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Math and statistics articles by category. This page categorizes my informal math and statistics articles and blog posts.

Math and statistics articles by category

See this page for informal articles on other topics such as programming. See also journal articles and technical reports. xRime social networking analysis on Hadoop. The ROOT System Home Page. ETech '07 Summary - Part 2 - Me. Here's the thing, we need a new kind of data store, a new kind of SQL, something that does for storing and querying large amounts of data what SQL did for normalized data.

ETech '07 Summary - Part 2 - Me

Update: Follow-up here. Sure you can store a lot of data in a relational database, but when I say large, I mean really large; a billion or more records. I know we need this because I keep seeing people build it. Examples in the wild Here are some of the examples I've seen recently, most of which was brought together by my attendance at ETech: