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How To Create A Landing Pages In Joomla? - Web Development - TTI Trends. If you are on this page then I am quite sure that you are struggling to create a landing page in Joomla for the first time.

How To Create A Landing Pages In Joomla? - Web Development - TTI Trends

Then I want to share with you a little bit information about what the landing page actually means? This won’t take too much of your time, I will give you just an overview of landing pages. The landing page can be any page of the website, from where visitors enter your website. But in the stream of digital marketing, the landing page of a website must possess some features different from the whole website, which helps in attracting more visitors to engage in the desired action on a website. The Grand Education Fair 2017- Government of Gujarat - Jobs & Education - TTI Trends.

Education department of Gujarat organizing the grand education This fair on 14th, 15th and 16th June, 2017 at Gujarat Convention Center Ahmedabad.

The Grand Education Fair 2017- Government of Gujarat - Jobs & Education - TTI Trends

They will provide information for admission, career, different soft skill, entrepreneurship i.e startup, different foreign universities, local universities and their courses. They also give information for MYSY i.e. mukhyamantri yuva swawlamban yojna. And Yeah Good step taken by the government of Gujarat that is tablet distribution to those who satisfies the following criteria: Why We Love Father’s Day & You Should Love Too! - Celebration - TTI Trends. As people say Mom is just like a god than I am sure father is not less than that.

Why We Love Father’s Day & You Should Love Too! - Celebration - TTI Trends

Their roles and responsibilities may be different, but their love and care for their child are almost the same. The father’s day is celebrated to honor fathers and father figures in your family. It is also a celebration of fatherhood, parental bond and the influence of a father in the family. The father’s day celebration is adapted in complementing to Mother’s Day. It is basically celebrated by Catholic Europe since middle age. In Europe, it was initially celebrated on March 19th every year. Myths About Independence Day Celebration - Celebration - TTI Trends. India celebrates its Independence day on 15th August every year.

Myths About Independence Day Celebration - Celebration - TTI Trends

Our country became independent on the auspicious day of 15th August 1947 after a long-awaited British Rule. This day is also declared as a national holiday. On this day, we celebrate our Independence from the British rule by paying tribute to the struggle and martyrdom of millions of people of our country. Britishers ruled our country for nearly 200 years. In this long period of struggle, lots of bloodshed and sacrifices were given by the people of our country. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of Independent India. Every year Prime-minister of our country as a tradition waves tri-color in front of Red fort in the national capital, New Dehli as a sign of free and Independent country. Other activities in Independence Day celebrations includes Army exhibition and weapon displays. Do we really need premium WordPress hosting - Web Hosting - TTI Trends.

WordPress is the most popular content management system widely used for publishing blogs, news site, e-commerce website, corporate page etc.

Do we really need premium WordPress hosting - Web Hosting - TTI Trends

WordPress is an open source which means a kind of free to use software available on the internet and is written in PHP. It is software being used online and has many inbuilt functions called as WordPress plugins. These plugins can be uploaded or install directly from WordPress directory as per the requirement of functionality. There are many service providers that provide a cheap hosting solution for WordPress. It is good when you’re a newbie or just started a website or blog. Why you need Premium Hosting for WordPress? Premium hosting is needed when your site become popular and generating heavy traffic. But for uninterrupted and better functionality of your website you need to opt for premium hosting providers which are able to handle your large traffic at one time and provide you better service. Choose your outfit SMARTLY to beat the heat this SUMMER - Lifestyle - TTI Trends.

Indian summers are extremely hot, especially the months of May & June.

Choose your outfit SMARTLY to beat the heat this SUMMER - Lifestyle - TTI Trends

Hot winds and blazing sun are almost unbearable. In this type of climate, it is very important to choose your outfit smartly to beat the heat. Choosing the right outfit with right fabric is must as the wrong outfit may cause you unnecessary sweat, dehydration, and even rashes. Not only the fabric but the color of the fabric, type of outfit you choose are also very important. Light colors are good in summers because it reflects heat away from your body, unlike dark color clothes that absorb heat. Bring more exciting fun in your life - Lifestyle - TTI Trends.

Life is beautiful The most important thing is to enjoy your life and be happy.

Bring more exciting fun in your life - Lifestyle - TTI Trends

Think Positive… Be Optimistic… Your life to be happy- it’s all that matters and lots of other life saying’s and beautiful quotes given by great peoples. We read these quotes in our life many times, in books, the internet, on streets, walls anywhere and think about our life. Happy Mother's Day - Inspirational History & Quotes - Celebration - TTI Trends. Why we observe Mother’s Day Mother’s Day is a day for a few people to exhibit their gratefulness towards mothers and mother measurements around the globe.

