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Amazing disruptive ideas

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Local Attorney Ad Goes Viral with More Than 5 Million YouTube Views. If you own a local business, how would you like your ad to be viewed more than five million times in just over a week. Yeah, we thought so. Well, that’s what happened to personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino (real name Jamie Biancosino) when he posted a video he had made for local airing in the Savannah, GA, area during last week’s Super Bowl to YouTube. Of course, Casino’s ad was not seen nationally at first like those of many of the major Super Bowl sponsors.

But the video has created a huge following online, much more than would ever have been possible with Super Bowl viewers in the Savannah market alone. The key to the ad’s success may be the video itself. And what a video it is! “You take a big chance when you do things like this. He says the spot is not so much an ad for his law firm (though, clips from his law ads clearly appear at the beginning of the video.) If we are to believe the narrative of the video, Michael’s death turned his brother Jamie’s life around. Image: Video Still. The Gravitylight | The 25 Best Inventions of the Year 2013. GravityLight. Projecteo - The tiny Instagram projector. These Strangers Become Friends in Just Minutes. You Won’t Believe What Made Them Do It. Le 7 novembre, votre lieu de travail devient un lieu d'exception / Amazing Office. Send Money Abroad | Cheap Money Transfers From TransferWise.

Les 100 bonnes idées à importer en France (1 à 10) Tickets de bus par SMS, distributeurs de livres, vente de médicaments à l’unité... Voici les dix premières bonnes idées suggérées par nos riverains de l’étranger. Le vendredi 5 juillet, nous avons lancé un appel à nos riverains vivant à l’étranger. Nous leur avons demandé de nous envoyer « des idées à importer » : un bon service, une bonne pratique, une bonne réforme, etc. Nous avons déjà reçu des dizaines de suggestions, que nous vous présenterons petit à petit. Nous visons la centaine, en voici dix pour commencer. Merci de nourrir cette rubrique en nous envoyant de courts textes décrivant des trucs que vous souhaiteriez importer en France (quelques paragraphes et, si nécessaire, une photo ou une vidéo). Les chauffeurs de taxi qui vous reconduisent, vous et votre auto Prague, République tchèque Capture d’écran du service Drink SOS, à Prague A Prague, en République tchèque, la tolérance pour l’alcool au volant est de 0,0 degré.

(Merci à Guillaume.) Des machines distributrices de livres. Pool Party, UrbanDaddy. Perrier Secret Place. Perrier believes that drinking water at a party is the best way to not miss a single thing. After all – when you are more aware, you experience more. Perrier Secret Place is an immersive digital experience that lets you live the ultimate party you've always dreamed of. Through a 90-minute film that works like a video game, users are invited to experience the perspective of 60 different characters – experiencing the party not just through one point of view, but 60 wild fantasies. Our goal was to give people the opportunity to live an experience they've only dreamed about. This idea is only possible thanks to the technology we have at our disposal today. Run That Town. The Australian Bureau of Statistics was looking for ways to get people more engaged with Census data to help them understand why the data matters and how it can help guide planning and policy decisions.

But most people don’t get a chance to make those kind of decisions. To them, the Census data can just seem like so many numbers. Instead of trying to tell Australians how much this data matters, our goal was to create an accessible and engaging way they could use that data for themselves. We created a mobile game that lets people take charge of their actual suburb – using the real Census data from their town. We took the data from every postal area in Australia and turned it into a mobile game. Run That Town gives each player the ability to nominate any Australian town and take over as its virtual ruler. Players have to decide which local projects to approve and which to reject – with the real Census data of their town dictating how their population reacts. Dove Real Beauty Sketches.