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Email client apps (use for backup)

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How to back up your email - How-To. Top 5 free e-mail clients for Windows PC. Everybody reading this article must have an email account that you use frequently.

Top 5 free e-mail clients for Windows PC

While you can always access it via its web interface, it is more convenient to have an email client on your Windows desktop, so that you can read and send mail quickly. This article will tell you about some of the best free e-mail clients for Windows. Windows Live Mail If you are a Windows 7 | 8 user, then you definitely want to check out Windows Live Mail first. Windows Live Mail (also known as Windows Live Mail Desktop) is a part of the Windows Live Essentials suite and has been made available free of cost by Microsoft.

Pros and Cons of Windows Live Mail Pros: Powerful Multi user supportConversation OrganizerPhoto EmailEnhanced SecurityCustom Layouts and quick viewsRSS in your inboxDirect Blogging Cons: Does not offer custom smart folderCannot organize your mail using labels or reply with templates. ThunderBird Pros and Cons of ThunderBird Opera Email Client Pros and Cons of Opera Email Client DreamMail Alpine. Top 10 free email clients. Email is a very important part of our lives today.

Top 10 free email clients

A lot of things have changed with email clients today. Not only have they become user friendly but offer users a wide range of choice when it comes to integrating various other features into an email program. An email client is a downloadable program that manages web based email on the user’s computer. Free email clients have gotten better and better with time and it seems absurd that anyone would still pay for email services. Today it is very simple to set up an email account for free and most programs and clients offer plenty of storage space as well as features. 10. Sylpheed is a cross platform email client that is very easy to use and offers a multitude of features. 9. Alpine is a console based email program that is known to handle daunting tasks with the greatest of ease. 8.

Eudora is a free email client that supports Windows and Mac platforms. OE Classic - Download. OE Classic editor review by Nowadays, there are many people that use applications like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird in order to receive and send various e-mails to their contacts.

OE Classic - Download

Even though these programs are very useful, some of them might be a bit obsolete or complicated to use. Well, the reliable OE Classic combines both efficiency and ease of use in a single, convenient piece of software. OE Classic is a very useful application that can help you send, view and receive e-mails and it was designed to be a viable replacement for the popular e-mail clients currently available on the Internet. Install this handy piece of software and it will take care of all your messaging needs. Using the efficient OE Classic is very simple. To sum it all up, if you are ever in need of an easy to use and highly efficient e-mail client suited for any possible needs, then you should definitely give the convenient OE Classic a try. Best Free Email Software. With so many clients now in the cloud, rather than on the desktop, email clients have certainly taken a turn over the past few years.

Best Free Email Software

So, to differentiate themselves, the desktop clients have become more advanced and offer more and more features to keep customers interested. For most users finding a good email client can mean the difference between getting on with your work or hitting your head against a desk in frustration. Here's a list of the best email clients reviewed and compiled to save you from heart/headache. For ease of use I've split the review into two different categories, desktop and web-based. Read this article in Spanish (Español) Go straight to the Quick Selection Guide Mozilla Thunderbird is a free, open source POP and IMAP email client developed by, the same folks who brought you Firefox.

Outlook Express users should seriously consider switching. Another good option, that many people are not aware of, comes from the same source as Opera browser. Foxmail GMail.