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ArticlesAndSources - Ogre Wiki. CodeSnippets - Ogre Wiki. C++ Optimization Strategies and Techniques. C++ Optimization Strategies and Techniques Pete Isensee Introduction.

C++ Optimization Strategies and Techniques - all your game development needs. Using OgreSocks with Ogre - Ogre Wiki. Libraries - Ogre Wiki. Herzlich Willkommen. 3D World Simulation. Ogre Tutorials - Ogre Wiki. Xadeck on Ogre: Tutorial 1. The first thing I want to be able to do is to load a scene, visualize it in a window and manipulate it in a convenient way.

Xadeck on Ogre: Tutorial 1

By convenient way I mean the ability to go look exactly where you want to debug some rendering artefacts or explore some particular viewpoints. If you want to test such convenient manipulations, go check libQGLViewer by Gilles Debunnes. In this tutorial, we will basically learn : how to setup an application and open a window; how to populate the scene; how to react to keyboard/mouse; DCC Tutorials - Ogre Wiki.