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TOP. Canola oil Because of the public scare over animal fats, sales of vegetable oils of all types increased.


It was the established wisdom that those oils high in polyunsaturated fatty acids were especially beneficial (animal fats are high in saturated fatty acids). The obsession with polyunsaturated versus saturated fats led researchers and nutritionists to overlook some of the other features of vegetable oils that we now know are crucial to health, including: Susceptibility to rancidity; Ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids and its relevance in inflammatory diseases and immune system function; Possible presence of irritating or toxic compounds in particular plant oils.

Unlike the case of trans-fatty acids, for which there is massive amount of research data, there is much less documented scientific research on canola oil consumption in humans, specifically. IF YOU BUY INSTANT NOODLES, THROW THEM OUT IMMEDIATELY! HERE’S THE REASON WHY… Child Sacrifice, Fetuses in Food, Reptilians & Divine Intent. Kraft recalls petroleum-derived macaroni and cheese contaminated with shards of metal. Top 20 Dangerous Foods You Absolutely Must Avoid. Photo credit: bigstock Everyone knows the foods that are healthy and those that are not, right?

Top 20 Dangerous Foods You Absolutely Must Avoid

Yet, there are still a lot of those foods on the store shelves that are being advertised as the “healthy option”, but really are far for being a decent choice. In fact, some of the worst offenders are filled with ingredients that, on top of being unhealthy, keep those inches on your waistline and won’t let you take off those extra pounds. There are still other foods that, although they actually are healthy, they are simply too dangerous to consider eating.

There are dozens of foods which would make this list and it might be hard to avoid them, but let’s take a look at just the top 20 dangerous foods that you should never eat and remove from your diet if you care at all about your health. Those little bags of popcorn are just so convenient and easy to use. First, let’s start with the bag itself, which is lined with a chemical called PFOA, or perfluorooctanoic acid. California to Delay BPA Warnings on Canned Foods Because Regulator Says Label Is Too Scary. By Steven Maxwell To tell or not to tell.

California to Delay BPA Warnings on Canned Foods Because Regulator Says Label Is Too Scary

The Secrets of Sugar - The Fifth Estate - What Is Carrageenan And Is It Safe To Eat? 6 What Is Carrageenan And Is It Safe To Eat – Image To Repin / ShareImage – Wellness Mama Carrageenan is one of those strange ingredients that “flies under the radar”.

What Is Carrageenan And Is It Safe To Eat?

It doesn’t have a name that sounds like Methyldihydrobenzoacetate… and so it doesn’t “sound evil”… it sounds like it might be made from brown rice husks or something. But do you know what it is? Most people don’t. Paint Thinner in Children's Cereal Exposed. Heather CallaghanActivist Post A lot of home builders and painters will know what trisodium phosphate (TSP) is.

Paint Thinner in Children's Cereal Exposed

But a lot of them don't know that they eat it for breakfast! Even though it appears right on the ingredients label, a lot of people don't realize it's an industrial cleaning agent. Lab Shows Wheaties Cereal Clings to Magnets. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HEINZ KETCHUP!!!! SHOCKING!!!!!! 12 Of The Top Ingredients In Food Today That Cause Dementia And Alzheimer’s. Photo credit: There is no denying that food affects the body and the mind.

12 Of The Top Ingredients In Food Today That Cause Dementia And Alzheimer’s

Our modern day diet, which we think is so good, contains many ingredients that are linked to many cognitive problems, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. A good many people today believe that that dementia is something that is inevitable and comes with age, but this isn’t true. Dementia isn’t a specific disease, but encompasses a variety of impairments in the brain that affect memory, communication, and the thinking process. This is What Happens to Kids’ Bodies When They Consume Artificial Food Dyes. By Yelena Sukhoterina Americans are consuming 5 times more food dyes than in 1955, and it is causing some serious health issues, particularly for kids.

This is What Happens to Kids’ Bodies When They Consume Artificial Food Dyes

Children are more likely to pick bright-colored processed foods, and the food industry uses if not abuses this knowledge. The Biggest Cancer Causing Food Ever (Your Kids Unfortunately Love It) Photo credit: If you are a regular reader here at NaturalOn, you know that there are certain foods out there than have been strongly linked to cancer; foods containing aspartame, refined sugar, trans-fats, and GMO’s.

