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Clearing the Air on Queensland’s Smoke Alarm Legislation. A new smoke alarm legislation came into effect o the 1st of January 2017, making Queensland households the safest when it comes to fire incidences.

Clearing the Air on Queensland’s Smoke Alarm Legislation

According to the legislation, every Queensland home must have interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms in every bedroom, as well as hallways leading up to bedrooms. In regards to this piece, there have been numerous myths flying around, and we thought it wise to clear the air. We will try to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding it. Who is responsible. Body Corporate Management Services Brisbane - Ernst Body Corporate Management. Body Corporate Management Services Ernst Body Corporate Management (Ernst) provides clients in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast with a full range of services as part of the administration of your property.

Body Corporate Management Services Brisbane - Ernst Body Corporate Management

Ernst Service Inclusions. Strata Management Service Brisbane - Ernst Body Corporate Management. What Constitutes a Shared Property in a Property under Strata Management? Common property constitutes of any area in a building or land that is not a component of the purchased unit.

What Constitutes a Shared Property in a Property under Strata Management?

The areas are co-owned by everyone who has purchased a unit in the premises, and it is under the management of a strata management service provider. The strata company is hired by a body corporate, which is a group that consists of the property owners. Apartments have boundaries that are defined by the floor surface on each unit, the ceiling, walls, windows and doors. Distinguishing Strata Title from Body Corporate. Strata Title Once you buy an apartment or a townhouse, you obtain a strata title.

Distinguishing Strata Title from Body Corporate

The meaning of this is that apart from owning your residential unit, you are also a co-owner of the common areas in the property. Together with other owners of the property, you are also a part-owner of the lifts, gyms, car parks, among other areas. It is due to this fact that it is also your responsibility to take care of the shared areas. Body Corporate. What is Strata Management? Strata management is the management of a block of buildings, which is either done by the property owner or by an outside service provider.

What is Strata Management?

Strata management service providers manage all aspects of a property, including administrative, financial, and maintenance; managing a common property requires professional expertise as one needs to apply effort and care. What entails Strata Management Services? This service aids property owners to take care of general property matters that affect the owners. Strata management is a function that is approved by legislation to institute an owners’ corporation committee or a body corporate.

The body manages shared amenities, services, and other property-related features. To restore public confidence in apartments, rewrite Aus building codes. A prestige apartment building in Sydney built by a well-known developer is undergoing a second replacement of a terrace waterproof membrane five years after replacement of the first one, which had leaked from completion.

To restore public confidence in apartments, rewrite Aus building codes

The second membrane almost certainly complied with the National Construction Code (NCC) and was certified as compliant; the first one might also have complied. Yet, for 15 years, owners and tenants living under the terraces have put up with mouldy walls, carpets and ceilings because the code does not adequately control waterproofing materials and methods. A key assumption made by governments and regulators has been that confidence will return to the market if apartments are built to meet National Construction Code requirements. As the story above shows, complying with the code alone will not be enough to fix many common defects. Public confidence will still be lacking. Unbuilding cities as high-rises reach their use-by date.

We are entering a new world where skyscrapers and other huge buildings are becoming redundant and need significant overhaul or replacement.

Unbuilding cities as high-rises reach their use-by date

The process is called unbuilding or, if you’re a bit highfalutin, deconstruction. These so-called spreadsheet towers populate every major city. They signalled modernity and provided huge profits for those who built them. But these buildings are profligate users of fuels for light, power and services. Most developed world cities started building skyscrapers after the second world war.

Defects affect owner confidence. An Australian Apartment Advocacy survey with 1,050 apartment owners nationally has indicated that the presence of defects affects owner confidence levels with both referring apartments as well as purchasing again.

Defects affect owner confidence

The survey, the first of its kind Australia wide and which was distributed in conjunction with strata company Smarter Communities who manage over 5,000 strata communities nationally, comes hot on the heels of both the Mascot Towers and Opal Towers crisis in 2019. 60% of the NSW respondents (which represented 30% of the overall sample) reported having a defect in their apartment with 55% citing water penetration from outside, 51% internal waterproofing issues and 45% structural cracking. Similarly, 59% of Victorian respondents (which represented 28% of the overall sample) reported having a defect in their apartment with 58% citing water penetration from outside, 39% internal waterproofing issues and 39% structural cracking. Defects affect owner confidence. Who's who when it comes to strata management. There’s nothing more frustrating for homeowners and tenants than when being passed from pillar to post when seeking a response to a query.

Who's who when it comes to strata management

To help ensure your query is directed to the right staff member, we outline the different roles of the strata manager and the property manager. Richard Eastwood has a big job. As the Smarter Communities southern regional general manager, Eastwood’s role requires him to take responsibility for the overall management of all SC strata managers across Victoria, NSW and South Australia. Additional tasks include overseeing staffing, facilities, infrastructure, training and development. Who's who when it comes to strata management. Managing a Body Corporate for a Better Strata. Strata communities have become the norm in residential areas everywhere.

Managing a Body Corporate for a Better Strata

They are established to serve diverse groups of people from different walks of life, with differing backgrounds, ethnicities, ages and even temperaments. Strata communities now encompass all significant areas in most parts of the country and cover everything from those living in apartment buildings to suburban residents and even business park owners. Forming A Successful Body Corporate. A body corporate is an organisation that is established to represent the owners of sections of larger real estate entities. The members of the body corporate are owners that have a stake in the resulting strata. Once the community has been established, the body corporate is usually responsible for its running and care. A body corporate is, therefore crucial to the wellbeing of the community. Forming one must be undertaken with the utmost care with nothing overlooked or left to chance. One of the first steps in forming a successful body corporate is to understand its function.

