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Swedish Immigration to America Timeline *** Swedish Immigration to America TimelineWhat were the reasons for Swedish immigration to America and what was happening in Sweden to prompt the drastic action of leaving home for an unknown life in America?

Swedish Immigration to America Timeline ***

The Swedish Immigration to America Timeline provides dates and important events that provide the history of US immigration from Sweden. Famous historical events include the establishment of the Colony of New Sweden, the ousting of Swedes in Manhattan and Ellis Isand.The Swedish migration to America Timeline highlights the Push and Pull factors of immigration such as political and religious persecution, wars that occured in Sweden together with dates of any natural disasters such as floods, plague, crop failures and famine. The dates and types of religious and political conflicts and the natural disasters that afflicted Sweden are highlighted in the Swedish Immigration to America Timeline enabling kids and students to understand the history of immigration to the United States.

Swedish Immigration to America: History for kids *** History of Swedish Immigration to AmericaThis article contains interesting facts, statistics and the history of Swedish Immigration to America.

Swedish Immigration to America: History for kids ***

To understand the reason for Swedish immigration it helps to have an overview of the history of the people of Sweden. The Swedes (Suiones) were a powerful people who were descended from Gothic tribes. They are described as Norse, North Germanic or Scandinavian people. Other Scandinavian countries include Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. The Vikings formed part of the Swedish ancestry - prolific seafaring warriors from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Colonisation of North America 8-9 – Related themes: Native Americans 7-9, Thanksgiving 3-7 and Pilgrim Fathers – Thanksgiving NB!

Colonisation of North America 8-9 –

This theme uses a new feature for vocabulary practice 1:1. The teacher can register their classes in order to follow the students’ progress, but this is not necessary. The students can study the vocabulary list, but to practise the words they need to log in. Otherwise, the programme would not be able to help them learn the difficult words. Even without 1:1, the teacher can project the practice on an (Interactive)WhiteBoard. Background American History for English Learners VOA radio programmes about the early American History.

Warm-up 13 Colonies Song The New England Colonies The Middle Colonies The Southern Colonies Why 13 Colonies? Life in New Sweden. 375 year Jubilee of New Sweden. Natives and Conquerors - America's Immigration History. America's Immigration History. Immigration Through Ellis Island - Award Winning Documentary Video Film. Native America before European Colonization. The Story Of The First Settlers of the USA in 1620. Thirteen Colonies: the New England Colonies. US History Overview 1: Jamestown to the Civil War. Colonial history of the United States of America. Colonies Documentary - US History 1619 1699. Teaching American History Network. On the Trail of Captain John Smith: A Jamestown Adventure. Flight to Freedom: Introduction. Slavery, according to historian and sociologist Orlando Patterson, was social death.

Flight to Freedom: Introduction

This was especially so of the slavery practiced in the United States from its very founding as a colonial empire in 1609, to 1865, when ended the bloody struggle which abolished the institution and united the nation. During the three and one-half centuries of slavery's existence, millions of African-descended people were torn from their homes, separated from family and community, and brutally put to the lash for profit. These Africans resisted. In nearly every conceivable way, they registered their protest against their enslavement. One of the most important ways they resisted was to remove their labor from the reach of their masters. We hope you find this website educational. Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today and Ellis Island. World War II and the Postwar Period The United States entered World War II in 1942.

Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today and Ellis Island

During the war, immigration decreased. First North Americans. United States History. Indigenous peoples. First North Americans. Native America. USA's historie. Native American Map (USA) Native American Map (USA)