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À propos – Etosoto. ETO : signifiant littéralement « Earth To Orbit », cet acronyme suggère l’idée selon laquelle chaque moment passé chez Etosoto semble hors du temps, comme loin de tout et de toute contrainte.

À propos – Etosoto

Les journées sont rythmées par différentes découvertes, et se déroulent en s’alignant sur les cycles de la nature, pour que l’harmonie soit parfaite. Los Enamorados Ibiza. La Granja Ibiza – HABITAS. Masía en venta en camino Pere Escanellas, 2, Sant Josep, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia. La Belle Ibiza. Photos Formentera Formentera - Photos Guide Formentera Espagne.

NEW SPOT: BABYLON BEACH IBIZA - Petite Passport. La Paloma. La paloma ibiza - Recherche Google. Fashion, shops and people from Ibiza. Do you want to celebrate your love in an alternative way?

Fashion, shops and people from Ibiza

An altar by the sea in front of es Vedrà, guests sitting on the floor, a ritual inspired by Native American tribes that brings us back to nature, soft background music.. anything is possible in Ibiza. Today Ibiza Trendy wants to introduce you to Jon Michell, musician and Ibiza Ceremon officiant. Your wedding, as you would have never dreamed. Jon Mitchell isa professional musician and co-founder of the renown Namaste events in Las Dalias.

Born in Tanzania and soon of Swiss missionaries, Michell moved to Ibiza 25 years ago. “Finding someone to share life is a gift. The first ceremony officiated by Jon Michell was at Namasté, for Juanito, Las Dalias owner. Ceremon Ibiza Portfolio. Obi Formentera.


De compras en Formentera Obi, una tienda en Sant Francesc en la que encontrarás ropa, complementos y joyas que remiten a la feminidad de otra época. Details Banjhara. Vie sur Formentera - Trip hippie à Formentera - Week-ends. Sur la grève, en tenue d'Ève...

vie sur Formentera - Trip hippie à Formentera - Week-ends

La transparence des fonds suscite chez moi l'envie de faire corps avec la mer : plonger irrésistiblement et me rejouer le Grand Bleu. Mais pas seulement. Elle révèle aussi le désir de me mettre à nu. Toute nue au soleil, ou à l'ombre d'une dune. Insider's Travel Guide to Formentera, Balearic Islands, Spain. A 30-minute ferry ride from Ibiza, this 12-mile-long slip of an island is the under-the-radar Balearic: There’s not much more to it than white sand licked by cerulean sea.

Insider's Travel Guide to Formentera, Balearic Islands, Spain

Which is absolutely fine, as far as the plugged-in, often-swimsuit-less Spaniards, stylish Italians, and smattering of media industry Londoners are concerned. The beach bars change owners (and names) from time to time, and the sleeping options recently improved with the addition of two upscale properties, but otherwise Formentera continues to resemble big sister Ibiza 40 years ago. City guide exclusif avec Mybestaddressbook.

Miss W - 2/31 - White Ibiza. I don’t know why, but time seems to go so much more quickly in Ibiza – faster than anywhere else I’ve ever been in the world.

Miss W - 2/31 - White Ibiza

Maybe it’s because we separate each annual cycle into just two distinct summer and winter halves, glossing over the in between seasons as we ease in and out of high tourism season and hot weather, and laidback lazy days and layers of winter clothing! Or maybe it’s because – despite the fact it feels like a laidback holiday island – we live our summer days at such a hectic pace. One minute it’s Sunday night and you’re on the terrace at Space, then it’s Monday morning and you’re back at work (after dropping in to the after party – fear of missing out syndrome insists); then the sun is setting and you’re cruising into the car park at DC10.

