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Home Design, Garden & Architecture Blog Magazine. Growing plants in your yard is not easy.

Home Design, Garden & Architecture Blog Magazine

But if you can make the task easy, why shouldn’t you resort to clever tricks? The DIY Raised Garden Bed (MyDailyRandomness Blog) is one such trick that will definitely help. Besides the improved quality of the soil as well as better drain access benefited from a raised garden bed, you can still have issues reaching some of your plants; and that was the whole point of having a raised garden bed in the first place – easier access and less effort. Home Design, Garden & Architecture Blog Magazine. Vertical gardens.

Home Design, Garden & Architecture Blog Magazine

Their fashion begun a few years ago, but not very many people have heard of them before. The number of apartment owners who appeal to architects and landscapers to put in house vertical garden grows every month. It is clear that the trend of 2013 is the kind of pictures that can replace both regular paintings, as well as the famous house plants. You can put in any room, hallway, the kitchen, the bedroom and even the bathroom, where it is dark. The palette is very little limited, most requests are for the living room where they keep the plants somewhat normal.

DIY Vertical Planter. Garden design is something landscapers learn over a few years, but there are a few tricks you can master on a single webpage.

DIY Vertical Planter

This next tutorial is especially useful when you don’t have that much of space in your yard for a whole lot of plants and flowers. With a DIY vertical planter you will be able to save on space and also improve the overall decor of your garden. Or even porch, because the piece of decoration being easily movable to any area as you please. Five different size Terracotta pots would make into a beautiful vertical planter with which to decorate your garden. Also, you a center rod, flowers or herbs (of course) and some potting soil will be necessary for the DIY project to be complete. Also: Stacking Planters with Watering System Sweet Bella Roos – DIY Vertical Planter. Home Design, Garden & Architecture Blog Magazine. Basil is one of the most delicious and aromatic culinary herbs.

Home Design, Garden & Architecture Blog Magazine

Those of you who are a fan of Italian cuisine, surely use a lot of basil when cooking. But this doesn’t mean this herb goes nicely only with Italian dishes, as basil makes everything better and you just can’t go wrong with it. If you have basil in a pot at home and want to make more of it, to share this amazing flavor with your friends, this next tutorial will help you propagate basil in an efficient way.

The only tool you’ll need for this is a pair of scissors and the link below will guide you through the process of producing more basil from a single pot. You will find tips and tricks on how to properly cut the plant and how to water it in order to grow healthy. GoodsHomeDesign. Do you wish to grow your own garden?


If costs of materials are stopping you fulfill this desire, learn that you can save some money on alternative pots and do good to the environment in the process! We present to you the newspaper pots for seed starting. This clever little technique is the best when it comes to starter seeds. Because the material is biodegradable, the plants can go directly in the soil after they’ve grown from seeds. So you don’t pay as much on pots and also have less work of transporting the starter plant after they grow. DIY Concrete Cobblestone Path. Making your yard look great doesn’t entail you wasting a load of money on decorations.

DIY Concrete Cobblestone Path

Improving the design can be very easy if you think creatively. Let’s say you have a path from the front gate to the back of your yard, where you might have a working stone grill. 17 Budget-Friendly and Cute Garden Projects Made with Flower Pots. Preparing for summer is an important part of the year and includes every aspect of your life.

17 Budget-Friendly and Cute Garden Projects Made with Flower Pots

You tend to eat healthy, exercise more and buy some new summer clothes. But what about your home? Shouldn’t it also be decorated in a summer feel? If you agree with use, you should definitely start with your garden, where you’ll be spending a lot of time this summer. The easiest way to give a makeover to this area is to decorate with some cute and budget-friendly flower pots. 1.

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