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Thunderwear has also stayed true to its mission of delivering world-class quality with the down-to-earth, service-driven experience that you can only get from a family-owned and operated business.

What is a Tech Package? Back To Posts Custom apparel offers far more than just your logo.

What is a Tech Package?

Every inch of your product can be adjusted according to its unique blueprint, which is a process generally encompassed by the term “tech package.” A tech package is a series of specific design choices made for a piece of custom apparel created by a designer to give to a manufacturing or production facility. Instead of screen printing a logo onto a pre-made white t-shirt, tech packages allow companies to design products from scratch. Tech packages address the type and weight of the fabric, clothing fit, color choices, stitching, label, metal finishings, and logo or graphic design. In a saturated retail industry, tech packages are lifesavers for brands looking to set their custom apparel apart in the marketplace.

The Benefits of Tech Packages: Beat the Blandness of Cookie-Cutter Custom Apparel In a digital world driven by e-commerce, the sea of companies trying to capitalize on branded merchandise is vast and deep. 8 Custom Apparel Design Methods that Go Beyond Screen Printing. Back To Posts The Thunderwear team loves classic screen printed custom apparel.

8 Custom Apparel Design Methods that Go Beyond Screen Printing

Screen printing is at the core of our operation and the very heart of our custom merchandise production process. It has a storied tradition in the fine art world, textile industry, and clothing industry because it is nearly unmatched in its versatility and cost-effectiveness. While there are plenty of variations and subcategories within the screen printing process, the general method consists of using mesh and stencils to press specialty colored ink onto a material in a specific shape. Screen printing can be applied to nearly any material: ceramics, metal, fabric, and wood, just to name a few. Screen printing lays an image top of the material, whereas other more sophisticated production methods entail mixed media applications, embroidery, and custom trimming. Endless Production Possibilities Embroidery 2. 3. 4. 5 Merchandise-Ready Fall/Winter Trends of 2020. Back To Posts The fashion world moves fast, and thousands of brands miss out on windows of opportunity each season because small businesses don’t have the time and capacity to follow, develop, and produce on-trend products.

5 Merchandise-Ready Fall/Winter Trends of 2020

Our team of creatives, designers, and innovators have gathered up our favorite fall/winter trends of 2020 to help our clients reimagine, prepare, and design killer custom merchandise for the upcoming seasons. Here are 5 of our favorite fall/winter trends of 2020 that are just asking to be made into custom apparel: Utilitarian Clothing There’s no better way to combat life in the winter elements than with fall/winter 2020 utilitarian clothing trend. 2. Fall/winter 2020 trends are playing with patterns in fun, bold ways. 3. The runway saw some new takes on classic check patterns for the upcoming fall/winter season, and our design team loves it. 4.

Givenchy and Kostadinov released vibrant red suits as part of their fall/winter 2020 collections. 5 Reasons to Embrace The Art of The Drop. Back To Posts After rising to meteoric popularity back in 2017, the art of the drop has become a hugely successful method of moving custom merchandise.

5 Reasons to Embrace The Art of The Drop

Streetwear brands like SUPREME paved the road for widespread product drops, and have garnered tremendous followings on Instagram with the tactic. Thoughtful, authentic product design that aligns with their company aesthetic, combined with the power of social media allows companies to control their following and media coverage in unprecedented ways. Here are five reasons to consider crafting and curating a limited, exclusive product drop via company social media: 1. Dropping custom or branded merchandise is one of the best ways to thank and reward loyal consumers for supporting your company. 2.

Announcing a drop goes a long way in naturally producing chatter and capitalizing on word-of-mouth advertising. 3. Making a product exclusive and limited in number helps create a sense of achievement when customers manage to snap one for themselves. Why You Need to Diversify Your Custom Merchandise. Back To Posts The 21st-century sea of competition for brands is both expansive and fierce.

Why You Need to Diversify Your Custom Merchandise

Custom apparel has unlimited potential to strengthen your brand name and profit margins, but only if it is implemented effectively and in the context of your product base and competitors. We love to adapt the iceberg analogy to help clients understand and develop a compelling custom merchandise strategy. One of the most vital steps in building your inventory of branded or custom merchandise is diversifying the kinds of products and price points you sell. This might sound counterintuitive, mainly if you are new to the custom merchandise game, but giving consumers the ability to choose a price, function, and The tip of the iceberg, the visible formations of ice that break through the sea of competition and stand out, is the premium custom merchandise. There’s an entire block of ice beneath the ocean’s surface swells, though, that matters just as much as your premium custom apparel products. Why You Need to Diversify Your Custom Merchandise. How Custom Merchandise Can Expand and Strengthen Your Brand.

Back To Posts Consumer expectations are high nowadays, and growth strategies are becoming increasingly complex.

How Custom Merchandise Can Expand and Strengthen Your Brand

Brands have the pressure of constantly evolving their approach to advertising to accommodate a rapidly changing marketplace that meets customer needs. And, because of this, custom merchandise has quickly become a standard marketing effort. Why? Because it strikes the perfect balance of compelling product and cost-effective advertisement. Stay on Trend and Grow Your Brand Today’s fans are accustomed to seeing the people and brands they follow – from their favorite artist to the most prominent beauty influencers on YouTube – stock custom merchandise. This lucrative intersection of fashion, marketing, and business is only just beginning. The flexibility in scale and strategy is what makes custom merchandise solutions so effective. Custom embroidered hoodies.