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Popup. 10+ promising jQuery Lightbox-Clones Plugin. 1. jQuery FancyZoom Orderlist develop a lighbox clone powered by jQuery.

10+ promising jQuery Lightbox-Clones Plugin

More details can be read here. The code below initialized the plugin and add the Zoom Effect to any a tag classed with zoom, and will show content relating to the id referenced in the href of the a tag. The sample html code. Lightbox Gone Wild Demo. Lightbox Gone Wild Demo This demo illustrates a few of the possibilities of available to a developer using Particletree's Lightbox Gone Wild Script.

Lightbox Gone Wild Demo

Just click on the links above to see how lightbox can be used to provide additional info, show an image or present a form for user input. Inspired by the work done by Lokesh Dhakar , our version makes it easy to extend a web application's interface without having to add clutter. Download Source ยท Return to Tutorial.