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We offer customized radio content for multiple broadcast platforms, packaged music and non-music content in various formats tailored to suit your business needs.

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How to stay motivated everyday at work- Timbre Media. How to record your own Audiobook - Timbremedia. How to improve your quality of life by being vulnerable - Timbre Media. How to find yourself in a lockdown - Timbre Media. Winning at WFH: Work From Home to be more productive. Audiobook Recording Companies India. Bring stories to life Going for a run?

Audiobook Recording Companies India

Commuting to work? Stuck in interminable traffic jams? Then why not have Dickens transport you to Victorian London or RK Narayan to Malgudi or learn a new language! We aim to fit in as much as possible in the little time we have available. The award-winning Indian publishing house DC Books was expanding with a special focus on audiobooks for children. Innovative sound effectsMusic for every mood, action and event in each of the storiesSeparate music motifs for every storyVoice processing to communicate & differentiate the various characters in the stories; distinctive attributes for each of the characters Upon completion, the audiobooks received acclaim on par with the best in class products.

Employer Branding Solutions & Services. Every company and employer is a brand by itself, and the image of your agency plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining the best talent.

Employer Branding Solutions & Services

Young people today want to work in companies they see as cool, socially aware, and that are making a difference. Many even research their employers thoroughly. Addressing such a wide range is a challenge for consistent, quick, effective communication. And traditional means of communication – emails, newsletters, booklets, handouts – are either not equipped to answer the range of questions asked, or are cumbersome. Employer branding agencies and employer branding consulting firms plays a big role in determining the all-important cultural fit. Internal and Corporate Communication Services - Timbre Media. The question isn’t, why is communication important… the question is, why are there companies that still do not take communication (internal & external) seriously?

Internal and Corporate Communication Services - Timbre Media

We live in an age of rapid information exchange, short attention spans, and perception management. Such a scenario requires succinct, accurate communication at all times, especially in business organizations that involve many teams working in tandem. Miscommunication of goals, targets, policies, or processes can adversely affect outcomes. It is incumbent on the leadership of any organization to maintain clarity in communication from start to end, from top to bottom.

Induction Training Services for New Employees. Recruiting people and helping them understand a company’s values, objectives, and overall mission is a challenging process that requires proficiency and nuance.

Induction Training Services for New Employees

For people joining a new job or role, blending into the culture of a new workplace can be a hurdle. Here comes the benefit of induction training services for new employees. Timbre Media’s employee induction training services or employee onboarding services can help make employee onboarding services easier, seamless process that will be educative and entertaining. Our radio and podcast solutions make the communication between recruits and organizations interactive and mutually beneficial, adding value to your employee induction services. Depending on the objectives of your company’s employee onboarding services or processes, we will customize audio solutions that represent your company’s unique culture.

In - Store Radio - Timbre Media. An in-store customer experience that conveys elegance and contemporary finesse… In the age of social media, shopping is no longer a mere utilitarian activity.

In - Store Radio - Timbre Media

It is an experience. The customer seeks, even identifies with, an experience that goes beyond the mere buying of goods; he/she expects a chic ambience, attention to detail and a shopping excursion that they can share with friends. Retail chains these days endeavour to make the experience of shopping at their establishments unique and strive to come up with novel ways to enhance the recall value of their business. Background Music for Businesses. FM Radio Consultant & Promotion Services - Timbre Media. Cutting edge music programming Radio is the original mobile medium.

FM Radio Consultant & Promotion Services - Timbre Media

It is ubiquitous and has perfected the science of reaching out to and connecting with very specific audiences. There is no better medium to get your music, or your message, across to the masses. Whatever the parameter you choose- demography, geography, language, age, genre etc. radio sets the benchmark in connecting with audiences. In a diverse country hungry for entertainment interspersed with intelligent, relevant information, radio stations have successfully embedded themselves into our popular culture.

Employee Training Services via Radio. Training & Development has become crucial for organizations aspiring to global success.

Employee Training Services via Radio

Because the one unassailable truth of the 21st century is that tech and business ecosystems are evolve at a rapid pace. Corporate training companies have merged, been acquired, switched entire business models because the cutting edge is fast and merciless to those it leaves behind. In today’s world, 10 years is too long a period to go without acquiring new skills. FM Radio Consultant & Promotion Services - Timbre Media.

In-house Radio Services - Timbre Media. Internal Company Podcasts. Studies indicate that listening to music makes employees more productive.

Internal Company Podcasts

They complete tasks fasterthink out of the boxconcentrate better by cutting out distractions while lifting their mood and energy levels. Blending uninterrupted music and carefully structured information is an extremely effective tool for business organizations. It is far more effective than written communication like email or newsletters, which are essentially one-way traffic, or videos, which can be resource intensive and distracting.

Radio streaming & Music Streaming Services.