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Tim Connolly

Hi! I am Tim Connolly and I am providing help to parents to bring up their children in healthy environment. I am working in this profession from last 5 years, if you have any query regarding this please contact to me.

Should You Give Your Kid a Credit Card? Money Management for Children. Talk about money to make your kids financially prudent. Financial Literacy in the Time of Coronavirus. Raising Financially Fit Kids. Teach Kids About Money in a Financial Crisis. What Are the Benefits of Pocket Money. Teaching Teens Financial Responsibility. Why it is important to teach your kids about money and investing? Teaching Your Teenager About Saving Money. TIPS ON TEACHING KIDS ABOUT MONEY MANAGEMENT. Teaching Teens About Finances. How to Talk to Your Kids About Money? How teens manage their money. Teaching Kids To Save Money. Teach Your Kids About Money Today. FINANCIAL LITERACY GUIDE FOR KIDS. How to Teach Kids Self-Discipline with Money. Should You Charge Your Teen Rent? What to Teach Your Kids Before They Leave Home. School’s Out-How to Teach Your Kids from Home. Real-Life Lessons To Teach Your Kid At Home During The Pandemic. Helping Children with Learning Disabilities.

Does Your Child Have an Anxiety Disorder or a Phobia? Principles to Help Children Try New Foods. How Parent-Child Relations Have Changed. Pillars of Money Every Parent Needs To Teach Their Child. How to Get Your Children Better at Life. Talking to Kids About Money. Give Your Kids the Freedom To Make Their Own Financial Decisions. Helping the Young Mind Grow. Unhealthy Reasons Parents Avoid Disciplining Children. How to Teach Your Child Financial Literacy. Reasons Digital Literacy Skills Are Important for Kids. The Importance of Play. Teach Your Teenager How to Handle Money. Easy Ways to Teach Your Kids to Save Money. Ways to Help Your Kids Start a Business. Investing & Money Management Guide for Kids - Building Wealth for Kids. Just released – Ten Steps Today to Ensure Your Kids are Wealthy Tomorrow Money isn’t everything, but life is a lot easier with it.

Today, you have the opportunity to give your children the ultimate advantage in wealth creation. If you start with a little knowledge-transfer now, they will never have to worry about money in their adult life. They will admire, thank and respect your foresight, long after they realize how flawed each of us parents really are. Learn the ropes quickly in our super-simple Ultimate Parent’s Guide, starting with a few basic, fool-proof steps, to set your kids up for a lifetime of success and financial freedom. Unlike other books on finance, this detailed, 47-page guide reads fast and fun, like a good novella, and is specifically designed for parents like you.

Everything we publish at BadDaddy is easy to consume and implement, packed with unique insights, plus a frequent laugh or snicker, just to keep it fresh and interesting. How Financial Education for Kids Takes Advantage of Opportunities. Financial Literacy for Kids Where to Start. Teach Your Child About Money Management. The Importance of a Bedtime Story. The Scaffolding Method in Early Childhood Education. Bedtime Stories - Children's Book Series.

Do you read stories to your kids, only to find your mind wander?

Bedtime Stories - Children's Book Series

So, the crayons quit, then wrote cutesy letters that are barely legible. Mildly entertaining the first time around, it’s downright painful after a while. Dragons like tacos, sure, but who doesn’t? If you give a mouse a cookie… ugh. There is nothing remotely real about cause and effect in that story. Better Bedtime Stories. Help Kids Learn at Home. Save Your Kids From the Busted Fate of the Millennials. New Law to Ban PowerPoints - Bad Laws - BadDaddy Publishing. Gates caught off guard, vows retaliation: Have no fear, little lambs.

New Law to Ban PowerPoints - Bad Laws - BadDaddy Publishing

State representative Jim Keane of Montana has introduced a bill to “Prohibit PowerPoint usage”, and what starts in Big Sky country flows downwards like a warm tinkle. Parlaying a string of major successes from the Postal Service and Food Pyramid to the Vietnam and Iraq Wars, the government may end all suffering at the hands of overzealous business people using software to make presentations. “It’s out of control”, remarked Keane. “I can’t get down a bagel in the morning without someone trying to present facts and figures on a slide deck”. Bill Gates reportedly puked up his Jamba Juice when Melinda reviewed the controversial new law during his Monday PowerPoint briefing. Strangled by more PPs than I can comfortably choke down, I’ll concede, they suck. How about “Zen slides”? No, dear friends, they cannot save the brand. Great teams DO IT LIKE THIS NOW (hips thrusting back and forth…). The trouble with liberty Conclusion.

Youth Football and Head Injuries - BadDaddy Publishing. To play or not to play?

Youth Football and Head Injuries - BadDaddy Publishing

In 1958, football overtook baseball as America’s past-time, and we haven’t looked back. Today, HALF of the top 10 broadcasts are football-related. Father’s Day Dilemma - and gift ideas for dad - BadDaddy Publishing. What your husband really wants (in his Daddy-DNA) In the 1950’s, your husband would have made a great living.

Father’s Day Dilemma - and gift ideas for dad - BadDaddy Publishing

He’d have enough cash flooding in even as a teacher or tradesman to support the whole family. The Truth About Money - Help your kids get a decent shot at it - BadDaddy Publishing. Help your kids get a decent shot at it “Daddy, where does money come from?”

The Truth About Money - Help your kids get a decent shot at it - BadDaddy Publishing

It’s not the birds and the bees. It’s worse. My son popped the question at seven…Damn. Well son, our money is deposited to our bank account by my employer for the work I do. Then it pays for baby shit, like the $1,500 your mom just spent on matching Snoos sleepers. Ryder: But where does that money come from? Stop Telling Your Kids “Good Job” Different Ways to Manage Your Wife’s Emotions. Groupthink, Money, and Madness - BadDaddy Publishing. The world’s gone mad.

