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Synth Anthology II - Hardware Synthesizer Tour de Force. Sonic Perfection While the differences between hardware and emulation can be discernible the difference between a straight signal and mastered recording can be night and day.

Synth Anthology II - Hardware Synthesizer Tour de Force

UVI Analog Motion - Vintage Explorations for Falcon.


WaveRunner - The Wavetable Synthesis Retrospection. Wavetable Synthesis Retrospective ⬇ WaveRunner Manual (3.5 MB) A multitude of synths, drum machines and rare prototypes of esteemed German heritage come together in this massive and unparalleled retrospective.

WaveRunner - The Wavetable Synthesis Retrospection

WaveRunner presents you with a wondrous collection of authentic and fascinating sounds from over 30 years of wavetable synthesis. Everything from the raw and strident origins to the wild evolving tones of more modern, full-featured machines. Each system addressed was serviced, meticulously multi-sampled and artfully designed into 7 unique hybrid instruments driven by over 30,000 samples. WaveRunner includes 7 instruments: Vintage Legends - Vintage Synths Library.

Six Brand-New Soft Synths with The Brilliant Depth and Character of Classic Hardware ⬇ Vintage Legends Manual (3.7 MB) Instantly call up inspiration from the Yamaha CS-70M, CS-40M and CS-20M, the crazy Italian Elka Synthex, the Rhodes Chroma, the king of FM - the Yamaha DX1, the rare DK Synergy and the classic K250.

Vintage Legends - Vintage Synths Library

At UVI we've been producing sound for over 20 years and designing our own software for over 12. A conclusion: virtual sample-based instruments have a more defined character and distinct sound quality than those based on digital modeling. Vector Pro - The Vector Synthesis Collection. Vector Synthesis Collection ⬇ Vector Pro User Guide (2.4 MB) In the summer of 1986 a renowned American synth manufacturer released a machine with a remarkable new method of constructing sound.

Vector Pro - The Vector Synthesis Collection

That machine was the Sequential Prophet VS and the method was vector synthesis. UVX-10P - The Analog Sound of the 80’s. In 1985 the world was introduced to the JX-10, a 12-voice, 24-oscillator analog synthesizer par excellence and the last true analog synth of its lineage.

UVX-10P - The Analog Sound of the 80’s

Following in the footsteps of the JX-8P and JX-3P, the Super JX was fashioned with a sparse aesthetic. A lack of knobs made the system a bit of a chore to program but an external controller (the PG800) could be attached, cheerfully reuniting synthesists with the immediacy and rapid programming speed of the ever-popular Jupiter and Juno lines. The JX-10 is known for an immense and capable analog sound, even some digital textures; it's simply a magnificent synth. Programming capabilities were equally rich with independent control of 2 DCOs per voice, 2 EGs, 2 VCFs, onboard chorus and even a sequencer (albeit a limited one). UVX-3P - The Analog Sound of the JX-3P Revisited. In 1983, Roland introduced one of the first affordable analog synths, the JX-3P.

UVX-3P - The Analog Sound of the JX-3P Revisited

UltraMini - The Authentic Analog Sound. UltraMini 1.5 is here, bringing with it over 200 new factory patches, a significantly optimized low-CPU mode and computer-based authorization.

UltraMini - The Authentic Analog Sound

Two legendary analog synths with the ultimate convenience of digital—now leaner, meaner and easier to use than ever! The Beauty of Firsts ⬇ UltraMini User Guide (2.9 MB) There's something evocative and mysterious about firsts. Normal people will recall their first pet, first crush or their first kiss. The Beast - Virtual FM Synthesis Instrument. Rewind to 1975 ...

The Beast - Virtual FM Synthesis Instrument

A machine of luxury is birthed for the musical elite. Using electronics developed for NASA, this revolutionary instrument was unprecedented for its time. Starting off its life as a gorgeous FM synth, it evolved into a comprehensive workstation through subsequent expansions. Its emergence into the professional studio inspired many of the leading avant-garde artists and sonic visionaries to embrace its potential, including Frank Zappa, Chick Corea, Michael Jackson, Sting, Kraftwerk, Stevie Wonder, and Depeche Mode, among others. ... Once again inspired by the sounds of yesteryear, we at UVI have set out to construct our own 'beast'.

Sparkverb™ Technology Included Also included is the latest UVI technology - Sparkverb™ - a highly advanced synthetic reverb that focuses on sound quality and musicality. String Machines - Vintage String Synths Collection. A Library of Samples from 11 Renowned String Synths Back in the 70's, leading keyboard designers around the world attempted to reproduce orchestral string sounds through analog synthesis.

String Machines - Vintage String Synths Collection

The results were far from their original intent but were in no way failures. Used on countless cult records and engrained in our collective memory to this day, these 'String Machines' bore an analog soul on their own. We spent countless hours working to faithfully capture these analog souls and present them in an accessible, expressive, fully editable digital tool. So was born String Machines; a hybrid instrument, forged with the analog imprint of the 11 most musical string synthesizers ever built. UVI String Machines is your doorway to a grand collection of analog gems from some of the most esteemed synth pioneers of our time. Highlights: ⬇ String Machines User Guide (1.9 MB) Emulation One - An 80’s Virtual Instrument Library. Emulation II - Virtual Vintage Sampler Instrument.

Digital Synsations - Virtual 90’s Synthesizers Instruments. A New Breed In the late 80's and early 90's the synthesizer landscape began to change.

Digital Synsations - Virtual 90’s Synthesizers Instruments

A new breed of keyboards began appearing in shops, records and on stage; matte black behemoths eschewing the familiar knob arrays for uniform clusters of discrete buttons and glowing green LCD screens. They signaled more than a shift in interaction with our musical counterparts‚ they ushered in the era of the digital synth. To those willing to forgo the immediacy and ease-of-editing of the analog synth world these keyboards offered amazing features for the time; massive polyphony, extensive on-board sequencers and pattern memory, removable storage and digital effects. In addition to the immediate benefits of digital processing some of these keyboards also dawned innovative hybrid synthesis techniques, combining sample playback with classic methods allowing synthesists and musicians the opportunity to explore new sonic territory. 4 Classics, Massive Patch Library ⬇ Digital Synsations User Guide (2.1 MB)

UVI Darklight IIx - Powerful Vintage Music Workstation. A Collection of Three Instruments Inspired by The Legendary Studio Icon Costing upwards of $100,000, the dream machine of the 80's was unattainable by most. Used by countless prominent artists including: Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Kate Bush, Herbie Hancock, Jean Michel Jarre, Thomas Dolby and many more, it remains a highly regarded and sought after instrument.

Suffering a fit of nostalgia as we often do, we decided to set about making a new instruments inspired by this legendary studio icon. We ended up making 3; a digital synth, digital drum machine, and multi-phraser. A unique hybrid approach was employed combining our rigid sampling process with the advanced digital processing algorithms and modeling capabilities of the UVI Engine. Powerful analog modeled filters, LFO's, envelopes and effects in a beautiful old-school interface await you in this tightly packed but massive sounding 2 GB UVI instrument. ⬇ Darklight IIx User Guide (3.2 MB) PlugSound Pro - Virtual Contemporary Instruments. An Award-Winning Library of High Quality Contemporary Instruments PlugSound Pro delivers over 8 GB of instruments, loops and phrases.

PlugSound Pro includes all of the sounds from the original PlugSound Box with enhanced presets and an entirely new Classical section featuring a wide range of acoustic instruments. PlugSound Pro includes: