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Digital marketing is complicated. Finding the right agency shouldn’t be. Tidal Digital is an award-winning Performance Marketing Agency that focuses on conversion, efficiency, and ROI. At the core of our business is a reliance on data-driven decision-making and using data to drive campaign performance. Incorporated in early 2019, Tidal has been making waves in the performance marketing sphere and were finalists in multiple categories at the 2020 Global Digital Excellence Awards and winners in the ‘Best Use of Personalisation’ category at the 2020 UK Digital Growth Awards.

Tidal Achieve Facebook Preferred Agency Partner Status. Platform Permissions 101. Here’s a handy 101 on how to add users on Facebook, Google Ads & YouTube.

Platform Permissions 101

A very particular set of skills which should be part of any Digital Marketers repertoire. Facebook Finding your business ID For Facebook, you’ll need your business ID. This corresponds with and can be found in your Business Manager and can be used to share information or permission. To find your business ID first go to Settings in the bottom left-hand corner or click on the cog. Creating A Data Driven Search Strategy : The Digital Wave 2. So, you’re up and running with Google Analytics.

Creating A Data Driven Search Strategy : The Digital Wave 2

You’ve mastered the basics and you’re up to speed with what most of the data indicates. (Click here if you missed Wave 1 or need to re-cap on the previous episode) The next step is to merge your findings with your marketing campaign to create more successful outcomes and increased ROI. Traffic is Terrific The obvious go-to at this point is trying to increase traffic. The issue you’ve got here is that traffic only really equates to window shoppers. You could argue that the people spending at Harrods spend more, so therefore the £1900 teddy bear is super profitable. Tidal Partner With One Tree Planted. Tidal Partner With One Tree Planted. The Power to Do More Analytics Overhaul - GA4. Google has released their latest analytics software, Google Analytics 4.

The Power to Do More Analytics Overhaul - GA4

Analytics are what help you understand your customer’s requirements. Knowing your customer’s needs and seeing market shifts in advance allows you to keep ahead of the pack and provide a better customer experience. In previous versions of GA, managing your web and app properties was a separate affair. Replacing the App + Web property, GA4 combines the analytics from both platforms giving you a much better view of your performance.GA4 is a much more powerful tool than roll-up property, which you may have used in the past. Google’s advice thus far, is that even if you don’t have an app, set up a GA4 property. Initially, GA4 may seem like a foreign land with not much in the way of reports coming through. First and foremost, cross-platform and cross-device tracking. The advanced analysis reports previously only available on GA360, are now available to all GA4 users. Cross-platform insights are a biggie. Apple's iOS14 update - How will it affect me? Apple have caused a little ripple in the digital marketing pond recently with their announcements surrounding iOS14.

Apple's iOS14 update - How will it affect me?

Following the news that they’ll be highlighting optional data restrictions to their users, the digital marketing world seems to have found itself in a tizzy. Facebook rely heavily on this data to be the well-oiled marketing machine it is today. Thankfully, the world is not just blue and white. And whilst Facebook have already set protocols for data and behaviour tracking post-iOS14, there are many other options and avenues for us to take. The short version of what’s going on is as follows – Apple are giving their users an opt out button on data sharing and tracking in all apps.

Facebook, being the undisputed-heavy-weight-champion of ad placement will feel the effects of this more than most. We put a lot of time into building target audiences for campaigns. Building on first party data has always been good practice. Landing Page Essentials. When it comes to landing pages, sticking by a few simple rules can make all the difference in capturing those conversions.

Landing Page Essentials

A successful landing page will make quick work of converting site visitors, armed with just a few choice words, an image and a call to action. These pages are a cut-to-the-chase, targeted campaign embedded in your website and linked through the rest of your marketing efforts. They’re a great way to monitor your marketing activity and solid evidence of a campaign’s success. The Vital Elements What a landing page should contain is:- A punchy headlineA descriptive sub or supporting headlineYour USP’sA succinct round-up of the product or serviceStrong imagery that sums up the product/serviceA punchy call to actionQuotes from a happy customers.

Google’s Expected Page Experience Update. There are many avenues to which the wizardry (algorithms) that Google use for casting judgment (ranking) on your site travel.

Google’s Expected Page Experience Update

As with much of technology, the further you go, the more you learn, and the better things become. This snowball effect does mean that every time the ball revolves, it gets bigger, with more snow, more speed, and more momentum. Page Performance and Practicality One of the ways that Google analyses the ranking of your page is with user experience.

The meat and potatoes of which are ‘how well users perceive and interact with the elements of your site’. The Benefits of Working with a Boutique Performance Agency. We all know that bigger isn’t always better.

The Benefits of Working with a Boutique Performance Agency

Kevin Hart is consistently funnier than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, both good guys, both good actors, but Kevin is the comedian. If bigger meant better, then currencies the world over would make no sense whatsoever. So why would your digital marketing agency be any different? Performance Marketing Agency Dubai.