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FCE Exam Practice Tests and Study Guides

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FCE_Listening_and_Speaking_2_Audio_1_2_3_4_5.rar Folder

FCE CAE GAPPED TEXT MADE EASY. FCE CAE OPEN CLOZE MADE EASY. SENTENCE TRANSFORMATIONS WORKSHEETS. WORD FORMATION GUIDE USE OF ENGLISH PART 3. Part 1 Multiple Choice Cloze. FCE. RESOURCES. Drawing dictation – FCE Speaking Exam Focus. A designer lessons ESL lesson plan developed by George Chilton The FCE speaking exam lasts 14 minutes, and for part of that time students are expected to talk about and compare a pair of photographs.

Drawing dictation – FCE Speaking Exam Focus

This lesson is designed to help them prepare in an entertaining way. Lesson aims: To practise descriptionTo develop listening skills Procedure: Place students in groups. You should enforce a strict English only policy during this activity. The student should choose a picture at random (without being able to see what it is). After the time is up, the students should compare the original picture to their versions. It’s very simple, surprisingly fun and it tests a number of skills.The students will be able to see how well they described when they see the results. At close, the teacher should write mistakes on the board and use peer-correction to conclude.

Choice of photograph The more interesting the picture, the better. More lesson plans based on the pictures below to come. Like this: Like Loading... FCE Practice Tests. B2 Level - MPC FCM2 FCM3. Cambridge FCE. Five against one: Teaching against the odds. This is a very quick post about an enjoyable and interesting lesson I recently did with my teenage FCE class.

Five against one: Teaching against the odds.

Google images The lesson begins with a challenging authentic listening from the BBC about smart phone addiction based around part 4 of the listening exam. The lesson then moves on to quite a long text about ‘Digital detox’ which is based around part 1 of the reading exam. To finish, my esteemed colleague Matt Ellman (@mattellman) has contributed a Use of English exercise focusing on word transformation, taken from a Telegraph article on the effects of Ipad use by toddlers. Here is a quick overview of what I did in my class, but feel free to use the worksheets provided however you wish.

We had been talking about shopping addiction in the previous classes so the lead in was a simple recap of that. Teachit ELT - Search Results. Order by: What are you going to do?

Teachit ELT - Search Results

Students make sentences about plans, based on a diary, using the 'going to' future. They then write about their own plans. A2 Teens and Grammar | From the resource collection(s): Future (basic) Explaining what you mean A worksheet that explores the use of different linkers used for explanation. B2 C1 Exam EAP , Grammar and Vocabulary | From the resource collection(s): Connectors Dividing things up This resource encourages students to see patterns in the use of different linkers and then to compose their own sentences using the appropriate patterns. C1 Exam EAP and Vocabulary | From the resource collection(s): Connectors.

ValencianFoodAdventure. Valencianfood. FCE Advice for Teachers. Fce-first-certificate-in-english-speaking-common-mistakes. Fce-first-certificate-in-english-speaking-part-three-key-words-game. Fce-first-certificate-in-english-speaking-part-three-key-words-game. Expressing opinions. Exam Traps and Tricks - Grammar Topic, Page 1 - ESL Lesson Plans & Worksheets. Fce-first-certificate-in-english-writing-reviews.pdf. Changes to Cambridge English: Advanced, Cambridge English: First and First for Schools. FCE Reading Test part 2. Free Practice for the First Certificate exam. Many of the most expensive commercials ever made are those in which an A-list celebrity flashes a beautiful smile at the cameras.

FCE Reading Test part 2. Free Practice for the First Certificate exam

Their recent television advertisement, the most expensive in British history, cost ten million pounds, and it features, not the rich and famous, but villagers from the mountains of Argentina. The advertisement features a game of dominoes. It begins in a darkened room where several thousand ordinary dominoes are set up on a specially-designed table. Dominoes knock over books, which in turn knock bigger household objects such as suitcases, tyres, pots of paint, oil drums and even cars. The final piece in the chain reaction is a huge tower of books. The location chosen for the commercial was Iruya, a village high up in the mountains of north-west Argentina. The journey there could take up to ten hours. For one month, the village, population thousand, increased in size by almost thirty percent.

Creating this film was no easy task. Preliminary English Test (PET) - about the exam. BEC Exam Teacher's Handbook. BEC Preliminary - about the exam. FCE Practice Tests. First Certificate in English (FCE) Reading. Difficulty level: B2 /Upper Intermediate What is the Cambridge First Reading & Use of English test like?

First Certificate in English (FCE) Reading

The test has seven sections and takes 75 minutes: Scoring Parts 1–3 – each correct answer receives 1 mark; Part 4 – each correct answer receives up to 2 marks. For Parts 5–6, each correct answer receives 2 marks; for Part 7, each correct answer receives 1 mark. How to prepare for the Cambridge First Reading & Use of English test This paper tests your knowledge of reading, vocabulary and grammar. FCE Writing Practice test - task 1 - an email asking for more information.