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Tutorial Sac Boule. Fournitures:(comme toujours je mets les fournitures avec les couleurs que j'ai utilisé c'est plus simple pour suivre l'explication par la suite, mais chacun ses goûts, on peut réaliser ce sac dans n'importe quel tissus du moment que c'est assez résistant pour le poids qu'on veut mettre ya pas de problèmes) -du fil bleu et du fil blanc-le patron -50cm de tissu bleu-50cm de tissu blanc-1 zip séparable bleu de 40cm (c'est plus cher qu'un zip normal, et si j'utilise un séparable c'est juste pour pouvoir l'ouvrir, pour le coudre sur le sac, mais une fois cousus on ne "séparera" plus le zip)!

-1 bouton pression -1 ruban bleu de 20cm environ-1 mousqueton (ou anneau s'il y à déjà un mousqueton sur le trousseau des clefs) -nécessaire de couture et fer à repasser Explication: Reproduire le patron Prendre les deux pièces (tissu blanc) les poser endroit contre endroit épingler et coudre un seul côté Ouvrir, et écraser la couture sur l'endroit, laisser le tissus poser ainsi Coudre à 1cm du bord. How to Sew a Recessed Zipper - Free Tutorial. Pulsera ojo de Dios tutorial. Fold-over Clutch Tutorial. Reversible Handbag Tutorial - U Create. Hello everyone! I am Sachiko from Tea Rose Home. When Kari asked me to be a guest blogger, I was so excited I squealed with JOY. Reversible Handbag Tutorial I am going to share a tutorial to make a reversible handbag today, it is all straight cut, if you have rotary cutting tools, you can finish cutting all the necessary parts in the blink of an eye. Supplies Fabric 1 (your main fabric) 1/2 a yard.

How to make 1. From fabric 1 you will cut out: 2- 9 1/2″T x 14″W pieces for the bag, 2- 1 1/2″W X 20″L pieces for the handles. From fabric 2: same as fabric 1, plus 5 1/2″T X 7″W for the pocket. 3. 4. Lay canvas on top of fabric 1, and do the same. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. B. C. D. 12. Now you have 2 beautiful handbags! If you want a magnet closure, you can with this bag too. Sachiko thank you so much for sharing your amazing bag and sewing skills with us today! Make sure to check out Tea Rose Home for many patterns! Then she made...: Gear Heart Pendant Tutorial. Ok, here it is! Your votes were tallied and here is the tutorial that you wanted to see first. Let's get started shall we?

The original Gear Heart Pendant was done in browns and copper but I was out of those items so I went for the black and silver on the tutorial. The idea is the same. The steps are all the same. The colors are just different. Which, really, is kind of cool so you can see some options. Here's what you will need... Black polymer clay Red polymer clay (I like Sculpey, and no, I'm not paid to say that. 1 - necklace or a chain to make a necklace 1- Silver head pin (Jewelry finding item) 1- Large gear (Tim Holtz found at Hobby Lobby) 1 - Small gear (Lisa Pavelka at Hobby Lobby) 2- Small brads, brushed nickel finish (scrapbooking item) 1- Jump ring, brushed nickel finish and it will help to also have... Needle nose pliers and wire cutters item to poke a hole (metal rod in picture) wax paper And, here's what you do... Step 1: Put your wax paper onto of your work surface.

Step 16: Wear it! The Madeleine Bag - Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial + Pleating Video Tutorial. (tutorial and pattern) Shirred Shoulder Tee. Coin / Card Mini Wallet Tutorial! from Wists, top web picks from catalabella for tutorial. Wists, so. TheHeartBeading: Herringbone Ring Tutorial (no sound) Beaded Pendant Wave. 3D Tutorial. Cute Tangle-Free Headphones Tutorial! Bransoletka Flat Spiral - tutorial. Zgodnie z zapowiedzią przedstawiam sposób wykonania bransoletki Flat Spiral. Do wykonania tej barnsoletki użyłam: - 25 koralików 6mm - tutaj Fire Polish(FP6) - Luster Metalic Amethyst - 44 koraliki 4mm - tutaj Fire Polish(FP4) - Pink w/Black Stripe - ok. 450 koralików w rozm. 11 - tutaj Toho(T11) - Opaque- Frosted Lavender - zapięcia typu toggle, ale może być nawet zwykły karabińczyk - dwa metalowe, podwójne ogniwka - można też koraliki mocować bezpośrednio do zapięcia - nici do wyplatania koralikami - użyłam monofilowych 0.2mm , ale mogą być inne, mocne dopasowane kolorem do koralików.

