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Simply natural: Storage solutions for bits and bobs. If you've read my blog before you might know I've been taking little baby steps into the world of crafting.

simply natural: Storage solutions for bits and bobs

And I've loved every minute of it so far, and I have a few more ideas bubbling up to the surface. The only dilemma is what do I do with all the 'bits and bobs' that I've accumulated along the way? You know the deal - all the different craft papers, stamps, stickers and other ephemera associated with 'crafty stuff' that you might just need for later. So lately, I've been saving lots of great ideas for storing all these bits and bobs, and today I'm sharing them with you. I love the tins up above, with their gorgeous labels. Love the organised, colour coordinated look of the storage solution below. I love tiny little sets of drawers, like these. Love this little blue number, adorable! You can never enough boxes, especially if they have such pretty labels like these below These cute-as-a-button round tags turn these plain white storage boxes into something special.

Best wishes, Cuteable. Recipe Index. Simple gifts #2. This is the second in my series of Simple Gifts for the holidays.

simple gifts #2

It's a quickie but goody! Paper whites are a beautiful flower bulb that you can force to bloom for the holidays. Force sounds so harsh... it just means that you give them a gentle nudge to open early... by giving them the light of a window sill and the warmth of inside. You can do this in any climate, but it's particularly nice where the winters are frosty and you're aching for fresh flowers. I always start mine the week of Thanksgiving.

Supplies:stones or soilpaper white bulbtin can or glass jar from your recycling binrectangle of fabric the same size as your containerjute twine or ribbongift tag Plant and Make:1. 3. 5. Care: Check here for tips. We'll have our windowsills filled with growing paperwhites. The gift in the first photo will be going to my Thanksgiving host... Here's what the paperwhites will look like next month! Homemade Home: Great DIY Projects for Bedrooms from Our Tours. For the Makers. Sew Scented Love Garland with pattern & tutorial. Another 2 days to the “V” Day, the Valentine’s Day!!!!

Sew Scented Love Garland with pattern & tutorial

Most of the time, Valentine’s Day comes within the 15-day festivity celebration of the Chinese New Year. Even if it is not in between these dates, it will be only a few days after the CNY. So, before we take down the CNY decorations, we put up valentines deco as an addition to it instead. This year, I made a scented love garland and tie it on the artificial plum blossom (梅花) tree, coincidentally which traditionally it is meant for attracting “luck in love” and “better social relationship” (桃花運). Hope that this year it will bring better romance and better relationship to all the members of the family.

What if after the CNY is over, after the peach blossom tree is gone? Get the pattern and tutorial on sewing a scented love garland after this jump: Materials: 1. Download the pattern of the heart templates & alphabets in pdf format. Just in case you would like to know, I used fat quarter stack from Robert Kaufman – Baby Basic Pastel. Handmade Craft & Sewing Projects and Inspiration Best of Summer 2010: Post Roundup. Free DIY Projects & Tutorials. Craftsy: Learn It. Make It.