Overseeing the maintenance of common areas within the community.Acting as liaisons between owners and the community at large, especially in cases to do with tenants, both short and long-term.Set up rules and regulations that are used to govern those living within the strata. Owners Corporation and service to members. Most owners are aware of the functions of an Owners Corporation such as insuring buildings, maintaining and repairing property for which it is responsible, and record keeping and accounting. The functions and powers granted to an Owners Corporation are clearly defined in the Owners Corporation Act. But did you know an Owners Corporation can also undertake other functions, called “a service”, to its members and occupiers? Lacrosse fire ruling sends shudders through industry.

Lacrosse fire ruling sends shudders through industry On the last day of summer for 2019, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) delivered a burst of sunshine to apartment owners at the high-rise Lacrosse building in the Melbourne Docklands precinct. Lacrosse suffered a serious cladding fire on November 24 2014, started by a single cigarette on a balcony. Last Thursday, Judge Ted Woodward ordered the owners be immediately paid A$5.7 million in damages. Functions Of A Strata Manager Within A Body Corporate. A body corporate is an organisation that is established to streamline the running of strata communities. Body corporate is a collective of owners of individual units within a specific area. The area can be a large piece of land, a real estate development, or even an apartment building; as long as a physical structure is involved.

The strata manager, on the other hand, is an individual or company that is hired by the body corporate to oversee the day-to-day running of the body corporate, and in turn, the strata community as a whole. Best Strata Management Practices For A Thriving Community. The strata have become staple living tools among many residential communities. City dwellers and those living in the suburbs as well have come to rely on strata to create living environments that cater to wide varieties of communities that contain equally large types of people, backgrounds and even temperaments.

Well-Run strata will be able to see to the day-to-day running of the community while catering to long-term concerns and the maintenance of comfortable living standards for all. To achieve these ideals, a strata manager must set out to find out what actions and guidelines would best be suited towards the implementation of these goals. Catering to diverse expectations of a community is certainly not an easy task. To restore public confidence in apartments, rewrite Aus building codes.

Ways to be more water-wise. Summer 2019/20 may be less than two months yet but already its bite is being felt up and down the country. While those living in regional areas have been enduring devastating consequences as a result of being unable to access sufficient water, those in metropolitan areas have been relatively unscathed – until now. With the Bureau of Meteorology predicting a long hot summer ahead, with no significant rain forecast, parts of NSW and Queensland have now introduced tiered water restrictions as a means of helping to conserve this most precious of resources.

For some this will result in changes to the way or the times they are allowed to wash their cars or water their gardens or plants, while for others it will mean a reduction in their personal water use limits. Big fines will be given to anyone found to be disobeying restrictions with individuals being slapped with $220 while offending businesses can get fines of up to $550 or more. Turn off bathroom tap while brushing teeth.

Experienced Strata Manager Relocates To St. Leonard’s. The Essence of Etiquette with Apartment Living. The norms established by those that are living in an apartment building can be very different from those that are in suburbs and subdivisions. An apartment building may be categorised as being the same as taking a specific subdivision and compressing all the homes into one concentrated living arena. This condensing of space means that large numbers of people are brought together in one area. The consequences of this concentration of living spaces are that multiple personalities, temperaments, and expectations are also brought together. Unless clear rules and regulations are set out for all to refer to, then apartment living would be unbearable and chaotic for owners and tenants alike.

The essence of etiquette with apartment living. Outsourcing the complexities of strata. Appeal Tribunal Upholds A By-Law Banning Short-Term Letting. Remain vigilant As The Schoolies Season Continues In Full Swing. Schoolies is a time of great revelry for many students as they mark the end of their high school chapters. This desire for celebration and partying often leads young ones to destinations far and wide as they seek their ideal holiday. Victorian Owners Corporation sues property developer. A property developer, sued by the Owners Corporations that it created, has unsuccessfully applied for summary dismissal of the Owners Corporations’ legal proceedings against it in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (“VCAT”).

VBCS victorious in SCA VIC Awards. The annual SCA (VIC) Awards for Excellence were announced on Friday night, 11 October at the Strata Community’s Gala Dinner and Awards at the Pullman Hotel in Albert Park. Congratulations to VBCS Strata Community Manager, Chung Siang Choo who was announced the winner of the Strata Community Manager Rising Star Award.

Reliable Strata Management in Melbourne. Why should you have an Owners Corporation. Owners corporations are prevalent in communal living set-ups like apartments. Homeowners are part of an owners’ corporation. The moment one takes ownership of a home, they must ensure their property remains in proper condition. Strata Levies. How Strata Management benefits your Property Community. Vic Govt pledges $600m to fix buildings flammable cladding. Strata Community Manager Of The Year 2019. Experienced strata manager relocates to St Leonards. New Owners Corporations Regulations for Victoria. Strata Manager Responsibilities. Strata Management Services. Strata Title Client Resources. Strata, Building, Contents and Landlord Insurance. Property Management is an Important Part of Real Estate.

Body Corporate Management. VBCS client resource center. Victoria Body Corporate Services Easy Stratapay System. Strata Building Management Explained: Can It Benefit You? What Does a Strata Management Company Do? 5 Advantages of Strata Management Services. Company Owners Corporation Share Schemes and Rules. Make the Switch to VBCS - Change Your Body Corporate. Strata Title, Property Management & Development Services. Strata Title Management Establishment Services Sydney. Why Choose VBCS for your Body Corporate? All Strata Management Services Melbourne. Body Corporate Consulting - Owners corporation management Sydney. Strata Management Services Sydney. Victoria Body Corporate Services: Strata Management. Strata Title Management: Strata Management Made Easy.