Fast forward seven hours and you’re getting blown off your feet by the famous ice cannon at Cocoon at Amnesia. Continue reading Can you feel it? Ohhh, OK. Ah Bambuddha. I love a good birthday. Continue reading. CLANDESDINING CLUB. Catalinahouse. Formentera. Blue Bar Formentera - Home. Flipper & Chiller. Welcome. Restaurante Es Moli de Sal Formentera te presenta la isla de Formentera. A Mediterranean Jewel between Ibiza and Formentera. Information about the private island of Espalmador near IbizaSpanish Property Insight. With its white beaches, Mediterranean landscapes, picturesque coves, and crystal clear waters, Espalmador – a private island just off Ibiza and Formentera – is a paradise within Europe.

Information about the private island of Espalmador near IbizaSpanish Property Insight

Espalmador is a private island just off the Coast of Ibiza, in the Balearic Islands. It lies between Ibiza and Formentera, just four miles south of Ibiza, and 150 metres north of Formentera. It has a remarkable location that few other private islands of this caliber can match. Easy to reach, yet one of the most beautiful spots in Europe, Espalmador is a natural paradise untouched by development and protected as part of the Las Salinas Natural Park of Ibiza and Formentera. The two houses on Espalmador are privately-owned buildings. Given its location, unique character, and natural beauty, Espalmador is one of the most coveted private islands in the world. Formentera. Es uno de los rincones en el mundo con más magia.


Quizás por eso dicen que a Formentera puedes ir una semana, quedarte dos, y si superas la tercera, ya no te irás nunca. Formentera enamora, y en le spot shop magazine te desvelamos por qué. Playas vírgenes de aguas cristalinas, con los diferentes tipos de azul que adopta el Mediterráneo, gente auténtica y un entorno paradisíaco son algunas de las claves de su éxito. Para empezar, Illetes es la playa más visitada de la isla. Seguramente debido a que ofrece las aguas más tranquilas y cristalinas.

The Formentera Guide. Where to eat It may be the most diminutive of the Balearics, but boy does Formentera pack a big culinary punch.

The Formentera Guide

Start your day with coffee and croissants on the sundrenched terrace of Cana Pepa (Plaza de la Constitution, 5, San Francesc, +34 971 321 091 a chic but low-key café in the church square of San Francesc. S guide to where to stay in Formentera. SpainFormentera, the smallest and least developed of the four main Balearic Islands, boasts fine beaches and mud baths, great walking and cycling trails, as well as secluded coves and sleepy fishing villages.

s guide to where to stay in Formentera

It is much less lively than its hedonistic sister, Ibiza, and its peace-loving, beach-lounging devotees wouldn't have it any other way. Where To Stay. Los Jardines de Palerm ~ Agroturismo ~ Hotels ~ Accommodation ~ Ibiza Guide. Chic, minimal décor and infinity pools in a 17th century finca Billing itself as a ‘little magic corner of paradise’, this chic boutique hotel in the south is surrounded by enchanting gardens and overlooks the bay of San Antonio. Close enough to the action not to feel out of it, but far enough away to get some real peace the 17th century finca is open all year round. Minimal décor replaces the more common rustic in favour of clean-lined furniture and modern splashes of colour. Two infinity pools stretch out in the gardens, and although there’s no room service per se, owners Christof and Christina are always on hand to make sure you’re tended to.

Stroll to the village of San Josep at night, less that 1 km away. The Giri Café - The True Taste of San Juan, Ibiza. Babylon Beach Bar. The Giri Café - Location Page. La Sardina Loca. Restaurante es Boldado. Our tried and tested guide to the best Ibiza beaches. SUNSET ASHRAM · Restaurante Bar · Official site. Passion, Ibiza's Home of Health and Happiness since 2002. Cap des Falco Ibiza. Ibiza secret, des adresses inédites et confidentielles. A l’hôtel, à, San Juan dans le Nord… Giri Residence. Un classique des Voaygesdingrid… mais quand on aime on ne compte pas, vous savez bien. Alors je n’hésite à refaire un coup de projecteur sur mon hôtel préféré d’Ibiza. Dans cet hôtel aux 5 suites, situé à San Juan, on se laisse bercer par une atmosphère tranquille et douce. Verdict :Le Giri Residence est une vraie parenthèse dans cette île apparemment déjantée.

The Giri Residence.