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Chinnaiah Ramamoorthi on Behance. How To Do A Solo Trek To Prashar Lake From Mandi / Delhi. Prashar lake is a beautiful small hamlet located near Mandi in Himachal. It’s a day trek and the views are jaw dropping. But the biggest problem that we face is sheer information on how to reach Prashar Lake from Mandi or from Delhi. Due to which, most of us have to reach to tour operators, who conduct this trek charging huge amounts. That is why I am here…to let you know that you can do this Prashar Lake trek by yourself or may be with friends.

And you don’t need any help to complete this amazing lake trek. With this article, I will try to tell you everything that you might need to complete this trek like: How to reach Prashar Lake from Mandi / DelhiPrashar Lake hotels or where to stay in Prashar LakeAnd where to eat So to know all this…Keep reading Being a Delhiite, I always used to wonder where to go on small weekends. That is why; I always used to look to travel to a nearby destination. And one of the treks that I did was Prashar Lake. And after 03 – 04 hrs you will reach Prashar Lake. 05 Virgin & Insanely Beautiful Indian Beaches You Must Visit Before You Die. So what you like about beaches? Is it the sparkling white sand that covers the whole beach or the sweltering sun rays that create a majestic color when touches the blue sea or just the beautiful blue water that covers the rest of our planet earth.

So what is it? Being an explorer, I would say the combination of all three which creates a heavenly attraction for many travelers like us. And with a coastline of more than 7000 Kms, this small Indian subcontinent offers a range of beautiful beaches to travelers. So let’s dig in Havelock Island Beach (Andaman & Nicobar Islands) Insanely beautiful island with some picturesque and yet untouched beaches. Havelock Island is known for its lush green forests in the back drop with white sandy beaches and coral reefs. It is that beautiful that is why Havelock Island is there in our list of top beautiful Indian beaches or best Indian beaches All You Need To Know About Havelock Island Beach Neil Island Beach (Andaman & Nicobar Island) Do you want to know why? 08 Safety Tips For Bikers Which Every Rider Should Know.

If you are planning a Road Trip to Ladakh or a Spiti Valley Road Trip or any other road trips in India or in any other country, there are certain safety tips for bikers which you should always keep in mind before planning your travel. Bike riding safety tips are always one of the most neglected parts by many of us. But we always have to keep in mind that if you want to ride long… you have to ride safely. Travelling is my passion and bike riding is a part of it to explore untouched terrains. In India and in various other countries like Vietnam, Cambodia where traffic rules are meant to be broken, and people don’t follow rules, it is very hard to ride or drive safe. There are certain factors which are not in our control and there are certain ones which we can control. So today, with this article I would be telling you eight bike riding safety tips which are meant to be there in your diary, every time you plan a bike trip.

Always Do Your Research Know Your Machine Physical Fitness Gear Up. Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Do A Spiti Valley Road Trip In Under Rs.10,000. Lahaul & Spiti Valley Road Trip (a cheat sheet for budget travelers) Spiti Valley is always on my bucket list. Have heard a lot but wasn’t sure how to plan a “Spiti Valley Road Trip”. After completing my “Road Trip To Ladakh” in 2015, I was wondering about my next destination for my upcoming road trip. After a long R&D.. going through various blogs, travel guides, budget calculation, I finalized Lahaul & Spiti.

But this time, I was not interested in doing a Spiti Valley Road Trip by bike. Oh yes… would be a solo backpacking trip. What You Will Be Getting With This Article: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Spiti Valley Road Trip How to reach Spiti Valley? How To Reach Spiti Valley? Lahaul & Spiti are basically two different districts. Both Lahaul & Spiti attracts a large number of travelers ranging from backpackers, professional trekkers, bikers and tourists during its peak time.

In fact, it is also known as “Mini Ladakh” due to its geography which resembles Leh & Ladakh region. Excel Pic. 03 Secret Places To Visit In Ladakh That No One Is Going To Tell You. Untouched Places to visit In Ladakh: So planning to visit Leh & Ladakh and don’t have an idea where to visit? Then this blog is for you.

By the way, if you are not sure How to reach LehWhere to stay and eat (Manali – Leh / Srinagar – Leh)Where and how to rent a bike or car from Manali or SrinagarTrip costTrip duration and all Then I would suggest you to first check out my last blog: Road Trip To Ladakh Hence, you now know what you are going to get from this blog. By the way, you must be thinking, is there really any places to visit in Ladakh or Leh which are untouched? Being with a population of more than 1.32 billion, it is very hard right. If you just Google “Places to visit in Ladakh” the only destination you would find are: Pangong Tso lakeKhardungla PassTso Moriri LakeHunder ValleySome monasteriesAnd some sight-seeing places That’s it.

