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How To Make A Quick Clay Owl: A Variation. Start with a small ball of Model Magic or clay.

How To Make A Quick Clay Owl: A Variation

Flatten with your palm. Loosely fold in half. Pinch with your thumb and pointer finger. Gently pull up ears. Shape and pinch. Use the cap of a marker to make eyes. You can use a smaller marker to make inside part of eye. You could also push in google eyes or paint eyes in when dry. This fall the girls got to meet this sweet barn owl who was rescued by the local Audubon Society. Rubber Stamping on Polymer Clay 1. There are a number of polymer clays available, Fimo being the easiest to get in Britain (where I live).

Rubber Stamping on Polymer Clay 1

The only problem with Fimo is that it is very crumbly to begin with and requires a lot of working in the hands (rolling and kneading) to get it to a useful consistency. For the purposes of stamping, a softer clay such as Sculpey or Cernit is preferable. Note that although paper clay is a different material, and much lighter and more delicate than the oven bake (polymer) clays, most of the following can be done with that too, as well as other air-dry clays.

Polymer Clay Stamps. Make Your Own Stamps out of Polymer Clay If there’s a favorite design or word you like to carve or put into your clay, or if there’s one you’d like to, but you can’t find the rubber stamp for it (or you can’t afford the stamp for it!)

Polymer Clay Stamps

, then learning to make your OWN stamp will be a great assistance to you! These homemade stamps really come in handy. Clay Projects - how to articles from wikiHow. How to Make Clay Dice: 8 steps (with pictures) Edit Article Edited by Y L, Nicole Willson, Zack, Flickety and 21 others.

How to Make Clay Dice: 8 steps (with pictures)

How to Animate Clay. Edit Article Edited by Krystle C., Jack Herrick, Ben Rubenstein, Josh W. and 44 others Clay animation is an obscure yet amazing art form.

How to Animate Clay

In the following ten steps, you will learn how to turn a ball of clay into a figure of your choice. Then you will animate the figure and create a short clay animation video of your own. This form of animation is most often called "Stop-motion animation" because that is what it is. Ad Steps. PCC Clay Featured Artists - Sue Heaser's Victorian Birdcage 1. Equipment:A board to work on.

PCC Clay Featured Artists - Sue Heaser's Victorian Birdcage 1

A smooth melamine chopping board is ideal, or else a formica table mat. A craft knife or vegetable knife. A large wool needle. A baking tray lined with non-stick baking parchment. Nail varnish remover or baby wipes for cleaning hands and the board. Clay and Wire Earrings 1. Pamela's Rainstick. PCC Clay Featured Artists -Gannie Stone Cottage Lesson. Grannie was kind enough to offer her design for all to use, but please observe the COPYRIGHT.

PCC Clay Featured Artists -Gannie Stone Cottage Lesson

"You are welcome to use these instruction for your own pleasure. I, Grannie, own the copyright and give no one my permission to sell, publish or otherwise distribute these instructions without my prior approval. Have fun and let me know if you need help. " Grannie The First Cuts: Smooth an 8" x 10" piece of foil out on a flat surface, roll Sculpey on foil to 1/4" thick, let Sculpey sit for 1/2 hour after rolling (too soft to cut yet). The Roof: After cutting roof piece out, measure and cut roof(again) so that you now have one 3" X 4" piece (front) and one 3 1/2" X 4" piece(back), these are the front and back parts of the roof.

Now comes the fun! Millifiori and Organza Pendant. Clay Flower Hairpins. Umm, hairclips v. hairpins - oops, but I don't want to re-edit the picture, so it'll just say hairclips, but I mean hairpins - oh well.

