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Multi Effects

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RC-20 Retro Color - XLN Audio. Movement - Output. Eventide Legendary Harmonizer® plugin. Frostbite - Multi-Effect Freeze Plugin. CamelCrusher (Compressor, Distortion, Filter) “CamelCrusher is a free ‘colouring’ multi-effect plugin.

CamelCrusher (Compressor, Distortion, Filter)

It offers two characteristically different distortion sounds which can be blended together to create a wide variety of tones and textures. Great for guitars, drums and plenty more! There’s also a warm, smooth analogue-style low-pass filter with buckets of resonance. Assign a MIDI controller and start tweaking! Finally, let’s not forget the easiest-to-use compressor you’ll find anywhere. Best of all, CamelCrusher is available free of charge! LoopMash FX, REVelation, Magneto 2. Eventide Legendary Effects Processor. The H910 Harmonizer® was the world’s first digital effects processor.

Eventide Legendary Effects Processor

With its unique combinations of pitch shifting, modulation and delay, the H910 can be heard on countless ground-breaking works by artists from AC/DC to David Bowie to Frank Zappa. Simply put, nothing sounds quite like it. A powerful creative tool, the H910 plug-in is a faithful recreation of the original hardware. Use the H910's pitch changing ability to create specific musical intervals and harmonies, spread guitars, fatten snares, apply subtle organic de-tuning to synths or add slap-back delays to vocals. Guitar Rig 5 Pro : Effects And Tools. Effects : The Finger. The mouth. The Mouth has an insatiable appetite for sound — and turns everything it eats into sweet music!

the mouth

The last time anyone sent me something on the basis that it was 'fun' was when I was given a Slinky for my sixth birthday. It didn't disappoint. In fact I spent the next 10 years of my life tirelessly chasing it down the stairs, much to the detriment of my GCSEs. I then made the mistake of buying my own 'fun' thing on my 17th birthday — a PlayStation — much to the detriment of my university degree. Having spent the ensuing decade avoiding human relationships in favour of following Lara Croft around a dungeon, you could therefore understand my trepidation when The Mouth arrived in my inbox, branded 'fun' by its creator Tim Exile. Putting reservations about a return to nocturnal life to one side, I decided to throw caution to the wind and see if Mr Exile's claim was justified. Hearing Voices So what is The Mouth? The Mouth has two modes of operation: Pitch mode and Beats mode.

Effects : Traktors 12.

Dimitry Sches Tantra

Stutter Edit. NI Reaktor. Effects : Molekular. Sugar Bytes Turnado. Turnado Turnado is a revolutionary multi-effect tool, crafted especially for massive real-time audio manipulation.

Sugar Bytes Turnado

It combines unique and dynamic effects with the most intuitive and immediate control you can imagine. Just turn it on and crank it up. In the studio, simply dial in your effect from a super-sweet selection of 24 pro-quality algorithms, then mash up your audio content with minimum fuss, quickly adding dynamic variation to your arrangements. Take it to the stage and unleash TurnadoÂ’s true power. The idea is simple: Turn a knob and the effect is on. With its instantaneous, one-knob, multi-parameter modulation features, Turnado will lay waste to the audio landscape. Unlocking the power of your MIDI controller each effect requires only one knob to control it. If the power of one-knob action still doesnÂ’t rock your boat, the awesome "Dictator" mode will sink your battleship.

Turnado comes for Mac/PC as Standalone application and VST/AU/RTAS/AAX plugin. Sugar Bytes Thesys. 1.5.1 Update 64 Bit!

Sugar Bytes Thesys

Now Thesys is fully 64 bit compatible. Midi Export! With the 1.5.1 update the long awaited Midi export functionatlity is there. Just drag and drop from within Thesys to your host or a generated MIDI file to your desktop. Extra Length! SphereQuad. Semi Modular Multi Effect Here at W.


A. Production we’re always looking for clever ways to add movement and excitement to our tracks. However, it’s tiresome to keep loading up the same effects chains again and again. This is why we created SphereQuad as an easy and extremely flexible solution for bringing complex rhythmic movement, filter sweeps and stereo madness to your mixes. Scarbee vinatge keyboard fx. AIR Music Technology - Creative FX Collection. UPGRADE: Owners of Pro Tools 8 + and Creative FX Collection (included with select hardware products) qualify for a limited time $49.99 cross grade price.

AIR Music Technology - Creative FX Collection

Please contact for more details. As a Pro Tools user, upgrading provides you cross platform support plus eight all new FX models. AIR is excited to announce the Creative FX Collection Plus. This world-class new collection includes our twenty classic AIR FX plugins for the first time in AU/VST Formats plus eight all-new FX (AU/VST/AAX), expertly created by our team based on extensive feedback and requests from customers.

The original AIR Creative FX collection has been included as part of Pro Tools® since Version 8 and is considered the reference FX suite by some of the world’s most respected audio professionals.