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Self Assessment: Tax Return (SA100) Property Investors – Watch out for the Capital Gains Tax Trap! Given the property boom over recent years, a huge number of investors have quickly and successfully grown portfolios by using a very simple investment strategy.

Property Investors – Watch out for the Capital Gains Tax Trap!

This strategy involves withdrawing equity from an existing property to fund the next purchase.Though this strategy has been successfully used to quickly grow portfolios and increase the number of millionaires in the country, it is has already caused and continues to cause severe CGT implications for a growing number of investors. Consider the following case study: Private Residence Relief: HS283 Self Assessment helpsheet. Accountant. Rates and allowances: travel - mileage and fuel allowances. Financial records. Joint responsibility. New tax rules phase in. Rental Expenses. HMRC eLearning. Being a landlord and renting out a room. Renting out your property (England and Wales) You’re a landlord if you rent out your property.

Renting out your property (England and Wales)

This means you must: keep your rented properties safe and free from health hazards make sure all gas and electrical equipment is safely installed and maintained provide an Energy Performance Certificate for the property protect your tenant’s deposit in a government-approved scheme check your tenant has the right to rent your property if it’s in England.