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Feminism’s self-defeating about-face on porn | Blogs. “Pornography is the theory,” renowned feminist Robin Morgan once wrote, “rape is the practice.” Indeed, feminists used to widely understand that pornography was, at its very best, dehumanizing and degrading, a product by men and for men that portrayed women only as objects of male desire. At its very worst, it was a gory celebration of the destruction of the feminine, with women being beaten, raped, humiliated, and otherwise assaulted for the perverse pleasures of misogynists who claimed that their woman-hating was a “fetish.”

Today, however, feminists are supposed to be “sex-positive,” which means they have to support pornography, because with over 80% of the male population viewing it, resistance is futile. Those who oppose pornography are not anti-sex. I remember a debate on pornography in one of my first political science classes in university—out of the entire class, only myself and one other guy were opposed to pornography.

Why, I asked Dr. And as Dr. “It’s a product,” Dr. Like Dr. Marriage. What Are the Secrets of Sacred Sexuality? Who’s to blame when young lesbian, gay, or transsexual teens kill themselves? | Joe Dallas Online. “No, of course, What really matters is the blame, Somebody to blameFine, if that’s the thing you enjoy, Placing the blame,If that’s the aim, Give me the blame.” -from ‘Into the Woods’ by Stephen Sondheim’ There’s a time for mourning and a time for finger pointing, and generally they shouldn’t mingle.

Case in point: The recent and well publicized suicide of 17 year old Joshua Alcorn, a high school transsexual going by the name “Leelah”, who posted a farewell message via Tumblr on December 28, deliberately timed to be displayed after his death. Then he stepped in front of a tractor trailer near his home in Kingsville, Ohio, horribly ending his young life, decimating his family, and igniting yet another national debate over who’s to blame when young lesbian, gay, or transsexual teens kill themselves. In answer to the blame question, Joshua’s Christian parents have already become targets of widespread vilification. Joshua’s own last words are, at least in part, fueling the blame.

But did he? Joe Dallas Books and Resources on Sexual Integtrity and Homosexuality. Who’s to blame when young lesbian, gay, or transsexual teens kill themselves? | Joe Dallas Online. Paul McHugh: Transgender Surgery Isn't the Solution. Testimonies « Touchstone Archives: Stand Firm. ShareThisFacebookTweetLinkedInEmail Or End Up on the Wrong Side of Eschatology by Anthony Esolen One day, said St. Jerome, the world awoke and groaned to find itself half Arian. It was the reasonable position of the time, bearing all the marks of historical inevitability. Arianism was an easy slide. Praise God for the Mule Chesterton noted with his usual acuity that people who sneer at the Arian controversy—battles over a diphthong, said Gibbon—do not know what was at stake.

If Athanasius was mulish, let's praise the Lord for the mule, who knows what he must not do and who will not do it—who will sooner starve where he stands than move one inch. In our day, the issue is not Christology. Demands of the New Religion Now let us be quite clear. The new religion of sex requires us to take down the Cross and erect something else. Raise One Sword We must not do so. The Lord does not require that we win. “Stand Firm” first appeared in the May/June 2014 issue of Touchstone.

A Mother’s Expression of Pain. A Mother’s expression of Pain To her son who is suffering from Gender Identity Disorder It is just too hard to say goodbye, everyday I drown myself in tears and cry Why do you want to be someone else and not the boy I gave birth to? Why are you doing this to yourself and us, Don’t you understand how much we love You? You take the drugs and change your name every day that goes by I realize that nothing will ever be the same Nothing ever will and I just go on feeling the pain Longing, Loving the memory of my little boy of my son What have I ever done? To deserve this? I did the best that I could but something broke inside of you, Something that I cannot fix You continue to listen to the lies and keep the door open to satan’s tricks I thought that love would win out but you still keep choosing to believe the lies, telling you that you are a woman trapped in a man’s body, a body that you say you despise.

It is not fair, it is extremely cruel, God made you a man and there is No other rule. Former Transgender Tells His Story. In his own words, this is the story of Darrell, an African-American former transgender. PFOX raised funds for his reversal surgery: As a boy, I began to feel same sex attractions at age 13.

I acted out with older kids and then became involved with older homosexuals and bisexual men. When I moved away from home, I encountered a man who I thought was a woman. He introduced me to other “men” like him, who befriended me. We spent lots of time together. As a result of the estrogen, I became physically developed as a woman, even though I was not one. Along with the physical changes, my personality changed. He massaged my breasts.

