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J'ai besoin de concevoir et visionner une vidéo.

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Récits inspirants

Slo Mo Video – Editeur de vitesse de vidéo au relent pour Youtube et Instagram dans l’App Store. YouTube - déposer, partager, faire du montage. Hudl Technique: comparer, ralentir, commentaires. Record.

Hudl Technique: comparer, ralentir, commentaires

Analyze. Improve. Athletes and coaches in more than 40 sports use Hudl Technique to improve through slow motion video analysis. Use your iPhone, iTouch or iPad camera to record and break down your technique for instant feedback during a practice, race or game. Analyze your baseball swing in super slow motion, compare your tennis serve side-by-side to a pro’s, or study your long jump frame by frame. iMovie on the App Store.

Tuto iMovie sur iPad iOS9.