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Software d'astrométrie CHARON : Manuel d'utilisation. Manuel d'utilisation CHARON CHARON fonctionne avec GUIDE. Ces logiciels sont développés par : Project Pluto 168, Ridge Road Bowdoinham ME 04008 USA. WorldWide Telescope. Skychart. For use with Linux, Windows, Mac OS X This program enables you to draw sky charts, making use of the data in many catalogs of stars and nebulae.


In addition the position of planets, asteroids and comets are shown. The purpose of this program is to prepare different sky maps for a particular observation. A large number of parameters help you to choose specifically or automatically which catalogs to use, the colour and the dimension of stars and nebulae, the representation of planets, the display of labels and coordinate grids, the superposition of pictures, the condition of visibility and more. C2A - Planetarium Software. SKY-MAP. SkyGlobe. Stellarium. The Aladin Sky Atlas.