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Tim Rassias

Our aim is to assist people to transform their lives. Our goal is to help a person reach their full potential.

Tim Rassias on CrowdRise. Worcester MA Medical Transportation: Safeway Luxury Transportation (508) 799-5500. Since 2007, the name Safeway has been synonymous with quality & service for luxury transportation.

Worcester MA Medical Transportation: Safeway Luxury Transportation (508) 799-5500

Safeway Luxury Transportation is a locally owned company and we are very interested in providing you with the best in safe, affordable, quality transportation. If you've got a loved one with special transportation needs, we understand what's important to you. That's because helping families was and is one of the personal goals of both Tim Rassias & Jim Esposito, Safeway founders. In both of their families, Tim & Jim have experienced the same challenges you're experiencing today - with grandparents and parents living in elder care facilities and in need of quality transportation services. At Safeway, our personal life experience and our years of transportation services skills have given us the understanding we need to not just meet your needs, but to provide an affordable transportation service which exceeds what's being offered by others. We invite you to contact us today.

Timothy A Rassias - Making Safety a Priority. Tim rassias - managing success and making dreams. All Round Winner. Tim Rassias - All Round Winner : Tim Rassias - All Round Winner Slide2: Tim Rassias is an investor, businessman and entrepreneur who has had a long career across the years that has overseen many different changes in the market Tim Rassias studied extensively at school and at university in order to get the positions he needed to reach the top Tim Rassias was awarded great managerial positions before forming Safeway Slide4: His company Safeway Travels now supplies luxury transport to New England the rest of the United States with a great reputation behind it Tim Rassias is one such innovator that aligns himself with the need for new transport options in the contemporary world The position that Tim Rassias maintains is one of prestige and responsibility because of the number of tasks that it entails.

All Round Winner

All round winner. Timothy Rassias- Safeway Luxury Transportation: Ensuring Safe Arrivals. There are times when people need a taxi service.

Timothy Rassias- Safeway Luxury Transportation: Ensuring Safe Arrivals

Tim Rassias — Timothy A. Rassias- Safeway Luxury Transportation:... Tim Rassias — Timothy A. Rassias- Safeway Luxury Transportation:... Tim Rassias: Tim Rassias- Safeway Luxury Transportation: Making Transportation Possible for Everyone. At times people may require transportation for various reasons.

Tim Rassias: Tim Rassias- Safeway Luxury Transportation: Making Transportation Possible for Everyone

Maybe a grandparent is having a bad reaction to their medicine and need to get to the hospital as quickly as possible. Maybe someone is leaving their friend’s wedding party and they had a few too many glasses of champagne. Or maybe a family wants to go to a reunion, but they don’t want to deal with the hassle of giving directions four different times, waiting on family members to arrive, or dealing with those who still get lost after receiving specific directions to the location. However, no matter how much these people need proper transportation, they fear that calling a professional transportation company may be too expensive.

Safeway Luxury Transportation: Making Safety a Priority. These days many are fascinated by their smart phones and their tablets.

Safeway Luxury Transportation: Making Safety a Priority

Every month their seems to be a new app out that everyone just has to have. There’s Snapchat, which allows embarrassing pictures to be taken and sent, but thankfully quickly deleted. There’s What's App, which many can use to replace text messages, which may be expensive while traveling in different parts of the world. And there’s Pokemon Go, which everyone can enjoy outside while “catching ‘em all”. Many believe Uber to be absolutely fantastic. Safeway Luxury Transportation: Destroying Stereotypes. When people think of an entrepreneur, they may think of someone living in New York.

Safeway Luxury Transportation: Destroying Stereotypes

Many may think entrepreneurs specialize in big name products. They think that entrepreneurs are greedy, living in huge apartments, going to grand parties, and drinking dirty martinis with their pinkies out. Safeway Luxury Transportation: There to Help Anyone at Anytime. The ability to take care of aging parents is becoming one of the main challenges people have come to face in adulthood.

Safeway Luxury Transportation: There to Help Anyone at Anytime

Sadly, some people have to watch their parents slowly lose their fine motor skills, the ability to perform small tasks, and sometimes their mental capabilities. When this happens, time needs to be made in busy schedules for transporting parents to medical appointments, aiding them with the shopping and upkeep of their houses, as well as being on call for sudden emergencies all while maintaining a job, raising a child, and running the ever growing list of errands. Sometimes, the simplest of things as taking a parent to a doctor’s appointment proves difficult. At times, people need to ask for help. Timothy Rassias, Family Men Understanding Family Needs. Their is no greater asset to a business than when the owner of the company can relate personal experience to their clients and customers.

Timothy Rassias, Family Men Understanding Family Needs

Having experience of the needs of the customers can help improve the services and products of a company, as they know exactly what is required from such. This has certainly been the case for reputable transport company Safeway Transport, run by family man Tim Rassias. Along with his co-founder Jim Esposito, they have succeeded in creating the most affordable, compassionate, and quality services in the business. Based in the Worcester, MA area, Safeway transport provide a range of transport services from medical transport to large family gatherings.

Timothy A Rassias, Excellence in Quality travel Services. Transport services are vital for helping people for all the transport needs they can;t manage to do by themselves.

Timothy A Rassias, Excellence in Quality travel Services

This can range from large group transport to certain events, or even more specialized services such as medical transportation. Whatever the reason, getting from A to B in comfort and safety is of the utmost importance. No business has offered this service better in the Worcester, MA area in recent years than Safeway Transport. Customers can expect the Best Customer Services from Safeway Luxury Transportation.

Since 2007, the name Safeway has been synonymous with quality & service for luxury transportation. Timothy Rassias, Getting to Those Important Family Events On-time and in Comfort. The logistics of big family occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and funerals are always complicated.

