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32 Animated Videos by Wireless Philosophy Teach You the Essentials of Critical Thinking. Do you know someone whose arguments consist of baldly specious reasoning, hopelessly confused categories, archipelagos of logical fallacies buttressed by seawalls of cognitive biases?

32 Animated Videos by Wireless Philosophy Teach You the Essentials of Critical Thinking

Surely you do. The Best Astronomy Photos of 2016. Marcel Duchamp’s Readymades: Celebrating the Centennial. Marcel Duchamp’s letter to Suzanne Duchamp, January 15, 1916.

Marcel Duchamp’s Readymades: Celebrating the Centennial

Jean Crotti papers. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Read the full translation below. Explicit cookie consent. “VIBRANT” is a word often used in guide books to describe a particular quarter of a city: Soho, in London, for example.

Explicit cookie consent

But what does that actually mean? To Daniele Quercia of Bell Labs in Cambridge, England, and his colleagues, the term has a literal truth to it. Soho is a place of good vibrations through the air—good sounds, in other words. The Enormous Mural That Made a Mexican Neighborhood ‘Magical’ Las Palmitas and the “macro mural” in its final stage.

The Enormous Mural That Made a Mexican Neighborhood ‘Magical’

Photo taken with permission from the Germen Crew collective's Facebook page. In the center of a small neighborhood located in the city of Pachuca, Hidalgo, the largest graffiti mural in all of Mexico, painted onto a canvas of 200 homes, was inaugurated this July. But the “macro mural” has done much more than simply give some color to the hillside district of Las Palmitas, a predominantly rural neighborhood with a certain degree of poverty and crime.

The collective effort has created jobs, reduced youth violence and instilled a sense of community spirit, turning Las Palmitas into what the project leaders have dubbed the “first magical neighborhood” — a play on the Mexican government’s separate initiative to promote “magical towns” (Pueblos Mágicos) as tourism destinations. INSPIRATION_ART_2. Cool Places. Allaire Bartel Photography Boundaries - Allaire Bartel Photography. Update: Prints are available!

Allaire Bartel Photography Boundaries - Allaire Bartel Photography

A portion of the sales will be donated to the Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh. Get ‘em here. This series is the product of the 2014 Young Photographers Alliance Mentoring Program, the theme of which was “Boundaries.” In this series you will see one woman, an average young professional, depicted in routine daily situations. Some final thoughts on the reaction to the series here.

Dinka del Sudan, gruppo etnico nilotico Nilo-sahariana. Infographie Archives. Hilarious alternative Berlin Subway Map : überlinüberlin. 11 whimsical Wes Anderson characters that need to exist. Wes Anderson has transformed from quirky cult favorite to Hollywood heavyweight.

11 whimsical Wes Anderson characters that need to exist

The writer, director and velvet-suit enthusiast picked up a Golden Globe for his latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and nabbed a Best Director Oscar nod. Photos of The Great War. It was supposed to be the war to end war.

Photos of The Great War

For over four years World War I raged on, leaving in its wake a toll of death and destruction such as the world had never seen. These are the images of that time, an eternal testament to all those whose lives were lost or forever altered by The Great War. Buy Direct (Official Site) 20 Of The Most Ingenious Works Of Architecture In 2014. L'uomo che ha inventato il cruciverba. Manhattan, 21 dicembre 1913.

L'uomo che ha inventato il cruciverba

L'app che ci controlla dalla finestra. Lost Castle: The Crumbling Ruins of the Castle of Mesen. Located in a park near the center of Lede, Belgium, the Castle of Mesen dates back to the 17th century where it served as a home for various lords before a conversion to an industrial site.

Lost Castle: The Crumbling Ruins of the Castle of Mesen

Artparasites - Art Magazine, Art Events, Trending Galleries. Sexting software upgrade via Friedrich Nietzsche: lovebug fixes improves connectivity and stability corrects an issue with the lack of romanticism within relationships in the age of mobile communication departs from conservative taboos in order to enjoy a healthy & fun sex life ​​Warning: the following quotes by Nietzsche might cause exist-sensual angst. 1.

Artparasites - Art Magazine, Art Events, Trending Galleries

Index. Flightradar24 Pro. Una passeggiata lunga una vita: la donna e i suoi cambiamenti. 10 International Street Photographers Who Change The Way We See The World. Think of a city. Of its winding roads and bustling crowds and tall buildings and piling garbage and whatever else. Now look closer. Think of the strange colors that jam up against each other for a brief moment, or the constant and ever-changing potential for violence, or danger, or love. Paris Through Pentax. LEARN.

Quand la nature reprend ses droits. Le vide pour quelques millions de dollars. Combien coûte un art invisible ? Beaucoup d'argent, révèle CBC Radio dans un article intitulé New York artist creates 'art' that is invisible and collectors are paying millions (Une artiste new-yorkaise crée de l'art invisible pour lequel les collectionneurs paient des millions). Lana Newstrom est une jeune artiste de vingt-sept ans qui crée de l'art invisible, nous apprend la radio canadienne anglophone CBC. Amateurs d'art enthousiastesadmirant les peintures et les sculptures de Lana Newstromà la Schulberg Gallery de New York « Ce n'est pas parce que vous ne voyez rien que je n'ai pas passé des heures de travail sur cette oeuvre », a-t-elle déclaré. « L'art requiert de l'imagination et c'est ce que mon travail demande aux gens qui le contemplent.

Vous devez imaginer une peinture ou une sculpture devant vous. » L'émission (en langage grand-breton, oeuf corse) peut être entendue par là. > Cliquez sur l'image pour un gros plan < Un sketch, un gag, une galéjade. Quoique. Abonnez-vous !