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Visons Alpha – client download - The Tiny Zoo Store. Visions is a Christian MMORPG set in ancient Rome around 100 AD. Players experience the game as a Roman citizen in a quest and skill based gameplay. Visions is not done yet. This is a rare opportunity in the gaming world where we are offering financial contributors access to our Alpha test server. Log in and see what we’re working on! Come join us for our weekly GM events in game. A contribution of just $30 will get you access to the Visions Alpha test server client! Visions will currently only run on a Windows PC with a high end video card (1gb or better) and a minimum of 3 GB on board RAM.

The download file is offered as a downloadable .EXE installer. Heaven’s Blessings Tiny Zoo, LLC. is the creator and owner of Visions and the Visions trademark. ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. If you you see a yellow bar across the top of your browser, please click on “Allow Pop-ups for this site”. The Tiny Zoo Store.