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Shift Scheduling Software

Product Demo - Employee Attendance Software. Managing Attendance for Work from Home Employees - TimeCheck Software Managing Attendance for Work from Home Employees. Due to COVID-19, companies are having to enforce a work from home policy that will keep employees safe & also let organisation to continue working as normal.

Managing Attendance for Work from Home Employees - TimeCheck Software Managing Attendance for Work from Home Employees

To manage such disruption and also to be prepared for any need in future, handle remote work force professionally HR managers must make sure they have a policy in place. For this HR Manager must assess their preparedness and then approve a remote-work request. Attendance Management challenges shoots as companies are privileging employees to work remotely. It’s a growing trend across companies for business continuity, to make this working at home a success, we have upgraded Timecheck attendance management software with Timesheet entry module. This feature enhancement to the software has helped handle the COVID-19, Pandemic situation. Even in future, as the world prefers adopting remote work culture, companies started defining the clear WFH policies for various categories of employees. Time Management Solutions for Textile Industry - Timecheck Software. TimeCheck′s Time & Attendance Solutions is suitable any Textiles & Garments industry where employer can track the complete details of Employees Attendance which simplifies the time-consuming routine of real-time processing attendance data by reducing administration time and associated costs.

Time Management Solutions for Textile Industry - Timecheck Software

Solution Offerings Manage complex shift management requirements efficiently both for permanent employees and contract laboursEasy integration with Biometric devices. Time & Attendance Software - TimeCheck. Employee Shift Scheduling Software. Shift Management Software of TimeCheck facilitates you to optimize shift scheduling effectively and efficiently.

Employee Shift Scheduling Software

This feature ensures you to plan and schedule employee shifts without any complication ensuring a smooth process flow. It bridges the communication gap that can happen over manual methods and proactively manages and tracks employee shifts. With this feature, you can define all possible shifts that are suitable for your organization, allocate temporary shifts. In addition to shift time management, you can also state break timings and monitor them to improve workforce productivity.

TimeCheck is also facilitated with advanced Shift Pattern and Shift Roster features to manage complex shifts for large set of employees with a single click. Geo Attendance Software - TimeCheck Software. Managing employees timesheet for field workforce, remote work employees can be a huge challenge for any Organization.

Geo Attendance Software - TimeCheck Software

Timecheck attendance managements app with GPS mode provides flexibility and independence to your field working teams and at same time it provides real-time information to your managers as well. Time and Attendance Software for Remote Workers Timecheck mobile app facilitates the remote workers to update their daily attendance along with geo location. This facility enables field force to log their work hrs specifically from any Location of work, at any of their Branch, or at their client place. Our Mobile Clock- In & Clock- Out time stamp and GPS coordinates to get this recorded. Dynamic Shift Management Solution Provided for a Manufacturing Industry. The changing environment of manufacturing industries demands Companies need to remain agile to keep up with the pace of global market economy.

Dynamic Shift Management Solution Provided for a Manufacturing Industry

Dynamic shift management solution from TimeCheck helps manufacturing companies to avoid last-minute scheduling delays. With this auto shift scheduler feature manufacturing Industry clients can be prepared for predictive scheduling regulations, this boosts both employee engagement and the bottom line. Implementing smart and effective shift management based on delivery demands helps any industry on the production side to improve their productivity. Latest improvement we have done to our Time Management Software Application is enabling department heads, Hr Mangers to keep manage shift in attendance for each employee without sticking to any certain shift policy, as almost it will occur on unplanned basis.

Now the hassle of keep doing the shift plan preparation, Shift change requests handling and Shift Exchange requests has been removed upto 90%. Managing Attendance for Work from Home Employees - TimeCheck Software Managing Attendance for Work from Home Employees. GEO attendance solution Implemented instead of Biometric or Face recognition device - TimeCheck Software GEO attendance solution Implemented instead of Biometric or Face recognition device. Client Client is a specialized valve manufacturer serving the demand of customers with a team of highly experienced technicians & engineers.