The Biggest Cancer Causing Food Ever (Your Kids Unfortunately Love It)

However, did you know that there is one particular food that has been so strongly linked to cancer, that the American Institute for Cancer Research has recommended that people cut their consumption to zero? Unfortunately, this food is very popular. You see it for sale everywhere and your kids probably love them to no end. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Instant Ramen Noodles. Photo credit: If you go look in your kitchen or panty right now, you probably have some of those instant Ramen noodles sitting there, looking completely harmless.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Instant Ramen Noodles

You might think that they are pretty harmless — a quick and cheap meal when time or money is short, and you would be right about that. 15 Horrifying Facts About Processed Meat. 5 organic foods that contribute to inflammation. (NaturalHealth365) At one time, certain foods were considered “healthy” such as yogurt, whole grain bread, or granola.

5 organic foods that contribute to inflammation

But, now, many people know that these prepackaged and processed foods are actually not as healthy as once claimed. In fact, did you know that these same “healthy” organic foods can actually cause you harm? In reality, these highly-processed foods contribute to inflammation and put you at risk for gaining excess fat and chronic disease symptoms. Commercial almond milk exposed as fake beverage thickened with carrageenan instead of almonds. Toxic veggie burgers - Morningstar Farms exposed. (NaturalHealth365) Having pre-made food options can be very exciting for vegetarian lovers – especially when schedules are busy.

It’s “just what the world ordered” according to MorningStar Farms®. While the brand pleads with America to take the “green” challenge by eating more veggies and less meat, MorningStar Farms® is hoping you won’t read this article and discover what’s really in their food products. Thanks to powerful (suggestive) marketing techniques, vegetarian and vegan shoppers are led to believe that the brand’s “Veg of Allegiance” must mean that their products are safe to eat. But, reality reveals a very different story. Nestle Being Sued for $100 Million Dollars Over Hazardous Lead in Food. By Carey Wedler The Indian government has announced that it is suing mega corporation Nestle over claims it deceptively allowed unsafe and illegal levels of lead in Maggi instant noodles, one of the company’s most popular products in the country.

The lawsuit, which seeks nearly $100 million in damages, alleges Nestle engaged in “unfair trade practices” and alleges the noodles are unfit for human consumption. On Wednesday, the Indian government officially declared that it filed suit in the country’s top consumer court, the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC), which has semi-judicial powers. It seeks 6,400 million rupees, or $98.6 million in damages from Nestle India. “Our complaint is over their unfair trade practices and the court will now issue them notices to hear their response,” said G. Sales of the noodles plunged after India’s food safety regulator reported in June that it had tested the noodles and found “unsafe and hazardous” levels of lead. WAKE UP TO THE KING ALFRED PLAN OF CANNIBALISM ALREADY AT WORK. Deceptive almond milk ingredients. (NaturalHealth365) Do you drink almond milk instead of cow’s milk because you think it’s healthier? Well, that may be true, but only if you’re making your own fresh (organic) almond milk.

Almond milk’s popularity can be seen due to its presence in most mainstream grocery stores – but there is a serious problem with those commercially-produced brands. Store bought almond milk is not the health food most consumers believe it to be. You see, most commercial varieties have been bought by big corporations and are little more than expensive sugar water. Not only is most commercial almond milk devoid of the nutrients consumers expect, but the actual almond milk ingredients contain very few actual almonds.

Food “Safety”? All the Dangerous Food Recalls in Just the Last Few Days. By Melissa Dykes One of the clear and present dangers in having such a highly industrialized, highly centralized food system in this country (a system where a whopping 96% of everyone relies on the other 4% for their food) is contamination. Today's Modern Food: It's not what you think - Part 1 of 2. How Senomyx Creates Novel Flavor Enhancers. 10 Worst Food Companies that are Poisoning You Daily and Lying About It. By Jake Anderson Much of the mainstream American food supply is laden with unhealthy additives, artificial flavorings, coloring, dyes, preservatives, hormones, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and toxins.

Not everyone agrees that GMOs have been proven harmful to humans, which is why the food chains listed here were selected specifically because they are responsible for a wide variety of health violations—the GMOs and their concealment from public knowledge are included for informational purposes. As with all things, I urge you to read with your head on a swivel, adjusting your worldview based on new information. #1: ConAgra Foods ConAgra—whose brands include Hunt’s, Healthy Choice, Marie Callender’s, Orville Redenbacher, Slim Jim, Reddi-wip, Egg Beaters, Hebrew National, P.

