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I started season 4 yesterday;p but I was halfway through season 3 when you warned me about the awesomeness of the final one;P by thunderbirch Oct 17

I'm glad you liked it :) Where have you started?
If you started at the beginning... Chapeau, you would have quite a speed ;) by bloodmandarin Oct 17

Oh My fucking GOD I just finished it... It blew my mind, I don't even know what to say by thunderbirch Oct 17

Have you already seen the season final of breaking bad... Oh my... It was awesome. And if you haven't started the series yet, you definitely start it. Quality-wise only 'Dexter' can compete... by bloodmandarin Oct 11

hehe thankyou I am already using act
ually ;p but I like the newsfeed on sidereel by thunderbirch Oct 11