GEO attendance solution Implemented instead of Biometric or Face recognition device - TimeCheck Software GEO attendance solution Implemented instead of Biometric or Face recognition device

Their production has helped in finishing the bulk demands of the industrial valves to the large industries of the world. Business Requirement They were in need of a Systematic Attendance Tracking system to monitor the work location & shift in, shift out of few remote employees who will leave Organization premises and work in client’s location for Installing or service their industrial valves for a month of time and even less, the time period may vary based on the complexity & volume of the installation to complete. For logging in the attendance of such workforce accurately & exactly from the locality for the defined period they required geo tagging details in the report.

Solution Provided Benefits. Employee Shift Scheduling Software. Employee Shift Scheduling Software. Employee Attendance Management Software - Timecheck Software. Biometric Attendance Tracking Software - Timecheck Software. Complete Time and Attendance Solutions for all Industry - TimeCheck Software. Easily Manage Your Employee's Time and Attendance Software. Work From Home Employees Attendance Software - TimeCheck. Attendance Management Software. Custom Time & Attendance Software. Timecheck ROI - TimeCheck Software. Employee Leave Management Software for Government & Public Sector Organizations - Timecheck Software. Today’s local, state and federal governments, public sector and governmental agencies are navigating a complex economic environment.

Employee Leave Management Software for Government & Public Sector Organizations - Timecheck Software

The growth in demand for public services is outpacing the growth in tax revenues – challenging governmental organization to find innovative ways to deliver their services in a more efficient manner. Many government and public sector organizations require a Time & Attendance solution that can easily handle multiple shift schedules and frequent staff changes. TimeCheck is a proven Time & Attendance solution that can reduce the labour expense in governmental organizations.

TimeCheck Biometric / Fingerprint Authentication terminals can be installed at multiple locations, delivering accurate and reliable data no matter how large or small the staff. TimeCheck can be used by any Government & Public Sector organizations where managers can access the system with any computer via a web browser and the system automatically e-mails reports to them. Solution Offerings.

Dynamic Shift Management Solution Provided for a Manufacturing Industry. Time Keeping Solution for Steel Manufacturing Industry - TimeCheck Software. Client is a reliable stainless steel manufacturing company having modernized manufacturing facilities & following latest techniques to serve the rising need of clients.

Time Keeping Solution for Steel Manufacturing Industry - TimeCheck Software

Business Requirement As manual time keeping processes increased admin overheads, Automation of their employee Time & Attendance was their requirement. Especially they preferred to customize our standard application with few specific features to log few of the employee activities which includes consistent late coming, utilizing more break hrs, availing more permissions than the set limit. After they give warnings to those who miss above said compliance, they preferred to have a separate monitoring screen to track all these variants in a single click.

Solution Provided. Timecheck ROI - TimeCheck Software. Benefits of Mobile enabled Employee Time & attendance app feature in Timecheck - TimeCheck Software Benefits of Mobile Enabled Employee Time & attendance app feature in Timecheck. We all know Monitoring the attendance of employees at work has numerous benefits, especially for those organization that has employed field sales.

Benefits of Mobile enabled Employee Time & attendance app feature in Timecheck - TimeCheck Software Benefits of Mobile Enabled Employee Time & attendance app feature in Timecheck

With innovative technologies improvements are being made quite often to the employee attendance tracking software. Research states organization using an employee attendance tracking app increases efficiency and productivity to a great extent. Advantages of Attendance Regularization Request - TimeCheck Software. Tracking attendance of employees is paramount for avoiding potential staffing issue.

Advantages of Attendance Regularization Request - TimeCheck Software

Automation of employee attendance tracking ensures work hours not being abused, makes employee accountable for their time and provides essential data for making business decisions. For managing attendance of huge no of employees smartly just installing a bio-metric devices / face recognition device won’t work, you need to Implement an advanced attendance tracking software that have an accurate graphical depiction of everything related to hours worked and time off etc.

Inline to this requirement ANGLER’s TimeCheck software has diverse features to create reports specific to company’s needs. This module enhancement to TimeCheck product ensures accurate and reliable information are available for payroll calculations. Integrating this system with your existing payroll software will eliminate data entry errors and helps ensure employees are paid accurately for their actual work time.

