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Mama & Tata. A pregnancy and parenting blog with musings and reviews from model and mother Jessica Bowen. Mummy in the City–A London mummy blog for families with young children. Blogs I enjoy - butwhymummywhy. Not Another Mummy Blog. Metropolitan Mum - a London mummy blog. Yoga Retreats With Babies. Innika Choo from fashion blog No Faux Pas and her husband, Pern, just returned from a two-week yoga retreat in Coonoor, India…with their one year old Eadie Bo.

Yoga Retreats With Babies

She tells suitcases&strollers how she found her inner “om” with a bubba alongside and how it is possible to do yoga retreats with a baby. Where did you go to do your yoga retreat with baby and what was it like? We went to the Ayurveda Retreat in Coonoor, India. It was beautiful and homely although does need a good revamp. What was the yoga class schedule? The retreat offers 3 or so classes a day and the option for private classes. Who looked after your daughter while you were at yoga classes?

Eadie actually came with us to the early morning yoga class and stumbled around the room while we all practised the yoga. The retreat also kindly arranged a lovely babysitter who came between 9am to 4pm daily for around SG$9 per day. A baby in yoga class?! We sort of winged it and hoped for the best. We got lucky this time round. Absolutely. Ledansla. ▲▲▲ et les confettis. Il y a un an, on faisait du vélo dans la rue en robe légère, on visitait Nice, Cannes, l'arrière pays et Marseille, et on passait du bon temps au Mama Shelter, on buvait des menthe-à-l'eau, on trouvait que le petit gilet en coton était de trop pour un mois de Mai.

▲▲▲ et les confettis

Bambino Goodies. This cheery cotton jersey sweatshirt from Jigsaw Junior is like a little injection of sunshine into your day.

Bambino Goodies

It’s also the perfect.. Numero 74 Superhero Costumes If you’re looking for some great items to add to the dress up box, check out Numero 74′s superhero costumes. They’re.. New Maxomorra prints Bats! Sapling organic babywear Love the prints on the super-soft cotton babywear from Australian company Sapling. 15% off Ecooutfitters If you need to stock up on new school uniform, then this exclusive discount code from Ecooutfitters will be very handy! Sun-San Salt-Water Original Mash-Up Sandals The sun’s been out for a while now, and so, naturally, have my Sun-Sans.

Tránsito inicial. La pasada semana realicé una publicación en este mismo blog donde recalcaba la posibilidad e importancia de decorar cualquier ámbito del hogar con los objetos básicos que le son propios sin perder funcionalidad.

tránsito inicial

En aquella ocasión, tarros con especies, y otros utensilios propios de una cocina eran los elementos que vestían una estantería que se encontraba a la vista, contribuyendo estos a la propia decoración. This Little street. Another day another fabulous giveaway – this time with the lovely Bison Shop!

This Little street

Enter at the bottom of this post. Here is the scoop – I have partnered with 9 amazing women for another giveaway series – the Dream Shop Collective. 9 Giveaways | 9 Blogs | 18 Days. All of the shops in this series are independently owned, with a focus on handmade, well-made and vintage and are just, well, lovely. These shops are run by women who pour their heart and soul into what they do and I couldn’t be prouder to support then via this giveaway collective….and so today I wanted to introduce you to Bison Shop. Everything in theBison Shop is so simply beautiful and special, every item has so much character – the type of gift I am always so happy to receive and to make, because this type of gifts means so much. A National Parenting Publication.

HEALTH & BEAUTY » Pretty Little Baby. Motherhood. When our first child, Toby, was little, we didn't know what to feed him.


We didn't love baby-food jars, but we felt exhausted and overwhelmed by the idea of pureeing we basically just fed him 1,000 spoonfuls of store-bought hummus. Poor guy! Mummy Knows. Random Coolness Archives. Urban Mums {London} : London mums and children. Événements et conseils beauté femme enceinte - The Ultimate Style Guide for Mother, Baby & Child. A Little Bird. A guide to the best kept secrets in London for families and everyone. These ones will excite, inspire and are a little cool too … promise not to tell? The Mermaid Retreat : un cocon à Londres pour les mamans. Au coeur de Chelsea, sur King’s Road, The Mermaid Retreat est un véritable cocon pour les futures et jeunes mamans, leurs bébés et, par extension, leurs proches.

The Mermaid Retreat : un cocon à Londres pour les mamans

De soins prénatals à une prise en charge post natale, The Mermaid Retreat met tout en oeuvre pour que les mois qui précèdent l’accouchement et ceux qui le suivent soient les plus confortables possibles. « Le constat est simple, explique Nick Balfour, fondateur de la Mermaid Retreat, 90 % des femmes qui accouchent dans le système public – NHS – rentrent chez elles le jour-même de l’accouchement ! Vous imaginez le choc ? Barbara, jeune maman française, n’a pas hésité : « Nous étions horrifiés d’apprendre qu’au Royaume-Uni les femmes doivent quitter l’hopital le jour même. La découverte de Mermaid fut unsoulagement. Après quatre jours passés chez Mermaid, j’etais bien reposée et prête à rentrer chez moi. The gentle birth method - Labour and birth. THE GLOW. Sara Jane Mercer. Romy And The Bunnies.