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Thrive nutritional supplement line is based on unique and proprietary nutritional formulas designed for those who have a desire to lifestyle their way to optimal health.

Paul Gravette, How to Sustain A Business With Modern Technologies. From the Brand Promoter’s perspective, Le-Vel offers an encouraging network of support that’s largely online, but no less effective.

Paul Gravette, How to Sustain A Business With Modern Technologies

The web is so much more than a communication platform; it impacts both a company’s reputation and bottom line. It’s a powerful channel for sharing stories, and stories can certainly help sell products. As Paul Gravette, the new face of social media recalls, from the outset we started our business with the goal of growing via social media and online, moving forward with what’s available. When you think about direct selling, growing up in an era where it was about one-on-one communication, this is the evolution. You have to adapt to it. Le-Vel is based on what Paul Gravette refers to as an inverted model. For Paul Gravette, helping others reach their dreams is why he chose to become an entrepreneur in the first instance. Paul Gravette, Responding to Technology. For Paul Gravette, developing a vision for the future, means enabling Le-Vel to be more agile, and responding to challenges quickly before they become larger issues.

Paul Gravette, Responding to Technology

The communication loop is open and efficient. The company’s employee base remains lean four years later and is based throughout the United States on staggering shifts to provide maximum coverage and support to Brand Promoters. It is a hands-on, nonstop approach as opposed to a standard 8-to-5 schedule. After all, challenges never occur during normal business hours. The company expects to keep its headcount low even as it continues to expand into new markets in the coming years. For Le-Vel, the term culture isn’t just about the company’s relationship with its Brand Promoters. Paul Gravette, The Future Of Cloud Based Technology. Le-Vel is based on a cloud-based infrastructure that has freed Paul Gravette to invest in the production of excellent products, and allow him to offer his independent Brand Promoters an extremely generous rewards plan.

Paul Gravette, The Future Of Cloud Based Technology

For Paul Gravette, using on-line technology to meet customer needs meant creating and nurturing a strong sense of brand community – primarily by enlisting social media as the means to accomplish this vision. Allied to this was the knowledge that the company could grow and maintain a a strong and intensely loyal customer base that would be key to the company’s longevity. Indeed, while the company’s products deliver a host of health benefits, the brand message of helping people to feel better is refreshingly simple, enabling Brand Promoters to describe and share the products in easy, straightforward terms, predominantly via social media with personal testimonials and pictures.

Thrive Experience – Direct Sales. For Paul Gravette, helping others reach their dreams is why he chose to become an entrepreneur in the first instance.

Thrive Experience – Direct Sales

Le Vel Thrive – Embracing Technology. As Paul Gravette on YouTube reveals, when he founded Le-Vel in 2012, his profound knowledge of what does and what does not work in the direct sales and nutritional industry allowed him to know precisely the kind of brand he wanted to create.

Le Vel Thrive – Embracing Technology

This meant creating a brand that embraced technology from its very inception. He was helped in making this decision by his realization that one of the biggest difficulties confronting direct selling is how to offer a strong personalized service that customers would be unlikely to find anywhere else, and at the same time positioning the company as an innovative, technology-driven entity. Le –Vel – Expertise in Communication. Paul Gravette, How to Market Your Passion. Knowing the market you want to work in when you start a business is probably one of the first and hardest decision you’ll have to make.

Paul Gravette, How to Market Your Passion

You need to be passionate about what you’re selling and how your name or brand will be represented. If you attach your name or brand to something that is unsuccessful, it can be difficult to start things over and build your reputation back up again. Paul Gravette, a 14 year veteran in the Direct Sales industry, is passionate about what he does and knows exactly where he is going in the world of direct sales marketing. Paul Gravette, Business Basics from the Beginning. Any aspiring business student or experienced MBA will tell you that success lies in knowing the basic fundamentals of business.

Paul Gravette, Business Basics from the Beginning

Before you can start your business you need to know how to plan your company and make your way through the various ranks of the business world. These basic fundamentals are the building blocks to any business. Finance and accounting, marketing, strategic planning, leadership, and operations are the bread and butter that successful MBAs and CEOs abide by. It’s not enough to just know what these terms mean and how to use them theoretically. It takes years of experience, taking chances, and maybe some setbacks to thrive in the business world using these basic business elements. Paul Gravette, Emphasizing Quality Above Everything. Gravette is the co-founder and co-CEO of Le-Vel, a privately held cloud-based direct sales company.

The cloud technology eliminates a huge percentage of overhead which leads to more commission for the company’s promoters.