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Catalan’s Barcelona is a model city to see fine art in public places (part 3) Top 5: Ways to Experience Art in Barcelona - Trazee Travel. Top 5 by Allie Moore Antoni Gaudi’s Parc Guell Public Garden © Matthew Dixon | Dreamstime Parc Güell Hike (or metro) your way north toward this hilly park for stunning views of Barcelona, the sea and some of Gaudi’s awe-inspiring architecture.

Top 5: Ways to Experience Art in Barcelona - Trazee Travel

Although some areas of the park require a fee, the majority of the space is free for visitors and is meant to be explored on foot. Antoni Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia © Alexsalcedo | Dreamstime Sagrada Familia It’s no secret Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece is one of Barcelona’s must-see destinations. The Pablo Picasso Museum © MaxiSports | Dreamstime Picasso Museum One of Spain’s most well known artists has his own museum tucked away in the corridors of El Born district. 106 Carrer d’Enric Granados © The Brandery | Flickr Carrer d’Enric Granados Located a few blocks north of Plaça Catalunya and stretching from the University to Diagonal, this strip of art galleries, restaurants and boutiques highlight some of the city’s best art.

On foot. Barcelona Architecture - Catalan Buildings. Barcelona Architecture, Building, Photos, Designs, Developments, Pictures, News Key Property + Architectural Developments in Catalonia, Spain, Europe Barcelona Architecture : links Barcelona Architecture photo © Adrian Welch Arquitectura España.

Barcelona Architecture - Catalan Buildings

10 facts you didn't know about Barcelona that will blow your mind. Barcelona is a very elegant city, famous for its impressive history, culture, monuments, fantastic architecture, museums, galleries and interesting people.

10 facts you didn't know about Barcelona that will blow your mind

There is a lot that can be said about this city, so below we've made up a list of 10 interesting and fun facts about Barcelona just for you. 1) Sant Jordi's Day is the Catalan Valentine's Day Saint George Day, known in spanish as Día de Sant Jordi, is a national Catalan holiday. It is also called the Day of the Rose, which in spanish is el Día de la Rosa, because of the amount of roses that one can find all over the city. 20 free things to do in Barcelona. Barcelona is a city blessed with cultural attractions, bars and life-changing Catalan cuisine.

20 free things to do in Barcelona

Yet this ‘having fun’ business can come with a hefty price tag, as all those entry fees and tapas bills add up. Fortunately for those watching their euros, Barcelona has a heap on offer that won’t cost you a cent. Pin this image Park Güell in Barcelona. Image by Sylvain Sonnet / Photographer's Choice / Getty Images. 1. Given the pricey admission to all the other Gaudí sights, it’s remarkable that the whimsical Parc Güell remains free – particularly as it’s up there with his finest work. Pin this image. Rambla, Barcelona. The Rambla The often crowded street is popular with tourists and locals alike.

Rambla, Barcelona

The middle part of the Rambla is pedestrianized and bordered by trees. Kiosks, flower stalls and street artists are in abundance here. Traffic passes on either side of the pedestrian area. History. 10 Facts You Might Not Know About Barcelona. The Casa Milà, one of Gaudí's most famous buildings in Barcelona. The Casa Milà is one of Antoni Gaudí's last buildings, before he completely dedicated himself to the Sagrada Familia.

The Casa Milà, one of Gaudí's most famous buildings in Barcelona

The Casa Milà is in the Eixample district and one of the best known and most impressive buildings in Barcelona.The house is also known as "La Pedrera", the quarry house. If you see, you'll know why. You can visit an art exhibition in the Belle Etage, an apartment on the top floor with furnishings from the 20s of the previous century, the top floor with an exhibition of works by Antoni Gaudí and especially the roof, with its famous ventilation openings, which partly look like soldiers. The front of the house looks like massive rocks, relaxed only by the wavy lines of iron and beaten ornaments. The bright stone of this otherwise colourless facade distinguishes it from all of Gaudí's other works and is very expressionistic.

Raleigh and NYC Wedding Photographer, Mikkel Paige Photography. Barcelona, Spain….a city in Europe I not only treasure from two and a half glorious days there but would love to go back to in the near future.

Raleigh and NYC Wedding Photographer, Mikkel Paige Photography

Today’s Part 2 takes us to incredible monuments and picturesque landscapes, complete with iconic architecture that make the city distinguishably “Barcelona.” Here’s an overview and links to the other parts: Part 1: Sagrada Familia & Parc Guell Part 2: Parc Ciutadella, Arc de Triomf, Casa Batllo, Casa Mila and Palau Guell Part 3: La Boqueria, Rambla Del Mar, Cathedral, Flamenco nightlife, tapas, street scenes and Hotel Montecarlo I try to provide *photo tips* in italics where appropriate. I will never forget this fountain but I have to admit the photos distinctly remind me just how gorgeous it is. Don’t rob yourself of seeing this Font de la Cascada, as its called, in its entirety. *Photo tip:* it’s okay to fixate on the little things. See that sunburst? Every European city I’ve visited from Paris to London, has a Triumph Arch. Ahhhh Casa Mila!