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PR e affini. Partner-clienti. Competitors. Riferimenti modernariato. Interior design. Soldi. Share and rent. Remodelista: Sourcebook for the Considered Home. Shopping. The Beauty Of Urban Decay: 50 Mindblowing Photography. The branch of photography that particularly deals with the capturing shots of abandoned and desolate buildings which are normally not taken care of is called Urban Decay Photography.

The Beauty Of Urban Decay: 50 Mindblowing Photography

This particular field of photography is gaining huge popularity as it brings the beauty of the more abandoned buildings to the surface. Exposants – Tatou Juste. Tatou Juste vous invite à rencontrer et à échanger avec ceux qui agissent ici et maintenant pour dessiner un monde qui leur convient. Retrouvez les exposants 2013 par thématique : Importation d’huile d’argan. Contact : Avenue Colombie propose des ustensiles de cuisson en poterie noire pour une cuisson saine et savoureuse, une cuisson économique en énergie ainsi que le maintien d’une activité artisanale en milieu rural avec un impact écologique négligeable, le tout pour un investissement modéré sur six mois environ.

Avenue Colombie se spécialise dans la poterie culinaire noire du Portugal distribuée sous sa propre marque Oyera, et en parallèle continue de distribuer de l’artisanat importé directement de Colombie ou importé du Pérou ou de la Mongolie par des structures amies (Saldac, Artisans Mongols).


Servizi associati. Strumenti. Brand. Archive Vintage Rentals. New Reader? Start Here... I'm Jess and I am a country girl living, with my husband, in a 110 year old house that is less than 2 miles from the house I grew up in.

New Reader? Start Here...

We were married last October and have spent most of our free time since renovating our house. Women's clothes, accessories and homeware. Filing Cabinet. I’ve been doing a lot of online window shopping lately, like it’s my job.

Filing Cabinet

(Oh, wait a minute…) I sometimes get it in my head that I need to find a very specific item, like an antique blue and white vase with brass trim similar to the one I used in this room design, so I keep popping over to eBay every so often to see what’s available. Have you noticed their new eBay Collections feature yet? I’ve been spotting them alongside some of my searches, and finding some fun things I may not have thought to search for otherwise. I’ve been creating my own eBay collections over the past couple of weeks, too. Chic for cheap.

Retreat Vintage Market. Leslie janson by lesliejanson. Scarlet Begonia Vintage. Lucky So and So. Visualise. Fish Pattern Stock Photo. Torie Jayne. Mix. Interior Design and Furniture in the USSR. Welcome!

Interior Design and Furniture in the USSR

As previously stated, the majority of people in the USSR lived in the apartments. Unfortu­nately, due to the the time constraints, they had to be built in a speedy rather than comfortable manner. After the war, when accommodation was extremely scarce, a three bed room flat could accommodate up to 16 people (four average families), with one shared kitchen and one shared bathroom. The quality of living there was truly horrendous. So when Khr­uschev started his building binge in 1960s, a joke went that the legacy of those communal flats was agoraphobia – the fear of open spaces and the tendency to hoard things. So let’s look at the main trends in the interior design Soviet style. The severe deficits caused by planned economy had turned every Soviet into a thrifty squir­rel hoarding everything, from tin cookie boxes to imported shampoo bottles.

This is still “All in One” flat. Polyvore. If It's Hip, It's Here. About the Milano Group. 0 Members Welcome to the Milano Freecycle group!

about the Milano Group

The Freecycle Network™ is made up of 5,121 groups with 7,223,118 members across the globe. It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns and thus keeping good stuff out of landfills. Membership is free, and everything posted must be FREE, legal and appropriate for all ages. To view the items being given away or sought in Milano, you must be a member of the local group. If you are already a member, you may use the "Post" tab on the top right of this page to make your post to the local group. AMIU. Case study#1: Furriadroxiu and 12 Asian cities. Nel post Italie da Abitare abbiamo pubblicato un’introduzione al progetto Case study#1: Furriadroxiu and 12 Asian cities, gli autori ci hanno aggiornato sugli sviluppi del loro lavoro.

Case study#1: Furriadroxiu and 12 Asian cities.

Sempre nell’ambito dell’iniziativa Italie da Abitare, segue un approfondimento sulla ricerca in corso, condotta da LaDU_laboratorio multidisciplinare densità urbana. Keystrokes and Trivialities Blogazine by bellitude at Kaboodle. PICCOLI DETTAGLI... CHE CONTANO... Vintage Home Accessories - The Online Shopping Town. Borough Market. LIGHTING - Stylish lighting - Rose & Grey, Vintage Leather Sofas and Stylish Accessories. Welcome - Rose & Grey, Vintage Leather Sofas and Stylish Accessories. Vintage home. Venerdì è arrivato a casa nostra un bel libro nuovo, ( grazie Mario!!)

vintage home

Di cui mi sono subito impossessata, Officina Vintage - Home Page. Vintage Junky - Vintage Home Style & Decor Shopping, Blog, & more! Eclectic home and garden decor - City Farmhouse - 111 Bridge Franklin, Tennessee. Vintage Home. HGTV - Decorating, Outdoor Rooms, Landscaping Ideas, Kitchen and Bathroom Design.