Timothy Rassias, Getting to Those Important Family Events On-time and in Comfort

Trying to figure out who will drive, who will drink, how long it will take and when to leave can be a stressful experience. Figuring out who will go in which car, who will follow who and rounding up the troops to make sure they all leave on time is not fun for anyone, and can get the family event off to a bad start. But there is a simpler way. Using companies like Safeway transport can help ensure that all the family get tot he event, quickly, comfortably, safely and importantly on-time and together.

Using the minibus services in the fleet, getting to those family events has never been easier and more comfortable, and can ensure the family sit back and enjoy the ride. Tim Rassias — Timothy A Rassias, The Importance of Good Medical... Tim Rassias: Tim Rassias- Professionalism in Employment. For any business to operate to its full capacity and offer the best possible services and products to its customers, it is vital that they employ the best staff and train them suitably. Employers have a responsibility to make sure that everyone under their employee is trained well enough to do their jobs not only competently, but exceptionally well.

This can make all the difference between a failing and successful business. This can be particularly true in the word of transport. Transporting people, for whatever their needs is a hugely responsible job, and the drivers involved must be skilled, trained and proficient at doing their jobs well. Getting to Families Events in Comfort and in Style. Getting to large family gatherings and events always causes some kind of hassle and arguments surrounding transportation. Who will drive, how many cars will they take who will go with who, who will drink and who won't Sorting the logistics of such things has become almost a parodied staple of the family event planning situation. It is no surprise the, that companies offering to iron out these hurdles have started to perform so well in the past few years. The Best Employees for the Best Service. Any good business in the modern age will recognize the importance of having good quality employees.

Paying staff well, and making sure they have the right skills and qualifications for the job is vital towards projecting a strong image of the company, and building a reputation for high-quality service and professionalism. In turn, for training their staff well and treating them with respect and care, a business can ensure that those representing the company are doing so in a positive manner, and spreading the good word of the services. Quality Service and Luxury Transportation for All Needs. Since 2007, the name Safeway Luxury Transportation has been synonymous with quality and service for helping people get from destination to destination in comfort and style.

Safeway is the leader in clean, affordable, reliable medical transportation, and their fleet of luxury transport vans are spacious and accommodating. They have also become synonymous with providing excellent event transportation, for large groups and families looking to travel in convoy to events together. Opened in 2007 by the charismatic entrepreneur Tim Rassias, Safeway Luxury Transportation have become the leaders of their industry in the Worcester, Massachusetts area.

Tim Rassias- A Commitment to Family in Personal and Professional Lifes. Tim Rassias: Tim Rassias- Building and Maintaining a Strong Company Vision. For any company in the modern age, building and maintaining a strong company vision is vital to give it a strong foundation and network to build on. This vision is usually formulated by the entrepreneurs that start the company, and sticking to this can define whether the business sees long term success or short term failure.

Tim Rassius and putting safety first. Tim Rassias & tips for small service providers. Success in business essentially boils down to one thing: being the best, if not at least one of the best, in what you do. Whether you are serving food, or selling jewelry, or making headway in the comedy circuit, it all requires being very good at what you do and beating competition. Tim Rassias — Timothy A Rassias  and helping the local community... Tim Rassias: Timothy Rassias ’ Safeway Luxury Transportation and the rise of the 24 hour company. New York City was always famous as the 24 hour city, the city that never slept, and Manhattan boasted many businesses and stores that were open throughout the night for the lucky residents. Timothy Rassias, and the ins and outs of a specialised transportation company. Tim Rassias is the proud owner of transportation company Safeway Luxury Transportation. Since he established the company in 2007, citizens in Worcester Massachusetts and beyond have become loyal customers of the specialized transport service.

Tim Rassias and the success of providing a specialised service. Starting up any new business comes with its fair share of risks. Timothy Rassias and supporting local businesses. There are many factors for the consumer to consider when he or she make a choice about where to shop, where to find services, how to choose what best suits their needs. Marketing and advertising drive many to big chains and long established franchises, so that many perceive it to be the most cost-effective and convenient option. Timothy A Rassias & Family Values. Tim Rassias – Quality Service in Medical Transportation. Tim Rassias - The Story of Tim Rassias. Tim Rassias- Best Customer Services from Safeway Luxury Transportation.

Customer is king today’s competitive market and every business has to fulfill customers’ needs for its success. Some companies do not care about customer care services and they fail to survive in the market. Tim Rassias, a successful entrepreneur in United States explains other the importance of customer care in organizations. He believes that customer satisfaction is the key factor for success of any business that is why he focuses more on customer care in his own company. Timothy A Rassias- A Successful Businessman in United States. Timothy Rassias - Safeway Luxury Transport Services in Massachusetts. Quality and Affordable Transportation Care. Businessman and Entrepreneur. Transportation is About More Than Just A to B. Timothy Rassias – Safeway the Pioneer transportation. Tim Rassias — The Business Person - Timothy A Rassias. Tim Rassias: Is Your Medical Transportation safe in the event of emergency?

Look Ahead For Your Business. Customer Care and Recognition. Managing Success and Making Dreams. Safeway Luxury Transportation and the way to portability. The growing issue with Uber. Transportation with smile. A Matter of Integrity. Transportation for the Future. All Round Winner. Safeway Luxury Transportation and the key to mobility.

Tim Rassias- Massachusetts best Transportation Company. Tim Rassias — Tim Rassias- Safeway Luxury Transportation LLC and... Tim Rassias: Tim Rassias- Offering the safest way to get around. Tim Rassias — Building a Community. Tim Rassias: Working for Everybody.