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Business English

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Breaking News English Lesson Plans - Business English Lessons. How to Market an Invention: 15 Steps. Edit Article Edited by Tipsy, HarleyQ11, Maluniu, Adelaide Create a comprehensive, cost-effective marketing plan for your new invention to let customers know who you are and what your invention has to offer.

How to Market an Invention: 15 Steps

The inventor should know the marketplace, have the ability to demonstrate the invention and explain the value of the product. It's not difficult to market an invention, but it's a process that takes time. Ad Steps 1Plan to market an invention.Define your customers. 15Be patient, stay focused and don't get frustrated. Tips Be sure to test and check over your invention to ensure that it's flawless before showing it to potential clients, licensees and investors.Learn by talking to individuals. Warnings. Business English and ESL Worksheets and Activities. Job Skills and Qualifications: A one-hour information gap activity where students interview each other about their skills and qualifications.

Business English and ESL Worksheets and Activities

This business English information gap activity covers a lot of useful vocabulary for working environments, yet grammatically it should not be too challenging for even beginner/intermediate classes. Job Fair: A one hour job fair role-play where students are divided into employers and job seekers. The job seekers will go from employer to employer asking about job benefits and the employers in turn will ask about job qualifications. Banking Role-Play I: A one hour banking role-play that explores the expressions needed to do five basic transactions at a bank: deposit money, withdraw money, cash checks, exchange currency, and pay bills. Have You Finished That Report? Introducing Your Business? A Business ESL Role-play. Class Set-up and Activity: Set up the class like 'airplane seating' with two rows of chairs side by side.

Introducing Your Business? A Business ESL Role-play

Give everybody an activity sheet and a business profile. Give the students time to read the business profiles and the dialogue in the activity sheet. The vocabulary in the profiles can be difficult so make sure they understand it. You can deal with questions individually or answer them on the board for everybody to see (for example, What is a purchasing agent?). In the role-play, half the students are sitting down with an empty chair beside them. If you don't like the business profiles I've made, you can make your own (and send them to me so I can post them as alternatives!). Relaying News about a Company. Purpose and Audience: The purpose of these materials is to get the students to practice relaying information about a company to coworkers.

Relaying News about a Company

There are three main language points: (1) Reported Speech: He said that . . . She told me that . . . (2) Comparing outcomes with expectations or plans: is ahead of schedule. is behind schedule is higher than expected is lower than forecast is greater than anticipated (3) Using noun clauses to report the news: The good news is that + noun clause The bad news is that + noun clause. Reporting Changes in Corporate Indicators for Business ESL and EFL Students. Purpose and Audience: The purpose of these materials is to get the students to practice reporting changes in corporate indicators such as profits, sales, revenue, and costs and explaining the reasons why the changes occurred.

Reporting Changes in Corporate Indicators for Business ESL and EFL Students

The language points covered are reporting changes (increased, decreased, rose, dropped, fluctuated, leveled-off, bottomed-out, mildly, wildly, slightly, dramatically, gradually), stating reasons (due to, because of), and getting someone's attention (Can I speak to you for a minute? Can I see you for a moment?). Vocabulary Warm-up: As a warm-up, the teacher can draw some graphs on the board and then ask students to try and describe what's happening.

Apple. Zara: Business English ESL Lessons. Advertisements 1.

Zara: Business English ESL Lessons

BRAINSTORM CHAT: Write all the words you can think of about Zara on the board or on a piece of paper. Talk about these words with your partner(s). 2. ZARA MORNING: Each student pretends to be an employee of Zara. 3. 4. Composing Professional and Academic E-mails. Sometimes I hear teachers complain about so-called lack of appropriateness of student e-mails, such the absence of a greeting, a signature, or a subject line.

Composing Professional and Academic E-mails

The winning award for “the most unprofessional e-mails” goes to those students who simply send a blank e-mail with an attachment. Well, believe it or not, most students have never been taught the professional e-mail genre. And this is true not only for English learners. I made similar observations when I taught a composition class for native speakers of English. When I first started teaching, I realized that many students don’t know how to compose an e-mail in an academic setting. Business English Vocabulary Lessons. - Business English Vocabulary and Grammar Exercises for ESL Students. The job interview: ESL/EFL Lesson Plan and Worksheet. Free online EFL / ESL Business English resources.

Business English Grammar Exercises/Quizzes (ESL/ELL - Prepositions, Articles, Verb Tenses) Business English Grammar Lessons.