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Caraïbes : cité engloutie retrouvée au fond des mers ? SEAS - Société d'Etude en Archéologie Subaquatique. L'Archéologie sous les mers. Databases. MARC. MARC: Links to other webs. Wreck Databases. Nordic countries: The cold Baltic Sea has things in common with Arctica, Antarctica, the North American Great Lakes and some sweetwater lakes : There is no shipworm, wood is preserved for centuries and it's possible to find very well preserved wrecks.

Wreck Databases

Swedish Maritime Museum's wreck register in Stockholm. The Submarine as a Class of Archaeological Site. Background This paper builds on a lecture given on the occasion of the Fremantle Submarine Convention held jointly at the Royal Australian Navy Submarine Base HMAS Stirling and the Western Australian Maritime Museum in March 1995.

The Submarine as a Class of Archaeological Site

The conference was convened as part of Australia Remembers (1945-1995) to recognise the fact that over 170 Dutch, British and American submarines made a total of 416 war patrols out of Fremantle between March 1942 and August 1945. Underwater Archaeology.