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Continuations. Jmx. JAAS Reference Guide. The key JAAS class is javax.security.auth.Subject, which represents a grouping of related information for a single entity such as a person. It encompasses the entity's Principals, public credentials, and private credentials. Note that the java.security.Principal interface is used to represent a Principal. Also note that a credential, as defined by JAAS, may be any Object. To authorize access to resources, applications first need to authenticate the source of the request. The JAAS framework defines the term subject to represent the source of a request. The doAsPrivileged methods doAs vs. doAsPrivileged The doAsPrivileged methods behave exactly the same as the doAs methods, except that instead of associating the provided Subject with the current Thread's AccessControlContext, they use the provided AccessControlContext. LoginModule The LoginModuleinterface gives developers the ability to implement different kinds of authentication technologies that can be plugged in under an application.

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