Potrzebna też była igła do koralików oraz nożyczki . Wszystkie materiały i akcesoria z naszego sklepiku 1. 2. 4. ... a następnie 5 T11, 1 FP4 i znowu 5 T11 5. 6. 7. I powtarzamy czynności z punktu 5 i 6 pamiętając, że igłę stale przeciągamy przez ostatnie dwa FP6 8. 9.Nawlekamy 1 FP6 i 6 T11- robimy kółeczko z koralików przechodząc jednocześnie przez ogniwko przy drugiej części zapięcia. 10. Tutorial hoja macrame ok. Tutorial 7: stelline al peyote. Video Miniature Japanese Boat Float Tutorial. How to make a miniature boat float photo and video tutorial. copyright Sharon Ojala 2013 - All rights reserved Supplies needed: marbles, large or small crochet thread #10 sewing needle with eye big enough to thread the crochet thread fabric-tac pencil or pen 20 gauge wire wire cutters scissors Step one: The video tutorial is here Make a small ring from the wire by wrapping a length around a pencil or pen.

With a length of crochet thread and your needle wrap the ring completely. Step two: cut 8 lengths of crochet thread, each 2ft long. Step three: You now have 8 sets of strings. Step four: Repeat the knotting process around again, this time the knot you put in will be carried up and placed under 2 knots. Step five: Now you can put the marble inside the net. Step six: You can stain the net with black coffee or leave it as is. Step seven: Enjoy your miniature glass boat float!

To market, to market… A Market Bag Tutorial. This is my first tutorial, and it comes during the same week that I’ve given up coffee, so hopefully this makes sense (and if it doesn’t, let me know and let’s just blame it on the lack of caffeine!) I make two versions of this market bag, and I use both on a daily basis. I made a number of one style recently, as shown here and here. These have side panels and end up measuring about 15″ across when laid flat.

The bottom of this bag is about 3.5″ across, which sounds small, but since it’s fabric, it does actually accommodate quite a bit. In any case, my sister has one of these bags, and continues to tell me that it doesn’t perfectly fit all the items she typically packs in there. Hence the second version. This tutorial will be for the second version, which seems easier to make, as it requires less sewing and cutting. Market Bag Tutorial To start, I select two coordinating fabrics. Next you’ll cut out the pieces for the bag. Once both sides are sewn, it’s time to attach the bottom piece. Learn to Bezel a pendant for any size cabochon tutorial. Beaded Sugar Skull Flat Spiral Bangle and Bracelet Tutorial. TUTORIAL - Swallowtail Butterfly (Creator: Jun Maekawa) Tutorial - jak zrobić prosty wisiorek sutasz. Earcuff TUTORIAL!!! (on BIG demand) - JEWELRY AND TRINKETS.

TUTORIAL - How to make Origami Swallowtail Butterfly. Metal Embossing with StencilGirl Products. The Woven and Wrapped Bracelet - Free Tutorial! I've gotten such great feedback from my Looking Glass Pendant Tutorial and I've really enjoyed looking at all the great versions of that design that you all have created. It's nice to see you really running with it and making it your own. So, to keep with the inspiration, I wanted to give you another free tutorial. This time a bracelet! The one is easy peasy and recycled! I created the Indigo version you see in this photo as a gift for my sister for Christmas. It worked up so quick and looked so good that I knew I wanted to make one for myself, so this time around, I photographed the steps to share with you!

I hope you enjoy! Skills: To create this bangle, you will need to know how to do Peyote Stitch and you'll need to know how to zip up a Peyote tube. Materials: - A hank of Color Infusions Memory Thread in color of your choice (I bought mine back when everyone was buying this stuff, I'm so glad to finally get to use it!) - 3 different colors of size 11 Japanese seed beads. - Scissors 1. 2. 3. Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Patternshop Snowwing | Japanese Sewing, Pattern, Craft Books and Fabrics. Another busy week, and it’s only Monday! This week is exams week and so there is very little time for surfing and posting in the day.