Clay Flower Hairpins

Anyways, remember awhile ago when I posted about Lacey and her tutorial on how to make mini clay flower hairpins?? You can see it here. These are some she made: Polymer Clay Projects Kits - unique projects, fun, inexpensive. Kaleidoscopes and pen supplies too!! Polymer Clay Projects Kits - unique projects, fun, inexpensive. Kaleidoscopes and pen supplies too!! Polymer Clay Projects Kits - unique projects, fun, inexpensive. Kaleidoscopes and pen supplies too!! Polymer Clay Projects Kits - unique projects, fun, inexpensive. Kaleidoscopes and pen supplies too!! Valentine Heart Candy. "When I was a little girl I used to go through entire bags of heart candies, looking for those hearts with those special sayings that were perfect for my prospective valentines.

Valentine Heart Candy

Now that I've been playing with polymer clay, I can make my own hearts that say just what I want them to! It's easy and fun and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I have. One word of catuion, though - these look very realistic! Make sure small children don't try to eat them! " How to Make a Dinko Skull. Grape Vine Candle Ring. Here's a lovely project lesson from Gwen Baker that utilizes the new Studio by Sculpey© clay, as well as some of their accessories.

Grape Vine Candle Ring

As can be seen below, Gwen has created a beautiful decoration, and she now shares her ideas for all to enjoy. Materials: 6 Inch Mirror Studio by Sculpey clay: 1 bar each Iris, Clover, and Nutmeg Studio by Sculpey tools and accessories: Basic Tool Kit or Style and Detail Set Optional: Warm White stain or Brown antiquing medium. Studio by Sculpey Leaf Set II - Medium Ivy Texture Maker and Shape Maker Instructions: Preheat your oven to 275º. PCC Card Couch Lesson. TLS Fairie Wings. Step 1: Measure and cut two pieces of wire 3 inches long, and two pieces 2 inches long. Step 2: Take one the wires and bend it in half so the two ends meet.

Take the ends and twist them together, forming a loop out of the wire. Repeat this with the other 3 pieces of wire. Step 3: Shape the loops to the desired shape for your wings. Step 4: Take the twisted ends and bend them up. Step 11: Once you are happy with the positioning of the wings, bake your little fairie as she is - wings included! Dainty Angel Project. Designed by Judi Maddigan for AMACO® Create a charming ornament, wall hanging, or gift package tie with push molds and polymer clay. AMACO® Push Molds—Roses, Butterfly Angel, and Hearts & Swirls FIMO® Polymer Clay—White, Caramel, Rosewood, Leaf Green FIMO® Mix Quick kneading medium One crocheted round white doily, 4" Metallic gold cord, 30" 1 clear rhinestone, 3mm (optional) Arts & Crafts Goop™ Sue Heaser's Ornamental Trees 1. By Sue Heaser A recent trip to Italy left me spellbound with Italian garden design. The lavish villas are often set in gardens that are formal and beautiful with a luscious combination of vistas, steps, pavings and plants.

One feature that occurred regularly, even in simple gardens, was the use of large pots for small ornamental trees to make an attractive feature, often on either side of a doorway. This project is for a pair of Italian style fruit trees, a lemon and an orange. They make delightful ornaments in their own right or can be set on either side of a doll's house front door (click picture for a Larger View). TrueLeigh Rose Cane 1. Leigh Ross has created a beautiful Rose Cane, and she has allowed us to share it here in PCC! Please enjoy this exquisite project!

(Click Here for a Printer Friendly Version of this Lesson) Materials Needed: (These will be listed with the Colors that I'm using. You can change your rose color to whatever appeals to you) The Polymer Clayspot. Ziggy's Pinch Bottles 1. PCC Instructions - Sue Heaser's Fantasy Fairies. Christmas Baby by Jacqueline van Hesse-Penning.

Materials Needed:Smooth tile to work on Potato PeelerPiece of aluminum foil 6x6 inches.Black beads nr. 011ToothpicksClayshaper or Sculpting ToolThick needleFimo: red, green, flesh, black and white See Main Picture for Illustrations of the Steps. Polymer Clay Central Master Index. Water Tattoos and Polymer Clay. With the offering of water tattoos I became curious whether they would be successful on round beads. Faux Scrimshaw.