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If you've read my blog before you might know I've been taking little baby steps into the world of crafting. And I've loved every minute of it so far, and I have a few more ideas bubbling up to the surface. The only dilemma is what do I do with all the 'bits and bobs' that I've accumulated along the way? You know the deal - all the different craft papers, stamps, stickers and other ephemera associated with 'crafty stuff' that you might just need for later. simply natural: Storage solutions for bits and bobs simply natural: Storage solutions for bits and bobs
Recipe Index Recipe Index Passionate HomemakingLoving simple, natural, and intentional living Navigation Recipe Index Here is a list of my collection of recipes. I try to use all whole wheat flour or other whole grains and healthy sweeteners in my cooking as much as possible, to provide nutritious but yummy food in our home.
simple gifts #2 simple gifts #2 This is the second in my series of Simple Gifts for the holidays. It's a quickie but goody! Paper whites are a beautiful flower bulb that you can force to bloom for the holidays.
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Sew Scented Love Garland with pattern & tutorial Another 2 days to the “V” Day, the Valentine’s Day!!!! Most of the time, Valentine’s Day comes within the 15-day festivity celebration of the Chinese New Year. Even if it is not in between these dates, it will be only a few days after the CNY. So, before we take down the CNY decorations, we put up valentines deco as an addition to it instead. Sew Scented Love Garland with pattern & tutorial
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