But finally the girls are off to bed and even though all I want to do is to kick back and watch Running Man ;P but duty calls, and I need to share my free pattern find of the day. Oh, and I also need to draft out some new patterns to finally get started on 4 flower girls dresses for my cousins wedding that’s happening in a month’s time! I have four different sizes to make! Anyway, back to the free pattern find. The patterns are mainly bags and small pouches. All the free patterns are listed on one page. The best part is, most of the patterns include step by step instructions with photos! Do check out the patternshop as well for the patterns that are on sale. Happy browsing and sewing! Esther's Tote Tutorial. I've learned so much from other blogs and websites, I thought after two years of blogging I'd give back a little with a detailed tutorial. This is a quick, cute tote bag I've made as a gift for both little girls and ladies.

I hope you enjoy using it, and let me know where I can check out a picture if you make one! I think you'll especially enjoy the method I used to miter the bottom and attach the lining to the outer bag. I'm thrilled for you to make as many bags as you want for personal, noncommercial use, but please respect my copyright and don't distribute copies of the pattern or sell bags you've made from it. I'd also appreciate a link back to me if you use the pattern. 2/16/08 Edited to add: Several readers have listed some great tips in the comments for alternate construction techniques and I encourage you to read them. 10/22/11 Edited to Add: If you've made a bag from the pattern I'd *love* to see a picture. 1 yard Shirtailor Interfacing ½ yard outer fabric ½ yard lining fabric.

Denim Circle Pillow- Tutorial, Part 1. For MORE Denim projects and ideas on how to use your RECYCLED JEANS, visit my new website:! For Part 2, Go HEREFor Part 3, Go HERE Here are the supplies you will need: 1. Sixteen- 6 ½” denim circles (*1-2 pair of 100% cotton jeans) *1 pair will make 12-16 circles depending on the jean size 2. Sixteen- 4” batting squares (I use a thin, 100% cotton batt) 3. 1. It’s important to use 100% cotton or close to it (97%, 99%). Next, cut open each leg at one seam. You now have two usable pieces of fabric from one pair of jeans. Cutting the Denim Circles? ****BIG TIP! TRACING Method: I used a 6 1/2” plastic circle template to make the cardboard template seen below. As you see, I can “typically” get eight circles from one leg but in in cases where the legs are especially tapered you may only get six (i.e. smaller sized jeans).

OLFA CIRCLE CUTTING Method: You will need one Olfa Rotary Circle Cutter (CMP-3). It works just like a compass from math class. Assembly: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Making Your Own Pattern: a tutorial. Patterns aren't cheap. Seriously, I was browsing through through the look books at Hobby Lobby the other day and some of them were as much as $20. Tack that on to the price of fabric and other supplies and suddenly sewing your own clothing becomes very expensive. Thankfully, you can make your own patterns using your own clothing that you know to fit well. I'll show you how to make a simple blouse pattern using a top of my own. I used Scotch Postal Wrapping Paper as my pattern paper. I used paper because I like to lay my pattern piece down and trace the shape directly onto my fabric. Muslin fabric is another great material that would allow you to pin the pattern piece to your fabric.

Lay your garment down on the paper and determine the middle of the top. Mark right above the collar and right below the hem. Draw a rough outline of one half of the top. When you get to the sleeve, do your best to fold it back so that you just see the armhole. Now for the sleeves. *Update* Pretty Pebbles Bracelet Tutorial. Tutorial: Pantufa Sapatilha | Clubinho da Costura. Ring Tutorial- Beaded Wrapped Stone Ring. This tutorial is for a Spiral wrapped Beaded Stone Ring. This ring is one of my favorites to make. It's pretty, elegant, versatile, and relatively easy to make. So lets get started! Supplies needed- -2, 8 to10 inches 20 Gauge wire -1, 4mm round stone -6, 2mm or 3mm beads -A ring mandrel (or some type of rod) -Wire snips -Chain nose pliers To Start, take your lengths of wire and lay them across the number of the size that you need your ring to be.

Wrap both wires around the mandrel once. Turn the top wires down and the bottom wires up. Add 3 of your smaller beads to the very top wire and round the wire down. Repeat with the very bottom wire, adding stones, and round the wire up. Remove your ring from the mandrel. Begin wrapping the wire ends around the base of the ring, like so... Once Wrapped 2 or 3 times, give the wires a snip. Press down your loose ends. Repeat to the other side. Once done you can manipulate the wires a bit to lay nicely next to the stone.

