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Mvc example. Articles - MIX Online. Article Content Strategy in the Fortune 500 by Nicole Jones on Jul 6, 2011 Your corporate site has everything.

Articles - MIX Online

Product details. Media info. The Future of Infographics by Sarah Slobin on Jun 15, 2011 in Design Have you noticed that infographics are everywhere? Using HTML 5 Rich Media Tags by Matthew David on May 12, 2011 in Development Today, people will watch more than 2 billion movies on the Internet. How CRUD Is Your Design? By Daniel Ritzenthaler on Feb 8, 2011 in Process If you’re a software developer or know one well, the acronym CRUD — Create, Read, Update and Delete — is burned into your vocabulary. When Social Media Meet Politics. The Official Microsoft WPF and Windows Forms Site. Mr.Bool - Place for software developers. Como Migrar de PHP para ASP.NET: Themas TabContainer. More Sample AjaxControlToolkit TabContainer Themes. After working on a YUI TabView theme for the AjaxControlToolkit's TabContainer control, I thought it might be fun to create a few more TabContainer themes for some of the other tab-style controls that I have seen floating around the web.

More Sample AjaxControlToolkit TabContainer Themes

I was especially curious in seeing what it would take to include images in each of the tab panel header's. Below are the controls I was targeting, where on the Internet I found them, and a short description of what it took to create the corresponding theme. If you are not familiar with how theming the TabContainer works, I recommend reading the documentation for the TabContainer control. Download | Live Demo | View Stylesheet Technorati Tab Theme I like Technorati's tab control because it simple, yet in my opinion it still has a nicer presentation than the default xp style TabContainer theme. Notes: To use this theme, include a link to the CSS file and set the CssClass of the TabContainer control to 'ajax__tab_technorati-theme'.

YUI Tab Theme That's it. Using CSS Image Sprites with the XP Themed TabCont. I recently blogged about how to create a YUI TabView theme for the AjaxControlToolkit's TabContainer control.

Using CSS Image Sprites with the XP Themed TabCont

As a follow up to this entry, Peter Kassenaar asked the question: I just don't quite get how the CSS is able to extract the different (background) images from a single sprite.png file. I've googled for this, but that didn't help me much. Can you point us to a direction where this is further explained? This would give me the perfect opportunity to clean up my /images folder on the various themes of a project... In the YUI theme I created, I used a single sprite image and used CSS to pinpoint the location within the sprite for the background image of the tab panel header's. While I have read about using CSS sprite's before, I haven't actually implemented it (or seen it implemented) on any of the project's that I have worked on.

Live Demo | Download What are CSS Sprites? From Pixy's Fast Rollovers. Free Tutorials - Edumax. Large file upload and validation – r.a.d.upload.