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Bathroom / . You Want You Lose / R2-D2 Ice Cube Trays. For the Home / This is my dream pantry. Everything bought in bulk, stored in jars, lined up neatly (and alphabetically, if it's really *my* pantry). Ahhhh.... Gardening / The next time you have green onions, don't throw away the white ends. Simply submerge them in a glass of water and place them in a sunny window. Your onions will begin to grow almost immediately and can be harvested almost indefinitely. We jus. Places to Visit / Galway, Ireland. Travel Dreams / SUNSURFER. HomeSpunThreads. Chocolate Frosting Shots! If you received an email from Pinterest saying I didn’t want recipes pinned, this is NOT true!

Chocolate Frosting Shots!

I’m so sorry for this and have no idea why they would send out such a message! As is obvious from the fact I have a Chocolate Covered Pinterest Board, I love and appreciate when people pin my recipes. Please accept my apologies and by all means keep pinning whatever you want… I’m honored when people pin my recipes! -Katie Tequila? What’s that?

Healthy Frosting Shots? Maybe you’ve heard of the popular bakery, Sprinkles? Yesterday, I made my own chocolate frosting shots: Thick Chocolate Frosting… You can try this on my delicious Healthy Chocolate Cupcakes or even the Black Bean Brownies. Or skip the cupcake, like I did, and simply serve yourself a big glass of unadulterated chocolate bliss. (or chocolate mousse!) Healthy frosting recipe: Open your coconut milk, and if it’s not already super-thick, leave the can (or transfer to a bowl) uncovered in the fridge overnight. For the Home / Get a cheap shelf from Ikea. Attach a mirror and cork board and put it on top of a lazy susan (also from Ikea). I can do that! Nail fun / so pretty! Fitness & Motivation / Don't give up just because the scale doesn't read the number you want.

Oh, the places I'd go! / Fingal’s Cave, Inner Hebrides, Scotland. Luxury Baby Nurseries Kids Children Playrooms Posh Toddler. Ok.

Luxury Baby Nurseries Kids Children Playrooms Posh Toddler

So this is neither practical nor an affordable luxury. My children never had these nor will they ever will. And they are perfectly well adjusted and happy children. But these baby nurseries and children’s playrooms sure are beautiful. Remember, we find inspiration in beautiful photographs and can always tone it down several notches to make it our own. In this room, even the ceiling is draped in fabric and adorned with a chandelier. I love the crystal ship chandelier in this little boy’s nursery. They thought of everything in this room – from the mini Philippe Starck ghost chairs to the mini Alfa Romeo. Destinations / Slide into the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily, Italy. StickOnPods helps you organize and store your cosmetics.

Word Clock by Doug Jackson. Baby E's Modern, Bird-Inspired Nursery. Pretty Wedding Things. What a good idea! / Chalkboard in photo to mark each month and also list important information you want to remember. Party Ideas / Birthday Fun. Sweet and True Quotes / Problems won't be faced alone. WorthRepeating / Quotes. "Quotes" / Inspirations / Testing 101. Faith, Inspiration, Joy, Praise / Inspirational Quote. Di's Wedding / Guestbook: have guests write on rocks so you can display them in your home. Full Moon Resort - Big Indian, NY. Full Moon is a year-round mountain resort located in the heart of the "Forever Wild" Catskill Forest Preserve in upstate New York.

Full Moon Resort - Big Indian, NY

Dedicated to the celebration of nature, music and the arts, this one hundred-acre wonderland of mountains, fields, and streams is a world of its own. This lodging facility offers a versatile, accommodating environment, well suited for group gatherings of all types including destination weddings, workshops, conferences, retreats, music clinics and festivals. Up in the gym just working on my fitness.... / 3 week program - breaks down 5 workouts for every week.

Best Love Handle Workouts. If you looking for the best love handle workouts I’m glad you found this website and I strongly suggest you keep reading so that you don’t make the same mistakes I made.

Best Love Handle Workouts

If you are reading this I bet that you are struggling with unwanted belly fat and extra fat on your love handles just like I was just a few short years ago. I want to share with you Two Keys that I used to get rid of that extra belly fat and love handles. Abbey_16a. Copy and paste the code below: [url= [url= by [url= on Flickr [url= [url= by [url= on Flickr.


For the Home / wallpapered the rise of the stairs! still have to finish painting the trim... Peter Pan wall decal. From the Bottom of my Heart. {Valentine's are DONE, Man!} I don't think it's a secret that I have a crafty crush on Mandi from Tidbits from the Tremaynes.

{Valentine's are DONE, Man!}

If you've never read her blog, 1st of all, you have been MISSING OUT! 2nd, She is awesome, talented, funny, skilled with a saw & GORGEOUS! Polished Love ♥ Travel bug / Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Leigh Lake. This is stunning; I bet it's even better in person. Home / Fireplace, Hot Tub and Pool!