But there are some places in Leh & Ladakh which are still virgin and untouched by tourists and travelers. Turtuk Visiting this place is not an easy task. Note: Is India Safe For Female Travellers? Or How Can You Travel Safely In India l ThePoorNomad. Is India Safe for Female Travellers? This is a big question, which most of us face when planning a trip to India. Not only foreign nationals but also various Indian solo female travellers have the same question in mind before planning a trip. I guess you have the same question in your mind “Is India safe for female travellers” Trust me, being an Indian and a guy, it would be very hard for me to answer a question like this “Is India safe for female travellers”. Being a solo Indian traveller, I do face people who tried to scam me.

But that doesn’t count in safety, I guess. So to answer this unanswered question “Is India safe for female Travellers”? I have done a lot of research and questioned various solo female travellers, just to get an idea on what they think, what they have faced and if they can provide me with some tips for women travellers in India. In recent times, women safety is on the forefront of various news channels and media outlets. Yes, that is correct. “Log kya kahengey” Best Volunteering Opportunities In India You Can’t Miss - ThePoorNomad. Volunteering Opportunities in India: India is a vast and beautiful country with a plethora of historical monuments to visit and a rich culture to experience but India has its own share of issues. Poverty and illiteracy are one of the top rated problems which this country is facing.

And to eradicate these problems, a large number of NGO’s, volunteers and charities are working day and night. Plus many Indians, Indian travelers and foreign nationals are looking out for options to help them out. But it’s not that easy as it seems. There are lots of Volunteering opportunities in India but searching and then finalizing one is a difficult task. The main road block which anyone of us face in finalizing the suitable volunteering work in India is many of them involve agencies, which ask volunteers to pay membership fees or some kind of other charges which are very high. Best Volunteering Opportunities In South India Sadhana Forest Website: Location: Auroville, Tamil Nadu. The Top 10 Best Places To Eat In Manali - ThePoorNoamd. Some cafes in Manali are good and some are bad. But there are some extraordinary ones too. So check out this list of Top 10 best places to eat in Manali. Manali, a paradise tucked in between Lush Pine trees and Beas River is one of the famous Himalayan Hill station both for foreign nationals and also for newly-wed Indian couples.

For a long time, Manali has been visited by a lot of tourists in search of Nirvana, peace and scenic views. Trekking enthusiast comes here for the plethora of trekking options which it provides. And to cater this enormous and vivid kind of age groups and travelers, Manali has a huge list of restaurants and cafes. New Manali and Mall Road is famous for North Indian , South Indian and other Indian cuisines. But do keep in mind; trying out everything thing might not be good idea as it would take a lot of time. Café 1947 Manali In the 10th best places to eat in Manali list is Café 1947 located in Old Manali. Address: Old Manali, Manali (Himachal Pradesh) My First Solo BackPackingTrip To Yumthang Valley– How It All Started. It would be long but interesting. I assure you. Before sharing you my lost memories of 2006. Let me tell you how it all started the first solo BackPacking Trip.

I was a pathetic student during my whole academic career. Yyyyiiipppeeee………… We book a flight to Bagdogra Airport and from there took a cab to Gangtok. I was feeling like Barrack Obama on a Sikkim trip We visited every place which was mentioned in the itinerary/plan. Yes, you might be thinking if everything was good or I would say a great family trip then why I have mentioned it as my first solo backpacking trip??? Haha… Yes, this was my first family trip which ultimately leads to my first solo backpacking trip. The trip was over and I reached home with a good break and with some amazing moments. Yes, I have heard about Sikkim but I never knew that it was so beautiful. So I sat in front of my system and started Googling about this place as I had no idea about Sikkim apart from the places I visited with my parents. Finally, I did it. 10 Ultimate Places For Trekking In Manali You Cannot Miss If You Are A Trekking Buff.

10 Best Places For Trekking In Manali: Manali being a famous travel destination for trekkers, hikers and backpackers is also known for its scenic views, varied flora and fauna and some jaw-dropping treks. You can also term this destination as one of the places which is perceived as a heaven for trekking enthusiasts and hikers. Himachal Pradesh or let’s be specific Manali has a bag full of easy, moderate and hard treks. From a day trek to a trek which might even take more than 15 days, it has it all. Btw, it is also termed a foodie’s paradise, unless you know the best places to eat In Manali.

But with this article, I would be telling you The Top 10 places or destinations to go for Trekking In Manali. So let’s start: 10. If you are into trekking then you should go for Malana Village Trek. Malana is a small hidden and a mysterious village at the foothills of Himalayas but with its fair share of stories with legends and history. Oldest democracy ..Yes, you heard it correct! 9. Duration: 02hrs.