But I was pleased with my new breasts. However, as the years went by, I became depressed. In the homosexual and transgender life, youth is very important. In order to be part of the transgender crowd, men must meet certain criteria. But the praise from the others in my crowd of transgender friends kept me going. Copyright PFOX 2005 (used by permission of PFOX) A WARNING FOR THOSE CONSIDERING MtF SEX REASSIGNMENT SURGERY (SRS) Trouble In Transtopia: Murmurs Of Sex Change Regret. Everyone has regrets. Some of us have big regrets. Most everyone has some place to go to get help dealing with them. Except for, say, a guy who had sex-change surgery and now would like to have his penis back. (The one God gave him.) Our culture seems pretty much “to each his own” when it comes to elective bodily mutilation and the regret thereof.

Hollywood stars can speak openly about misgivings over their boob jobs and whatnot. But the difference between Love and the guy with phantom penis syndrome is that the guy isn’t allowed to talk about his regret. . . . transsexualism was invented by psychiatrists. . . .You fundamentally can’t change sex … the surgery doesn’t alter you genetically. Finch went on to sue the Australian gender identity clinic at Melbourne’s Monash Medical Center for misdiagnosis.

Since then, Finch’s outreach website has been archived and there is no further information online. Buried Stories of High-Profile Regret Penner’s story is even more tragic. Transgender: Hope for Those Who Desire Healing - Annabelle Robertson - EDITOR'S NOTE: The following article refers to content that is not appropriate for children. It’s never easy to swim upstream. That’s what many Christian therapists are discovering when it comes to debunking cultural myths about transgender issues. But, according to at least three well-known experts, hope and healing are available for those who desire change. The American Psychiatric Association identifies gender identity disphoria (G.I.D.) as a feeling of being the opposite gender or being trapped in the wrong kind of body. Characteristics often include a dislike of one’s genitals, one’s social sexual role and typical activities of the biological sex. The onset of G.I.D. typically occurs at a young age, often in children as young as three, and it is not uncommon for those suffering from the disorder to take on a demeanor that resembles the opposite sex.

Dr. A recent episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” is but one example of the lopsided way that journalists usually present the issue. Transgender: Hope for Those Who Desire Healing - Annabelle Robertson - Gender or No Gender—What Feels Right to You? Our Products. I am Ryland – the story of a male-identifying little girl who didn’t transition | lindsay leigh bentley. I have been shying away from highly controversial topics on this blog recently because I just couldn’t take the drama that naturally associates with it. But I keep hearing the story of Ryland, a child who was born a female, whose parents have transitioned her to male at 5 years old.

You can see the full story HERE, but in short, because their daughter identified herself as a boy, and liked “boy” things as opposed to “girl” things, they cut off her hair, bought her “boy” clothes, and have begun telling her, and others, that she is a boy. I have no degree in early childhood development, nor have I studied psychology. I didn’t even graduate from College.

I am also not here to pass judgement on Ryland’s parents. I was born the second daughter to two loving, amazing, supportive parents. Anyhow, even as a baby I seemed to prefer “boy” things. I loved going on hunting trips with my dad and thought it was amazing when he taught me to pop the head off a dove. I wanted to be a boy. Like this: Former Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender Surgery Isn’t the Solution. A former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital has written an explosive editorial at the Wall Street Journal saying, “Policy makers and the media are doing no favors either to the public or the transgendered by treating their confusions as a right in need of defending rather than as a mental disorder that deserves understanding, treatment and prevention.” Dr. Paul McHugh, the former chair of the Department of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins, challenges the notion that sex-reassignment surgery is good for transgendered persons and provides statistics to back up his assertions.

You won’t hear it from those championing transgender equality, but controlled and follow-up studies reveal fundamental problems with this movement. When children who reported transgender feelings were tracked without medical or surgical treatment at both Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic, 70%-80% of them spontaneously lost those feelings. Dr. Reconciling With Reality: How to Bring Healing to the Transgender Community - Summit Ministries | Summit Announcements - Summit Ministries.

June 05, 2014 Reconciling With Reality: How to Bring Healing to the Transgender Community In Fyodor Dostoevsky’s masterpiece The Brothers Karamazov, atheist Ivan Karamazov booms, “It’s not God that I do not accept, you understand, it is this world of God’s, created by God, that I do not accept and cannot agree to accept. … I do not accept it and do not want to accept it.” Although Ivan claims not to be casting judgment on God, he cannot evade the fact that rejection of creation necessarily involves rejection of the Creator.

There is no way around it. When we reject God’s world, we reject God. When we judge his design to be inadequate, we subsequently substitute our own design in place of his. As Jesus noted, no one can serve two masters. When faced with this choice, people often opt for the latter, which should be expected in a world plagued by rampant sinfulness and disordered loves. But God did not create human beings characterized by sexless uniformity. Choosing to live for me Kevin D.