Happy Mother's Day - Inspirational History & Quotes - Celebration - TTI Trends

It is a yearly event yet is held at different dates in the timetable, dependent upon the country. Mother’s Day is a uniquely for festivity with respect to the mother of the family, maternal bonds and the effect of mothers in people in general field, Starting point of Mother’s Day backpedals to the period of antiquated Greek and Romans. The new cyber threat Ransomware - Steps to keep your system secured - Tips & Tricks - TTI Trends. You heard or read about this term Ransomware on the newspaper, website, and news or on social network etc.

The new cyber threat Ransomware - Steps to keep your system secured - Tips & Tricks - TTI Trends

But before we are going to know what is this instead have to know the meaning of the ransom. Have you heard word “Ransom money”? No. okay let’s go. Whenever a kidnapper kidnaps a boy or a girl and demands big amount of money from the parents to relieve his/her that money is known as Ransom money. Likewise in the terms of computer, someone changes your all the data on your computer and demands money to undo changes made by him/her that is known as ransom thing. From the above little bit discussion, I hope you have little bit idea about the Ransomware. What Some Famous People Said about Gita? - Religion & Festival - TTI Trends. Bhagavad Gita – Literally translates to “Song of God” and is commonly referred to as “The Gita” A part of Mahabharata, Gita comprises 700 verses.

What Some Famous People Said about Gita? - Religion & Festival - TTI Trends

Verses are in poetic form and are traditionally chanted. Hence the name “song of God”. What is the dark web and how do you access it? - Tips & Tricks - TTI Trends. Generally in our routine life whatever we do on the internet that web is known as surface web. On that whatever contents we see all that are filtered by giant web search engine, Government restriction etc. But there is another web resides under the beneath of the surface web that is known as dark web. So obviously there is a question that what is dark web?? Ya…really you want to know it. Bhagavad Geeta - The Science of Yoga - Religion & Festival - TTI Trends. What is the meaning of Yoga It is normal to relate the word Yoga with an arrangement of physical stances and contemplation.

Be that as it may, Yoga in its unique frame has a profound otherworldly importance which is lost in today’s body-focused world. The Sanskrit word Yoga originates from the verb root Yuj, which intends to interface or to associate. When we discuss connecting or association, a conspicuous question emerges: to associate what with what? The very word “association” infers that there must be two distinctive elements isolated from each other, and they have to be associated.

The antiquated Vedic content Bhagavad Gita clarifies that these elements are the person awareness and the all inclusive Supreme awareness. How to track your lost phone - Tips & Tricks - TTI Trends. Keeping a Smartphone is a trendy thing nowadays. People use to buy latest smartphones equipped with all the features like a good camera, a lot of internal memory, extra ram for a flawless speed. Smartphone outraged all other gadgets which we people were using a few days back like wrist watches, play station, iPad etc. We can do all these things on our smartphones nowadays. We play games, listen to music, and watch movies, sending emails, video chat, internet banking and lot more stuff with our smartphones. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and What’s App is the other important reason to stick to our smartphones. Trend for sending kids school in early childhood - Lifestyle - TTI Trends. As these days, schools have started a new session for 2017-18. I observe daily in my own society that kids aging only 2+ years are going to school.

I really feel sympathy for those little souls. Because they might not enjoy their childhood as we enjoyed at our times. In today’s era parents are so competitive that with the birth of the child they start planning for the school and all. How to protect your computer from security threat? - Tips & Tricks - TTI Trends. A computer threat is a one type of software program which has the power, ability, potential to damage the computer system. It is developed by the attacker after finding the vulnerability of the particular computer i.e. operating system or application. So obviously question may arise in your mind that how an attacker finds the vulnerability of system. Here i have the answer. There are so many websites and online web portals provide details of the vulnerability the particular operating system, application etc.

Some of them listed below: That’s why developer always release new update for the operating system as soon as they find the solution of the vulnerabilities. Different types of computer threat: ISRO to Launch South Asian Satellite - Technology - TTI Trends. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is the Space administrative center of the Government of India.

Top 6 Looks You Need to Know - Summer Fashion Trends 2017 - Lifestyle - TTI Trends. How to do proper search on Google? - Tips & Tricks - TTI Trends. At first glance this topic looks awkward because everybody knows that how to search on Google, most use it in their day to day life like to search for medical related query, education related query, financial related query, job related query, to find particular type of file(.pdf,.ppt etc), etc. How to earn money through the panel station? There are so many websites/mobile apps are available on the internet to make online money. Out of all the websites/mobile apps most of them are fake which come up with security threat like virus, worms, Trojan horse etc. that affects our computers, tablets, smartphone or electronic gadgets. Everlasting Newbie in the Same Field - Lifestyle - TTI Trends. Are you still a Newbie in your field, after a struggle of the long period!