Then admire your finished ring! Enjoy! How To Wire Wrap a Stone. A Simple Wired Pendant A How to tutorial This Setting uses minimal materials and is a very good one to start with if you have never wired before! Getting started: * Tools: Side cutters, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers (with no teeth) * Wire : 22 gauge half hard is the best for this setting (square is a nice finish and you can twist it for a different effect) 22 gauge half round finishing wire (round on one side ,flat on the other) * Cabochon, stone or bead * Masking Tape * Ruler * Dowel * patience The tools needed are inexpensive and easily attained at your local hardware store The wire you use can be inexpensive brass, copper, craft wire, or you can get sterling silver or gold (gold filled) The wire used in the tutorial was 22 gauge sterling silver square and 14k gold filled half round (finishing wire) It is always good to use the inexpensive wire when you first begin as you may make a mistake and once it has been bent, it is difficult to straighten it out again. #2.

. #3. Tutorial: Beaded choker with pearls (Wedding style) / Чокер из бисера и жемчуга "Леди" (свадебный) 6 Strand Halfround-Leine | Swiss Paracord. Dieses Tutorial wurde mir von Saskia Meißner zur Verfügung gestellt, sie gab mir freundlicher Weise ihre Erlaubnis dieses hier einzustellen. “Vielen Dank dafür!” Ausführliche Beschreibung zur 6 Strand Halfround-Leine, 2m lang, 3fach verstellbar Ihr benötigt: 3 mal 7m Paracord 2 Karabiner, 3 O-Ringe ( ich benutze zwei 20mm und einen 30mm O-Ring, damit ich die Leine auch durch den Mittelring ziehen kann) Feuerzeug, Schere, Paracordnadel oder Haarnadel Zunächst werden die 3 Cordstränge mittig am Karabiner geteilt, so das ihr 6 mal 3,5m zum flechten habt.

Danach sortiert ihr euch die Farben so, wie euer Wunschmuster nachher aussehen soll, einfach etwas ausprobieren, denn es entstehen unzählige Varianten. Ich fange an der rechten Seite an zu flechten, indem ich den rechten äußeren Strang unter das Muster zur linken Seite ziehe und dort zwischen die 3 Stränge ziehe, also unter die zwei äußeren Linken und über den einen Linken, zur rechten Seite zurück. Nun kommen wir zum einarbeiten der Ringe. Little Dog Harness Tutorial - Dog Under My Desk. Easy peasy kumihimo bracelet tutorial. OK kumihimo has been around for years but it seems to be all the rage right now so... I thought I would combine it with the look of the wrapped and shamballa styles around right now and give you a really easy kumihimo tutorial to follow...complete with a make it yourself disc.

Firstly gather your supplies - carboard (really thick), marker pen, ruler and scissors...for disc cord- nylon or wax cotton approx 1/ 1.5mm thick (you can have a go with any size though, for the pics below I have used rattail which is easy as it is so thick) beads - I have used small 4mm gold beads with a 1.5mm hole (your beads must fit onto your cord!!) Cut out the shape shown below Cut 8 threads each 75cm long um 2ft ish? Knot all together at one end with overhand knot if you want to make the bracelet shown above leave10cm or so of thread before the knot poke knot through hole in disc and put threads into the slots as shown below ( I am using two colours to show the rotation - you may wish to experiment with this. TUTORIAL - Simple and Easy to make Lotus Flower (蓮花) KADAI KAMAL STITCH.

Vintage Clutch Tutorial. How To Make Grapevine Cluster Earrings. Pieces of advice as for. Rectangular bottom. Twisted tutorial. Fabric Mart Fabricistas: DIY Tutorial: Little Wallet. Tutorial AND a giveaway! Quick and Easy 1-Step Looper Tutorial – Rings and Things. Welcome - Wide Off-Set Morse Code | Swiss Paracord. Calaix d'impremta *2 i més / Cajón de imprenta *2 y más. Mahjongg Dimensions Blast on Facebook. Circle Dance 2" and 6" Squares Added. In a Spin Week 7. Fabrique de balles... - Les Wouimardis. Dede Tutoriais | Como fazer bracelete com pedra frisada #52. Dede Tutoriais | Como fazer bracelete com pedra frisada #52.