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Interface-UI. What are We To Do About Hover Drop Down Menus? It’s all your fault.

What are We To Do About Hover Drop Down Menus?

Why Hover Menus Do Users More Harm Than Good. By anthony on 03/01/11 at 2:30 pm Do you know how your hover menu is affecting users?

Why Hover Menus Do Users More Harm Than Good

Hover menus are a popular way to navigate. But the way they open can cause usability problems that most designers aren’t aware of. Before you settle on hover menus for your navigation, you should know how they affect users. The Hover Myth Many designers believe that when their menus open on hover, they’re faster and easier to use. Without it, it’s easy for users to trigger a menu on accident when their mouse moves over the navigation area. Freebie: Environmental Icons (AI, SVG, PNG) A set of 30 sharp looking and colorful environmental icons in AI, SVG and PNG format in 5 ready-to-use sizes.

Freebie: Environmental Icons (AI, SVG, PNG)

Today we are very happy to share yet another lovely icon set with an environmental theme with you. The icons were created by the designers at Iconshock exclusively for Codrops readers. The freebie contains 30 pixel-perfect icons in SVG, AI and ready-to-use PNG format with 5 sizes. Environmental awareness is thankfully evolving.

We want to take every chance to help spreading that awareness and we hope that you are part of that amazing evolution, too. About the icon set. UX: les règles à connaître pour une expérience réussie. Loi Hamon Prestashop. Loi Hamon : ARRETEZ immédiatement toute activité d’e-commerce si vous ne connaissez pas cette loi ! - Depuis le 13 juin 2014, la loi Hamon fixe de nouvelles règles concernant la vente à distance pour protéger les consommateurs.

Loi Hamon : ARRETEZ immédiatement toute activité d’e-commerce si vous ne connaissez pas cette loi ! -

Vous devez absolument connaître et respecter cette loi Hamon, pour la vente en ligne de vos produits ou services, sous peine de voir annuler toutes vos ventes ! Notez au passage, que de nombreux éditeurs de sites d’e-commerce, tels que Wix, ou Weebly…, de par leurs fonctionnalités, ne permettent plus de respecter cette nouvelle législation ! Tips for Designing in the Browser. It's often thought that designing in the browser is a modern approach to web design.

Tips for Designing in the Browser

In fact, before the advent of tools such as Photoshop, there was little other choice. Only in the last few years, since the dawn of responsive design, have designers gone back to their roots and started designing in the browser. I'm not saying that every website should begin life in the browser, but as websites now need to be more adaptable than ever, it seems to make more sense to take this route. Designing in Photoshop (or a similar application) can have benefits, which I'll look at later, but it can also have its drawbacks. Let's take a look at some of these. Designs in Photoshop are fixed width. Geoffrey Crofte sur Twitter : "Subtle Click Feedback Effects #webdesign #UX... Subtle Click Feedback Effects. Les sites web incontournables (juillet 2014) Le panneau Links pour Photoshop CS5 - BLOKK font gives you a nice fill text for mock-ups and wireframing without the lorem ipsum. The new and better wireframing font.

Find Guidelines - The fastest way to brand assets. Find Guidelines - The fastest way to brand assets. The Creative Process Behind Professional Website Design. Posted on 03'14 Jun Posted on June 3, 2014 along with 4 JUST™ Creative Comments This article has been contributed by Lori Wagoner.

The Creative Process Behind Professional Website Design

The designing stage is arguably one of the most important stages of a web project. It typically involves giving shape to all the information defined in the planning stage. The main deliverables upon completion of the design phase are documented site structure and visual representation of the website. Profondeur de champ d'une image. 40+ High Quality PSD Website Templates. For Web Designers using High Quality PSD Website Templates can be a great starting point for designers just starting out or if you're on a budget.

40+ High Quality PSD Website Templates

These High Quality PSD Website Templates are all user friendly and quick to use containing all the elements you need to create your own website. We have hand picked these High Quality PSD Website Templates from trusted sources all over the web, all of these free psd website tempates are fully customizable, allowing you to edit the color scheme, fonts, images, background, wording and any other elements you want changed. In today's collection we've gathered 40+ High Quality PSD Website Templates, these psd website templates are some of the best we've seen and contain professional websites.

Luxury Tuscan Villas for rent, Italy. Color Scheme Designer 3. Colourcode - find your colour scheme. Photo editor online / free image editing direct in your browser - Design Trend: Long Shadow Design. 31+ Logo Design Tutorials & Resources for Graphic Designers. 80 Wicked Logo Designs That Will Truly Inspire You. Logo design is a very important part of building your brand’s identity.

80 Wicked Logo Designs That Will Truly Inspire You

“Branding” yourself, is the best way to represent who you are and what you are all about. If designed properly, logos can have an enormous impact on your company’s success. In this post I have assembled an amazing collection of fresh new creative logos for you to be inspired by. Typography And Font Deconstruction [Infographic] Photo editor online / free image editing direct in your browser -

A Responsive Web Design Process. Despite the huge amount of knowledge being shared on the subject of responsive design, I get the feeling that the workflow is still very mysterious.