Ways to Manage Remote Employee Attendance During the Covid Crisis - TimeCheck Software Ways to Manage Remote Employee Attendance During the Covid Crisis. As lockdown continues over a moth for now due to Coronavirus many companies are implementing flexible work arran work-from-home adoption in many IT sector. Tracking attendance manually for remote employees is a huge task and so to ease attendance monitoring, to avoid time theft organisations must deploy a mobile enabled attendance management solution. This online attendance management software built with customized modern day remote workforce in mind will let the flexibility you seek for remote work.

With Mobile time and attendance tracking software companies can streamline & manage attendance effectively. It alerts managers on missed out shift-in persons & provides visibility on who is in at the moment. Also, contactless attendance systems based on iris or facial recognition may be embraced more broadly for attendance tracking in the wake of COVID-19. Ours is a highly flexible time management system that lets you to easily convert data into actionable, valuable information. Time & Attendance Software - TimeCheck. Prevent Time Theft and ‘Buddy Punching’ of Employees. Any large sized company with a sizeable manpower, faces problems in managing its human resources. One such issue in time and attendance at the workplace is ‘time theft’ and related to it is ‘Buddy Punching’. Buddy Punching is when one employee punches in or out for a co-worker who is not working at that time. Supervisors of large organisations may not notice the discrepancies of employees all the time.

However, Buddy Punching is a kind of Time Theft that should be attended to. If employees are paid by the hour, accurate timekeeping is needed to safeguard the bottom line of the company. Mobile Field Force Solutions Trinetra iWay. Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Software Gaining Popularity Worldwide. Leave & Permission Management Software.

Leave Management Software feature of TimeCheck enables employee to login and submit their leave or permission request to any authorized personnel like HR / Department Manager who has been given privilege to view any particular employees leave request and he can either approve or reject his leave or permission application based on various eligibility criteria. An e-mail with appropriate status (Pending, Forwarded, Approved, and Rejected) will be automatically triggered for all stakeholders in this process. With our Leave Management Software you can define various types of leave (Casual Leave, Medical Leave, Earned Leave, Loss of Pay etc) whichever is applicable to all levels of employee in the organization. This feature also gives insight details on the number of leaves taken by a particular employee on monthly / yearly basis, leave frequency etc.

Overtime Management Software. TimeCheck’s Overtime Management Feature helps you to define and configure overtime settings like minimum & maximum overtime hours, calculation factor for weekly off overtime and holiday overtime hours effortlessly. It enables the approval authority to approve / reject / forward the overtime hours of an employee, based on the company’s rules and regulations. Also with the help of our compromised Overtime Reports you can view the details of Worked Hours, OT hours, Weekly off OT hours, Holiday OT hours for each employee & each date between the selected periods.

TimeCheck facilitates the Authorized user would have the privilege to Modify the Overtime hours from Actual Overtime Hours irrespective of Weekday, Week Off and Holiday OT. Overtime report facilitates the user to know about the sum of Week day OT hours, Weekly Off OT hours & Holiday OT hours in Actual & Modified Output formats. Employee Shift Scheduling Software. Employee Time Clock Software - Case Studies. Chat now Case StudiesHome > Case Studies Shift Scheduling approval process streamlined for Radiator Manufacturer Client Client is a reputed & pioneer manufacturer of Radiators for Industrial Application.

The have grown over years by striving continually to provide quality products that assure client satisfaction. Business Requirement… 25 Oct 2019. Time and Attendance Solutions - Industry Based Solutions. IT Industry. Employee Attendance Software. Regardless of the industry we could see business grows with time and has employees working in house and from remote locations. In such scenario, administering employee attendance manually is laborious and leveraging an advanced mobile accessible Time & Attendance system is crucial, to get error free report without wasting time. See to the list of functional features that would assist you With TimeCheck’s configuration ability to fit your organization’s business rules, you can track, generate and maintain employee time and attendance information accurately across the organization in real time including databases collected from remote locations over the Intranet or Internet with ease and thus saving your time and cost.

TimeCheck is designed in a user friendly manner to ensure easy usage without compromising in security and quality. Dashboard. Microsoft Certified Product - Overview. In today’s time, offices find managing employee attendance becoming a challenging task. Many organizations find a great deal of time getting wasted in verifying & processing biometric data. Implementing automated Time & attendance management software increase efficiency, frees up precious administration time and helps minimize the errors with manual data entry. Attendance Management Software. Employee Shift Scheduling Software. Shift Scheduling Software.