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Stereo Delay. Ping Pong Delay. Mono Delay. Mondo Mod. MH Dirty Delay. Visceral, Gritty, Musical Feedback Delay MH Dirty Delay is a fantastic-sounding feedback delay processor with integrated Character and Filters in the delay path.

MH Dirty Delay

Use it to create awesome vintage echo and tape-delay style sounds as well as create lush and subtle spaces in a mix. PSP85 musicradar. If there's one effects processor that we never get tired of tinkering with, it's the delay processor.

PSP85 musicradar

Whether we use it to add a dash of chorus-like character, create an unexpected musical riff, fill out some space in a mix as an alternative to reverb or simply make things sound utterly bonkers, a good delay unit is your trusted production partner. Seven long years have passed since we first tried PSP 84. D16 Group Sigmund. Deleight - Stereo Multi Tap Delay - Audiority. Deleight is a stereo multi tap delay processor based on late ’90s digital delays hardware processors.

Deleight - Stereo Multi Tap Delay - Audiority

Current version: v1.1.2 (May 2019) Deleight can deliver multiple delay-based effects, ranging from simple echoes to multi-voice choruses, flangers, doublers, early reverbs and more. SphereDelay. Get SphereDelay FREE with any purchase at Plugin Boutique Offer ends 31st May 2019 What is SphereDelay?


Reason The Echo. Replika xt. Originally released for free under a Christmas promotion in 2014, before getting a regular pricetag shortly after, Native Instruments' Replika is a straightforward delay plugin, incorporating a single feedback delay (regular or ping-pong), phaser and filter modulation effects, and three Styles (Modern, Vintage Digital and Diffusion) that influence the overall sound.

replika xt

Replika XT (VST/AU/AAX) doesn't replace Replika (which now sells for £44), but builds on its design, adding some new features and enhancing existing ones to deliver a very broad range of delay, modulation and even reverb-like effects. The headline additions include Dual mode (placing two delay lines in Serial or Parallel, with the original Replika behaviour now called Single mode), two additional delay Styles (Analogue and Tape, bringing the total to five), and five new Modulation effects: Flanger, Chorus, Freq Shifter, Pitch Shifter and Micro Pitcher, making seven altogether.

Simple but complex. SuperTap Delay Plugin. Soar – Joey Sturgis Tones. About SOAR SOAR is a tape delay combining the lush, analog tones of tape with the power and flexibility of digital processing.

Soar – Joey Sturgis Tones

With SOAR, you maintain complete creative control of your delays in a clean, feature-packed plugin. Whether you’re looking for a straightforward ¼ note delay, or a multi-head tape delay journey, SOAR delivers a wide variety of tonal options. Rob Papen RP-Delay Plug-in Demo - Sweetwater Sound. Rob Papen RP-Delay effect plug-in. Buy now RP-Delay - € 49 | $ 69 RP-Delay is a unique delay which is heavily focused on some very special features, including brand new fx routing!

Rob Papen RP-Delay effect plug-in

For instance, the sound reverser can reverse the input, while simultaneously reversing one of the delay lines. Relayer — Precision Creative Delay. Feature Highlights:» Variable multi-tap delay (up to 32 lines) with extensive shaping controls» Per-tap modulation editors for Time, Gain, Pan, and 2 Multi-Effects» Visualizer helps you understand important settings at-a-glance » Intuitive interface for lightning-fast workflow » Input Gate for expressive playability ⬇ Relayer User Guide (2.5 MB) A Modern Classic An advanced creative engine housed in an intuitive and easy to use interface, Relayer represents a new benchmark for digital delay effects.

Relayer — Precision Creative Delay

Nomad Factory Creative Software Company. Nomad Factory is proud to introduce ECHOES, a new Analog Echo Box plug-in designed to give you the warmth and richness of classic vintage delay effects.

Nomad Factory Creative Software Company

ECHOES faithfully models the greatest delay effects of all time, PLX-1 based on* Echoplex® 1, PLX-3 based on* Echoplex 3, OILCAN based on* Tel-Ray® Oilcan Delay, EHX-DM based on* Electro Harmonix® Deluxe Memory Man, and ADM-2 based on* Boss® DM-2 Analog Delay. Following the philosophy behind Nomad Factory’s hit Magnetic plug-in, ECHOES not only sounds amazing, but it is designed to be very easy to use. Unlike many other delay plug-ins that have dozens of unnecessary knobs and confusing parameters, ECHOES has captured the essence of the original effects by keeping it simple. With the turn of a few knobs, the plug-in delivers musical results and instant analog delay satisfaction! IK Multimedia - Tape Echo.

Amplitube Rack Tape Echo. Amplitube Rack Tap Delay. Amplitube Rack Digital Delay. Amplitube Fender Tape Echo. Amplitube Analog Delay. Amplitube Tap Delay. Amplitube EP Tape Echo. Amplitube Echoman. Amplitube Delay. More creative effects with AmpliTube 3 guitar recording software - Tap Delay. Grain Delay. Twin Delay. Tape Echo. Quad Delay. Delay Man. Psychedelay.