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Painting with Water Color

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30 Minute Beautiful Watercolor Flower Painting Tutorial. Trying WATERCOLOR PENCILS for the FIRST TIME! (4) Cold Press Watercolor Paper vs Hot Press- Which is Better? (3) Easy Watercolor Pansies for Beginners/ Floral Friday/ watercolor techniques/ Watercolor Flowers. How To Make Easy Watercolour Holiday Cards.

Chinese Brush Painting Basic Lesson 1:2. Impressionism in Watercolor. Frank Clarke Simply Painting Introduction to Watercolour. Watercolour Pencils. Would ya look at that?

Watercolour Pencils

I'm blogging at night. That's weird. Usually, I like to get-my-blog-on in the morning. BUT. I finally got my crack in gear and did the Watercolour Pencil Tiplet. Short-and-sweet-disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert, a teacher, or an art prodigy when it comes to any of these tiplets or media. So, in the true spirit of CREATING and letting go and being loose - leave your mark.

Okay. Let's get a little wishy-washy. You need a few things to get started here. The Watercolour Pencils. Alright - rip a page out of your sketchbook (you don't have to!) Throw down some colours. Spray it. NOTE from COMMENTS: I just let it air dry. Look at how beautiful that is. This is a scan of the finished product. Cotton Swabs Painting Technique for Beginners. 10 Easy Watercolour Tips & Tricks.

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Watercolor Painting Lessons - Glazes. Watercolour 101 - get started with Water colour painting. How to paint a woman's face in profile. How To Paint Raspberries in Watercolor. Linda Baker Watercolor Techniques- The Pouring Process-Part 1. Watercolor + Colored Pencils = Fast, Realistic Textures. Painting a galaxy using watercolors and gloss intensifier. Paint a quick hummingbird in watercolors {quick & easy!} Watercolor Starry Night Sky Tutorial. How to paint wildflowers in watercolor easy tutorial. How to Paint Cumulus Clouds in Watercolor. Quick and simple way to paint waves and the sea in watercolour. Watercolor Painting Lessons for Beginners - Supplies. 13 Watercolor techniques. Watercolor Tips to Improve Paintings - 5 Beginner Mistakes. Watercolor Tips to Improve Paintings - 5 MORE Beginner Mistakes. How to Paint a Realistic Eye - Watercolor Portrait Tutorial.

Best Free Paint Program. Project DogWaffle Free Edition Gizmo's Freeware award as the best product in its class!

Best Free Paint Program

Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer Realistic paint effects and frame-based animation tool Support for only Targa/BMP file formats, lacking only the advanced layer, advance undo/redo function and scripting tools, unappealing interface. 32 bit only Feature limited freeware A portable version of this product is available but not from the developer.

Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 The freeware is still at V1.2 while the commercial version is now at 8. Update: It is getting outdated day-by-day as no new development news released from developer for the freeware version. Krita Simple GUI, supports lots of file formats, packed with lots of features and tools. Big download size, current build does not support windows xp, not very easy to use for newbie artists. 116 MB (64bit) & 109 MB (32bit) 32 and 64 bit versions available Open source freeware There is no portable version of this product available. MyPaint. Paint Online - Sketch & Paint! Watercolor painting - Negative painting technique. Quick Tips for Beginners- Watercolor Paints. Watercolor painting - color charts. Watercolor Workshop Eps 13 Foggy Worker.