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Plante. Chauffage. Barbecue. 12 Insanely Clever Gardening Hacks. Gardening can be both fun and annoying, but with the right tips and tricks you will only notice the fun and pleasant moments.

12 Insanely Clever Gardening Hacks

If gardening is your passion, but you feel it a bit challenging at times, this next list of tips will make your life and your gardening activities a little bit easier. Garden weeds are the ones that will give you the most headaches, but you can make your own weed killer and it will be super-efficient. You will find the recipe by clicking on the following link and the mixture will also be a non-toxic one. You will also find ideas about how to use of everyday objects in your garden, such as plastic forks or eggshells in order to become a more efficient and successful gardener.

The next link contains a selection of 12 amazing gardening hacks that will simply blow your mind and you’ll want to share it with everybody afterwards. 1. More details here… 2. More details here… 3. More details here… 4. 5. 6. 1.

DIY PVC Chicken Feeder 2. Toddler Chairs Made out of PVC Pipe 3. PVC Pipes Drying Rack Plan. Auto water feeder for dogs - IKEA Hackers. Dogs Published on April 8th, 2015 | by IH guest Materials: SORTERA recycling bin It’s getting hotter and my dogs needed more water.

Auto water feeder for dogs - IKEA Hackers

I thought of making it automatic, so that they can have water even while I am away. So I bought a float and some small related accessories and then installed in an IKEA SORTERA box (recycling bin with lid). It works fantastic! By Yanis The Author IH guest I am Jules' little helper on IKEAHackers. Home Design, Garden & Architecture Blog Magazine. Water is an essential element of gardening, as it having great quality soil is not enough.

Home Design, Garden & Architecture Blog Magazine

But if you live in a very dry area or simply want to save some water when gardening, wicking bed containers are the answer for your troubles. How To Easily Build a Gravity-Based PVC Aquaponic Garden – video. DIY Moss Graffiti. Graffitis are very beautiful and can be considered true pieces of art, but many times they come with damages.

DIY Moss Graffiti

Just take a look at the buildings in your city, many of them are freshly painted, but covered in graffities. It is true, that artists don’t always have a special place destined for artistic expression, but just imagine how great it would be if you could make graffities have an impact on the environment. Well, the truth is that this is actually possible. The solution for this is the Moss Graffiti movement and the name speaks for itself.

How to do: 1) Find moss. (gather moss from pavement, damp bricks, cement walkway…the kind that grows on trees is not indicated..) 2) Prepare the moss. (Wash the moss to get as much soil out of the roots as possible. Wikihow 3) Making moss milk. ( Add 2 cups buttermilk/yogurt (not flavored yogurt), 2 cups water/beer and 1/2 tsp. sugar then blend it all together.) Home Design, Garden & Architecture Blog Magazine. A new trend for summer season, is to have a patio table with a built in cooler!

Home Design, Garden & Architecture Blog Magazine

Here is not just an idea, we have instructions DIY how to create such a table. Now you can surprise your friends when come for a beer or a wine with this innovative idea. Who really wants to get up to get another beer? Check all instructions in the link below.. DIY Patio Table with Built-in Beer/Wine Coolers. Home Design, Garden & Architecture Blog Magazine. Having used materials in your yard can be a blessing in disguise.

Home Design, Garden & Architecture Blog Magazine

What some may view as a burden on organizing the space or another object of clutter can be used in so many creative ways. The one we suggest today can benefit your ducks, if you have any, of course. Transforming a cable spool into a duck house is one DIY project you will gather some good appraisals for, not from the ducks themselves but from friends who might happen to find themselves in the same situation.

Besides providing the ducks you care after with a much deserved shelter, you do it in a way that is creative and improving for the overall decor. De l'eau de pluie pour les WC et le lave-linge. © Antoine Bosse-Platière Bien mise en œuvre, la récupération de l’eau de pluie fournit une eau de bonne qualité et non calcaire.

De l'eau de pluie pour les WC et le lave-linge

D’où l’idée de l’utiliser dans la maison, pour les chasses d’eau et le lave-linge. La réglementation française restreint ses usages à l'arrosage du jardin. Mais rien n'interdit de l'utiliser aussi à l'intérieur de la maison, comme dans nombre de pays d'Europe du Nord. Installer une cuve de récupération de l'eau de pluie - Matériaux et équipements. Quelle pompe choisir ?

Installer une cuve de récupération de l'eau de pluie - Matériaux et équipements

Zoom Bien que plus chères que les pompes de surfaces, les pompes immergées présentent les avantages suivants : Carte – Plus2vers. Zoomez et déplacez-vous sur la carte pour trouver et contacter un donateur près de chez vous !

Carte – Plus2vers

Certains donateurs sont en dehors de la carte affichée (en Autriche, au Québec, à La Réunion, …). Déplacez la carte !!!. Map Data Map data ©2017 GeoBasis-DE/BKG (©2009), Google, Inst. Geogr. Map DataMap data ©2017 GeoBasis-DE/BKG (©2009), Google, Inst. Poulailler Eglu Go.