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Learning the Tarot: Five Card Spread Layout. Here are a handful of spreads to experiment with.

Learning the Tarot: Five Card Spread Layout

The way you spread the cards is quite important - each spread (whilst having similar types of position) yields differing information. There are other layouts that do things like give you a year view, or an astrological perspective or whatever. Austin Coppock. 8.5 Mo: Tibetan Divination. Home > Ethnomathematics: Contents > Chapter 8 > 8.5 Mo: Tibetan Divination by John Kellermeier Tibetan culture has a long history of developing sophisticated methods of dice divination generally called Mo.

8.5 Mo: Tibetan Divination

The specific form developed by the Buddhist master Jamgon Miphram (1846-1912) is associated with the Wisdom-God Manjushri and uses a six-sided die.