Groupthink, Money, and Madness - BadDaddy Publishing

Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, we wake each morning to more of the same. You open your newsfeed only to choke up your breakfast. Is it The New York Times or The Onion? The problem is not that it’s fake news. The problem is that it’s real. The Truth About Babies - BadDaddy Publishing. Plus 5 must-haves for the first 5 months: We took our twin boys home last week – children #3 and #4 – yet two more helpless, constant reminders what a colossal pain in the ass human babies are.

The Truth About Babies - BadDaddy Publishing

I’ve started wearing condoms around the house to make sure I don’t slip up and have more. How to Teach Kids About Money Management. POTUS, Politics, and Parenting - BadDaddy Publishing. A Raison in the Sun According to, the American Dream is on life support.

POTUS, Politics, and Parenting - BadDaddy Publishing

Our biggest fear as parents is that our kids won’t get the opportunities to reach their true potential. They will scrape by, crippled with debt, unable to find meaningful, rewarding careers, left behind in flyover America by a cut-throat, globalized economy and an out-of-touch electorate. How to Get Better at Life (starting now) - BadDaddy Publishing. Starting now (in five minutes).

How to Get Better at Life (starting now) - BadDaddy Publishing

It’s January 19th, and the gym is empty. The New Year’s resolution crowd has sweated out their last Cinnabon. You gym-rats know what I mean (you can finally get your machines back). Two weeks ago, every treadmill and LAT pull-down was commandeered by an unfamiliar face, shucking up and down like a giant, deep fried kruller, doughy limbs jutting from every angle, dripping with outbound sugary frosting. This army of bright-eyed busy-bodies shows up every January, fresh off the new year with an old routine.

The place is now desolate, like a gutted bag of Fritos at a weight watcher’s meeting. How can we keep fooling ourselves into thinking this time is different? Don’t beat yourself up. Can I be “fixed”? The answer is yes, the time is now, and it’s not any more difficult than reading the morning newspaper (kruller in hand, if that helps). The Mother’s Day Playbook - BadDaddy Publishing. Do’s and Don’ts for the Goddess in your family.

The Mother’s Day Playbook - BadDaddy Publishing

The second Sunday in May is fast approaching, and you’re ill-prepared and confused, like a giant baboon wondering the aisles of Bed Bath & Beyond. The Goddess in your life deserves better. After 10 years of trial and error, here are the do’s & don’ts to help you glide it down gently. In the don’t category, for Ashley’s first Mother’s Day, I gave her a picture of me (not her) holding our brand-new baby, Mia. Turning 40 - A Dad's Inventory - BadDaddy Publishing. A New Year’s Inventory: As we ring in another New Year, I’m turning the page on my 30’s and officially joining the ranks of the middle-aged, with the big 4-0.

Sharing a January 8th birthday with Elvis, it’s time to start managing my decline. I’m hoping to follow in the King’s footsteps sporting a bulging leather body suit with a steady supply of barbiturates at the Las Vegas Hilton, replaying my old hits for drunk tourists in a smoky cocktail lounge, two years from dying on a Memphis toilet. When I look at others my age (lost in my own fantasy) they just seem older. I am Moana - BadDaddy Publishing. I am a 39-year-old, father of two (age six and seven), a Vice President at a billion-dollar healthcare information publishing company, and I am Moana. Nobody knows this, except my wife…(she thinks it’s funny), my kids (they think I’m weird), and the damn CIA (Alexa told them everything). Am I really a sixteen-year-old animated young girl from the Pacific Islands, yearning to lead her once-explorer people back to their adventurous roots on the high seas (drums beating in the background, wind and salt air through my hair)?

No, alas, no. My fate is pale, in comparison. Maybe I just like the movie? Poll - BadDaddy Publishing. Feedback Us - BadDaddy Publishing. Developing Healthy Eating Habits In Your Toddler. On Fatherhood, Procreation, and The Lure of Great Cleavage. Blog - BadDaddy Publishing. About Us - BadDaddy Publishing. We help moms and dads who want more for their children – more opportunity, more security, better information, and better prospects. We do this by questioning the mainstream narrative (if you want more for your family, you have to step away from the herd, and think differently). We share ideas in our monthly parenting column – hilarious as it is hard-hitting – and an upcoming line of “better bedtime stories”, under development now.

Why must we question the status quo? “Conventional wisdom” is an oxymoron. The flood of bad information from media, marketers, and government is like a giant flushing sound. BadDaddy Publishing. Teach Your Kids About Economics. Bedtime stories to teach kids life lessons - BadDaddy Publishing. Teaching your Kids about Money and Investing - BadDaddy Publishing.

How to Make a Kids Volcano?

Youth Football and Head Injuries - Life Skills - BadDaddy Publishing. Life is about learning, and the universe is our classroom. From the moment we have consciousness, we are learning by processing information through the feedback loop known as consequences; actions and reactions. Webster’s says to learn is- 1. To gain or acquire knowledge or skill by study, experience, or being taught. 2.

To become competent in, proficient in, or familiarize oneself with. 3. In the context of family life, we see learning mostly in the form of teaching and childrearing. Learn About the College Debt Bubble & More - BadDaddy Publishing. Category: Love. Laugh. How to Prepare for a Baby Financially. Teaching Money Management To Your Children. Why Bedtime Stories are Important to Read.

The Truth About Babies.

The Truth About Money

Business Travel Tips for the Family Man (or Woman)