In 2003, it was revealed that for two years, ConAgra had been poisoning Americans with E.coli-tainted beef, which the USDA was complicit in covering up. Vegetable oil consumption now linked to trans-fats and pesticides found within human tissues. Sickening: Major food corporations use tissue from aborted babies to manufacture flavor additives in processed foods. Warning: Shocking Toxic Chemicals Found In Teas. Warning: Shocking Toxic Chemicals Found In Teas Please be sure to Join our email list and receive all our latest and best tutorials daily – free!

1K+ Photo – © UPDATE: Many people wanted to see “which brands”: We linked to the Glaucus Research report that tears Teavana a new one, we linked (end of the article) to Food Babe’s article which includes a complete chart of which brands she investigated, and we followed up with a lot of our own additional research into the substances in the teabag material and so on. The Shocking and Disgusting Things That are Hiding in Your Meat and Processed Foods - NaturalON. Photo credit: Ever since the horsemeat scandal, more people than ever before are looking more closely at the food they eat. However, the sad truth is, no matter how many labels you read, you might be eating things you can’t even imagine. Besides the food additives, chemicals, preservatives, and artificial colors, you might be shocked to find out all the things that are in the foods the FDA says is safe. 1.

What You Never Knew About Caffeine Consumption (Until Now) I have had a love/hate relationship with caffeine for the better part of the last seven years—a short time frame, no doubt, compared to the more devoted coffee drinkers among us. The Dirty Truth about Canola Oil. The DIRTY Truth about Canola Oil... Have you been lied to about the health benefits of canola oil? What Is Carrageenan And Is It Safe To Eat? 96 percent of Indian-made tea contains pesticides, some of which have long been banned. A Scary Look At The Digestion Of Instant Ramen Noodles Inside Your Stomach – A Deadly Ingredient You Need To Know About - Galactic ConnectionGalactic Connection. Hard To Stomach. Chicken Gets a Chlorine Bath Before Hitting the Grocery Stores? Read 6 Food Industry Tricks You Don’t Know About! By Dr. 19 Brands Owned By Giant Corporations - We Need To Be Vigilant Shoppers! July 22, 2014. Edible RFID chips embedded in every piece of food you eat. 70,000 food additives approved by the FDA - What you don't know will hurt you -

Monosodium glutamate and all its hidden forms: yeast extract, TVP, hydrolyzed proteins and more - Thursday, June 26, 2014 by: Aurora GeibTags: monosodium glutamate, yeast extract, hydrolyzed proteins (NaturalNews) Monosodium glutamate, or MSG, has long been at the center of health debates, with the Food and Drug Administration saying the product is "generally regarded as safe" (GRAS) on one side and many scientific studies demonstrating the ill effects of MSG on the other. (1) In fact, MSG has been shown in several studies to have neurotoxic effects, and although the FDA claims that problems associated with MSG affect only about 2 percent of the population, many health experts say that number is significantly higher. (2) Moreover, they aver that MSG is at the root of many health problems for tens of millions of people.

For instance, according to the site, which is dedicated to monitoring MSG in food products, any of the following labeling terms indicate that MSG is present (3): And food products aren't the only culprits. Symptoms of MSG sensitivity Source: 4 Dangers of Food Dyes. MSG linked to obesity and liver disease. YOUR KILLER! - Processed Foods. Scientists Officially Link Processed Foods To Autoimmune Disease.

Food Labs Use An Average of 2000 Chemicals To Create 500 'Natural Flavors' You Would Never Suspect Are Artificial. U.S. Foods Full of Banned Ingredients. EPA Admits you are Eating Neurotoxins. MONSANTO CORPORATIONS - Companies That Use Monsanto Products - BOYCOTT ALL! Why Does this Food Have 196 Ingredients? (1) Facebook. 10 American Foods that are Banned in Other Countries.

8 Foods Even The Experts Won’t Eat. Top 10 most Unhealthy, Cancer-Causing Foods – Never eat these again! Natural News Blogs Your Daily Additives - Anticaking Agents. Nine Foods You Should Never Eat Again. FDA: Many common cooking spices may contain bug parts, rodent hairs. Eighty percent of the packaged foods on our grocers shelves are banned in other countries.

Why I Stopped Buying Juice Boxes (The picture will gross you out…) Many beer and wine makers add fish bladders, gelatin and powdered blood to their products. More than one-third of all pre-bagged salads are contaminated with fecal bacteria. (2) Facebook. Major university finds lead in common foods. What to Avoid in Toothpaste, and How to Make Your Own. Why is There GMO Sugar In Salt?? Understanding the misdirection of food labels. Health Basics: The label 'All Natural' means absolutely nothing.