A Responsive Web Design Process

I’ve been thinking about a right process for quite a long time and finally came up with what I think is a good look at the practical side of designing websites in 2013. 1. Plan your Content Planning your content is the first and foremost solution to any design project. It is clearly the most underrated part of the job, and it’s not because you are a designer that you shouldn’t be doing it. Content audit: get everything you can, from text to images and logos.Lay out your website in a Google Doc (or anything similar) starting with the general overview (brand message, site architecture, etc) and detailing every page’s content.

 Design in the browser with web fonts and real content — Typecast. A Responsive Web Design Process. Cosmo mini, 1262 icônes PNG gratuites. Hey, ça te fait plaisir non, toi qui est tout le temps à la recherche d’icônes PNG. Cosmo mini c’est une sorte de pack qui regroupe 1262 icônes en 40 x 40 px . PlaceIt by Breezi - Generate Product Screenshots in Realistic Environments. Designed To Move - A physical activity agenda to fuel the future. Un site web responsive en une heure. 80 Inspirational Design Portfolios to Bump Up Your Creativity. Friday Freebies – Free PSD Files For Designers #17. Understanding Typographic Hierarchy. One of the most important techniques for effectively communicating (or “honoring”) content is the use of typographic hierarchy.

Understanding Typographic Hierarchy

Typographic hierarchy is a system for organizing type that establishes an order of importance within the data, allowing the reader to easily find what they are looking for and navigate the content. It helps guide the reader’s eye to where a section begins and ends, whilst enabling the user to isolate certain information based on the consistent use of style throughout a body of text. “Typography exists to honor content.” - Robert Bringhurst: The Elements of Typographic Style A Simple Example Let’s look at an example of content with and without a designed hierarchy. The image below is a list of concerts playing at the outdoor venue down the street from my house. Ok, so maybe I’m being dramatic in the example, but we can make this much easier.

Hierarchy and the Web. Créer une police d’icônes facilement à partir d’illustrations vectorielles. Optimisation mobile et responsive webdesign - mise à jour 2013. Illustrator * Repères d’impression et fonds perdus. A propos des repères d’impression. Logical Breakpoints For Your Responsive Design. Advertisement There are several tactics for deciding where to put breakpoints in a responsive design. There is the rusty idea that they should be based on common screen sizes, but this doesn’t scale well.

There are no “common” screen sizes. Another popular tactic is to create a breakpoint wherever the layout breaks. This sounds much better. Contrast Rebellion - to hell with unreadable, low-contrast texts! Responsive web design. Bonjour à tous. Icons & Cursors. Créer des infographies. Mika aka Creative Mints, webdesigner à suivre #8. 80 icônes en PSD. Browser Specs- 978 Grid System for Web Design. Introduction Welcome to This website is owned and operated by Brothers Roloff, LLC. By visiting our website and accessing the information, resources, services, products, and tools we provide, you understand and agree to accept and adhere to the following terms and conditions as stated in this policy (hereafter referred to as 'User Agreement'). This agreement is in effect as of Jan 22, 2011. We make apps. 21 Examples of Black, White & Grey in Web Design.

Certain colors give a website a really elegant and clean look. Some color combinations are pretty popular in web design, and definitely the black, white & grey (sometimes with a hint of red) is one of those popular combinations. These colors, combined properly, result in beautiful and elegant designs. Today we will show you inspiring examples of websites using these colors. From subtle details to complete backgrounds and images, here you will see several different approaches to the same color palette. [Infographic] Complete Color Guide for Designers.

Looking Beyond User-Centered Design. User-centered design has served the digital community well. So well, in fact, that I’m worried its dominance may actually be limiting our field. The terms “user experience design” (UX) and “user-centered design” (UCD) are often used interchangeably. But there’s an important distinction.

Search Engines and Web Designers. Most web designers don’t feel that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important for their projects or client websites. A recent poll of over 19,000 designers shows that 7% of designers don’t feel that SEO is important and 9% of designers don’t even know what SEO stands for, let alone what it is. If you are a designer and are amongst the group that doesn’t know what SEO is or how it can benefit you, you should pay close attention to this article. This guide is for designers who want to learn about SEO so that search engines can find your or your clients website or blog.

I will cover some of the common mistakes that web designers and developers make when it comes to SEO and then I will walk you through some basic tips and how to’s that you can add to your basic to do list on your next project. Responsive X11 color name palette. Top 50 Sources for Designers to Download Free Fonts. Planning Your Web Design with Sketches. Maki - Un pack d'icônes de points d'intérêts pour vos cartographies. Implementing Off-Canvas Navigation For A Responsive Website. [CG Textures] - Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop! Photos et vecteur à télécharger gratuitement.

Exploiter le nouvel en-tête de Twitter. L’Encyclopédie ultime du design d’Interaction ! All Free Vector World Maps (AI, EPS, SVG) Color Trends + Palettes. Quick Introduction to Moqups - Moqups. Your Content, Now Mobile. 18,347 free fonts for Windows and Mac - FontSpace. Simple Grid. The ultimate guide to logo design: 25 expert tips.

30+ Fresh & Creative Text Effect Tutorials to Learn. Polices à télécharger. Handpicked free fonts for graphic designers with commercial-use licenses. Website wireframes: Mockingbird. La première impression est-elle toujours la bonne sur le web. 10 secondes pour captiver les visiteurs. MockFlow - Online Wireframe Tool.