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Tina Lynn - Home. Moogly - Photos du journal. Fiber Flux: 20 Spectacular Crochet Shawls! Slip Slope Scarf pattern by Vashti Braha. This 100% slip stitch crochet scarf features short rowing with my all-time favorite type of ribbing: slip stitches worked into the back loop.

Slip Slope Scarf pattern by Vashti Braha

I’ve already published a free pattern for the simplest beginner ribbed scarf, called Eva’s Ribs Slip Slope Scarf is the perfect next step because it’s Eva in short rows. For me, short rowing adds just enough spice to keep me crocheting late into the night :-) especially with color-changing yarns. This plush, stretchy scarf would make a great gift for anyone. With a larger than usual crochet hook, it crochets up faster than you’d think. Although it looks more complicated than it is, it might take some getting used to for some crocheters. If you still find this pattern to be tricky, the Thaxton Hooded Cowl goes more in depth. Skill Level: Intermediate. I’ve discovered that when it comes to slip stitch patterns, the more you can let your crochet hook size determine how loose you make your stitches, the more you’ll like your results. 11 Things You Should Know as a Beginner Crocheter.

11 Things You Should Know as a Beginner Crocheter When I was a beginner crocheter there were a few things I wish I’d known that I think would have made my journey a little easier.

11 Things You Should Know as a Beginner Crocheter

They weren’t big things, but they were insights that usually come with experience that I think can help at the beginning of the journey. So I’ve compiled this list of 11 things you should know as a beginner crocheter to help you in a way that I didn’t get helped. Dye Lots Do Matter When you’re buying yarn for a specific project it’s a very good idea to buy all the yarn at the same time with the same dye lot numbers. There is No Wrong Way No matter what anyone tells you, there is no wrong way to hold your yarn or hook to crochet.

Learning To Read Patterns Will Open Up Amazing Possibilities If you’re learning from someone that’s fantastic! Hooks Do Vary A few weeks ago I did a very interesting experiment to see if the difference in hook heads made a difference in gauge. Frogging is Normal What is frogging? Like this: Amigurumi: Design Your Monster. Learn pattern design by doodling a monster and bringing it to life.

Amigurumi: Design Your Monster

Combine bodies and parts to create wild crocheted creatures your family and friends will love to cuddle. When you think of "cute," you probably think of puppies, kittens or bunnies. We think of amigurumi monsters! In this class, you'll learn every step of the process to design and crochet your own cuddly, super-adorable amigurumi creature. Use a range of different shapes, including circles, cylinders and spheres, to create various monster parts, like heads, arms and legs. Lesson plan. Infant Cocoon Flower Photo Prop – Free Crochet Pattern. Mickey Mouse Baby Booties pattern by Olivia Kent.