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Wire Working, beads, jewelry

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Wireworking Resources. (17) Blue Blossom Bliss - Wire wrapped cuff bracelet with Jasper and amazonite. Make Beaded Hair Sticks Out of Aluminum Wire : 5 Steps. (1) Wire wrapped cabochon netting technique. (1) Braided bezel wirework cabochon. (1) Making silver necklace Anaconda. (1) How did I turn Old Wire into a Beautiful GLOWING Bonsai? I'll show you. Untitled. Untitled. The Basics of Soldering. Wire Wrapping Tutorial: Coils. Twisted drops cage pendant with small spherical stones - with hole or without holes 519. Unisex copper ring - knot ring for men - big ring for men and women 274.

5 strand braid wire wrapped cabochon. How To Use Round Nose Pliers Jewelry Making ToolsTutorial. Wire Wrapping Tutorials: Rings. How to Form Shapes Out of Wire. Pendant inspired by sea waves with half round cabochon - How to make handmade jewelry 452. (2) Цепь плетения "Лисий хвост","Колос","Звено в звено" Byzantine Diamond Chainmail Tutorial - Chainmail Marble Wrap. Crystal Elf Weave Chainmail Bracelet Tutorial - How to Do Captured Bead Chain Maille. Basic Cabochon Wrap Wire Wrapped Pendant Beginner. Wire Wrapping Time Lapse Tutorial - Light of September Bracelet.

How To Make Byzantine Chain Mail Bracelet or Necklace - Best Tutorial in 1080 HD Macro. Category:Jewelry Glossary - AJU. Creating the Tensor Ring. Quest 4 Treasure # 81 Wire wrapping / stones to jewelry By: Quest For Details. Making Basic Loops Part 1 - How to make Autumn Wind Blow Wire Tree. How To Grow Crystal DIY: Pendant, Ring, and Home Decor. 木とレジンの指輪 金色 How to make resin epoxy golden ring. Rose design wirework cabochon. DIY This Iris Apfel-Inspired Statement Necklace. During winter it can be easy to wear a uniform of black and gray.

DIY This Iris Apfel-Inspired Statement Necklace

It seems like bright colors are often reserved for the summer, so sometimes our winter wardrobe needs a little pick-me-up! So, today we’re showing you how to add a colorful touch to your closet with a DIY Iris Apfel-inspired statement necklace. You may even have a few pieces in your jewelry drawer to use for this DIY. No shopping necessary — unless you want to, and we totally support that. Have you guys seen the documentary Iris on Netflix?! Materials:— 2 (or more) necklaces — nail polish (different colors) — rope and cord — jump rings, 6 millimeter or larger — spray paint, black (optional) Tools:— jewelry pliers, chain nose or round nose Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Using jewelry pliers, separate the body of the necklace from the chain. If you have silver or gold chain visible, you may want to spray paint it black, but this is optional. Now is the fun part! Attach rope to your necklace with jump rings. Jessicabarst.leadpages. Beaded celtic wirework bracelet.

New Year's Jewelry DIY - Nearly Crafty. Crap.

New Year's Jewelry DIY - Nearly Crafty

It is New Year’s Eve and you have no idea what you are wearing out tonight. “Tonight” could mean leaving the house at 10 pm for a night that doesn’t end until brunch on Jan 1. “Tonight” could also mean leaving the house at 4 pm so that you can go to the neighborhood old people party and still have the kids home and in bed by 7:30 pm. Whatever “tonight” means to you, there is still time to get your glam on Nearly Crafty style with this New Year’s Jewelry DIY. Materials Chain – You want this to be a thin chain. ChainJump ring – 2ScissorsE6000 gluePyramid studs – 2Earring blanks – 1 set of 2 backs/2 fronts ScissorsScrap leatherE6000 gluePyramid studs – 2Earring blanks – 1 set of 2 backs/2 fronts How To 1. 2. 3. Create Wire Wrapped Button Pendants. Don’t these button pendants loo super cute?

Create Wire Wrapped Button Pendants

Want to know how I made’em? Jewelry Inspiration - Nunn Design. All About Jewelry Wire - Wire Gauge Sizes Explained - Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters. When working with jewelry wire, it is very important to understand the basics of wire gauge, hardness, and material and how these factors affect your designs.

All About Jewelry Wire - Wire Gauge Sizes Explained - Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters

Today we will straighten out some confusion in the wire gauge measuring systems before we move on to wire hardness and choosing the right wire for your projects (Parts 2, 3, and 4 of All About Jewelry Wire are linked at the bottom of this post) But, first of all, I won’t lie to you. Tips & Techniques - Lima Beads. Legendary Beads » Tutorial: Christmas Tree Earrings.

Thursday, December 13, 2012 One of us got inspired by the icon of December: the Christmas Tree.

Legendary Beads » Tutorial: Christmas Tree Earrings

These are some great earrings for the holiday parties that you will be throwing or attending. Don’t want to buy the supplies separately? Buy the kit! (Currently only available in store) Supplies Approximately one foot of 18 gauge wire8 Swarovski 4mm Bicones We used 4 each of Siam and Emerald2 Swarovski 6mm Bicones We used Siam4 Headpins1 Pair of Earwires Tools Round Nose PliersChain Nose PliersWire Cutters Lay out your materials.Cut two 6 inch pieces of wire.With one piece of wire, turn loops at both ends.If you don’t know howto turn a loop, our Wine Charm Tutorial explains how.Holding the loop firmly, begin to coil the wire around itself.Continue coiling making sure to hold the wire very tight to prevent it from slipping.

*Note: For the headpins, we recommend a wrapped wire loop. Twisted celtic wirework bracelet. Pendant "Tree of Life" with big stone no holes - How to make wire jewelery 206.