accomplish particular tasks (refer to the other documents included in this distribution for those purposes).

Pivot. Silverlight HTML Bridge FAQ - Erik Reitan's Development Blog. Get Satisfaction Data in PivotViewer. As soon as I had a free Hackathon day at my new job, I couldn’t help but do a project that spanned from old interests to new. Let’s dig into how to build a PivotViewer view of Get Satisfaction data. For those of you who want code right now, please see my GitHub page with the Silverlight code. I am using C#, the Silverlight 5 toolkit, and the PivotViewer v2 control that is found in the Silverlight 5 SDK.

For those of you who want pretty and dynamic infographics right now, I have a hosted version of this PivotViewer app. Simple PivotViewer App in Silverlight 5. I’ve been hoping to share a super simple sample app to showcase PivotViewer in Silverlight 5. I hope this walk through is something you will find useful! First, let’s take care of the pre-requisites: Install Visual Studio 2010 SP1: AstroInformatics 2011 Pivot Viewer. PivotViewer deck I’ve made a few variations on this PivotViewer demonstration, and it felt like a good time to add it to the blog as well. The powerpoint presentation gives a nice overview of both how to design a good collection and how to go about the technical details of implementing a Silverlight 5 application that uses the new PivotViewer.

There are some short code snippets and helpful links to guide you through getting started. PivotViewer – Collections. PivotViewer–The Control. Following up on that previous post, the other side of the PivotViewer story is about the PivotViewer control itself. JIT implementation for PivotViewer featuring Flickr.Net. Microsoft Research - Pivot. Adding in the LightSwitch pivot viewer an adorner for communicating with the regular lightswitch screens. Introduction This post is part of a series on the usage of the pivot viewer in LightSwitch.

Semantic zoom with pivot viewer – a sample application. Silverlight PivotViewer – The Full Guide - Shai Raiten's Blog. What’s Silverlight PivotViewer? Pivot makes it easier to interact with massive amounts of data in ways that are powerful, informative, and fun. Microsoft Live Labs tried to step back and design an interaction model that accommodates the complexity and scale of information rather than the traditional structure of the Web. Before Getting Started –> Things You Need To Know. Newest 'pivotviewer' Questions. Hosting Silverlight PivotViewer control in Windows Azure Web Role - Avkash Chauhan's Blog. Dynamic Text Size Change. Working With Silverlight PivotViewer. Introduction What’s Silverlight PivotViewer? Pivot makes it easier to interact with massive amounts of data in ways that are powerful, informative, and fun.

Microsoft Live Labs tried to step back and design an interaction model that accommodates the complexity and scale of information rather than the traditional structure of the Web. Before Getting Started –> Things You Need To Know System Requirements: Recommended: Windows 7 with Aero enabled, 2-GHz 32-bit (x86) processor, 2 gigabytes of random access memory. Visualizing Your Data With PivotViewer. PivotViewer. Building your first PivotViewer application.