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Event Driven Architecture

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Quantum Hierarchical State Machine. RulePoint - Complex Event Processing - Proactive Monitoring & Real-Time Operational Intelligence. Bacon.js - Functional Reactive Programming library for JavaScript. NoFlo Kickstarter, the hacker's perspective - Henri Bergius in San Francisco, California. This has been a big week for NoFlo, the flow-based programming environment for JavaScript.

NoFlo Kickstarter, the hacker's perspective - Henri Bergius in San Francisco, California

Yesterday we released NoFlo 0.4, which added support for running flow-based programs in web browsers. And today we launched our NoFlo Development Environment effort on Kickstarter. Before continuing, make sure to watch the video! This is our effort to bring visual and collaborative flow-based tools into the world of mainstream software development. Similar tools are already in use in many specialized industries from movie special effects to hardware simulation, but we programmers still have to construct these complex maps of our software's control flow inside our brains based on their textual representation. We've already reached a third of our goal on the first day. Statechartjs/statechartjs. Toward the Semantic Processing of Business Process Events.

A Survey of Event Processing Languages (EPLs), October 7, 2006.

Reactive Extensions

Actor Framework for Windows Azure - Home. Actors in computer science literature respond to messages, store state internally to change future responses, and have the ability to launch other actors.

Actor Framework for Windows Azure - Home

We support these, as well as a publish-subscribe mechanism where an actor can publish changes to any & all subscribed clients. This push-based model allows for actors to notify clients in a natural way for their UI stack. For example, if an actor representing a data structure is changed, the updates to that data structure can be shared with all interested clients easily. For instance, we’ve built an ObservableCloudList<T> type that works with data binding in .NET GUI applications. Our intention is that actors run in an Actor Runtime, a cluster of machines that host actors on multiple replicas.

An additional property of actors is that they only process one message/request at a time, so that the logic for each message/request has exclusive access to the actor’s state. 1.1. A few more things to note about the methods on IActor: 1.2. 1.3. State Machine Design in C++ Events Are Not Just for Notifications. Event Driven Architecture. Today’s leading organizations are extending their applications to incorporate business events to achieve real-time analysis and response.

Event Driven Architecture

However, hand-coding applications for event processing requires complex development skills and often fails to achieve business agility. Oracle’s Event-Driven Architecture Solution provides companies across a range of industries – including financial services, telecommunications, retail, government and manufacturing – the ability to become a real-time enterprise, enabling the build, deployment and management of event-driven architectures through a pre-integrated toolset of event processing technologies. Oracle’s Event-Driven Architecture Solution is comprised of best-in-class Oracle Fusion Middleware components and complements the service-interaction model of SOA, providing infrastructure to manage both simple event-based interactions and more complex event analysis for pattern matching in real-time.