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Three West Security Systems Kelowna, licensed and bonded Alarm Company.

Alarm Company Kelowna Merger Announcement. Merger Announcement Between Three West Security Ltd and Kelowna Alarm Service Inc.

Alarm Company Kelowna Merger Announcement

Owners, Louis Krivsky and Miles Sewell are please to announce that on January 1,2016, we officially completed a merger of our two security alarm companies. On that date, our combined security alarm companies began conducting business as Three West Security Ltd. This is a merger of two security alarm companies that have a long history of working together. Miles Sewell, the owner of Three West Security Ltd, got his start in the industry, over twenty years ago, with Kelowna Alarm Service Inc. We understand that this merger represents a change in name for Kelowna Alarm Service Inc. which has been providing security alarms in the Okanagan Valley for over 20 years.

Kelowna Alarm Service Inc. and Three West Security Ltd, consider this merger to be an excellent opportunity to expand our security alarm services currently being offered in Kelowna, and surrounding areas. Security Systems Kelowna. Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your lifetime.

Security Systems Kelowna

Advances in smart home technology and home automation security products, have made it possible to monitor your home’s cameras, security systems and more, no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have access to your mobile device. The options are endless when it comes to technology, and moving at a rapid, ever changing pace. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices. We at Three West Security, are here to help and provide professional advice when navigating the options with “going smart” with home security monitoring. You can go at it alone, buy different devices at various retailers or online and install them yourself.

With’s smart home app you can control, your home’s security, heating, lighting, access and more. It’s also easy to add new devices to your home security system as your needs change or family grows. Three West Security Blog. We are often asked if we can match the price on another companies “free” alarm or heavily discounted alarm.

Three West Security Blog

The simple answer is no. It is important for the homeowner to educate themselves about the true costs of a “free” alarm. These “free” systems are advertised as basic home security system, that can protect your home and valuables. The reality is this “free” system will consist of a basic set of equipment, typically 2 door/window contacts, 1 motion detector and a keypad. For the average size house, this is not adequate protection, because who has only one door & window. Yes, there may be no upfront fees for the alarm system but nothing in life is ever “free”. Another consideration, during that 3-5 years, what happens if you move? What about the discounted alarm system in exchange for a multi year contract? Three West Security Blog. Did you know that 95% of alarms that police are called to are false alarms.

Three West Security Blog

As a result most communities now how security bylaws in place, and Kelowna is no expection. Since 2005, the False Alarm Reduction Program has been in place. All residential and business alarms, monitored or not, must be registered with the Regional District of the Central Okanagan. The registeration must be renewed annually and ensures that someone is accountable and responsible for maintaining a well functioning alarm system. Failure to do so or even having more than 2 false alarms in a 1 year period, can result in costly false alarm fees.

So how can the user help prevent false alarms? 1. 2. Wired vs Wireless Alarm Systems. When installing a security system into your home or business you may find yourself wondering which option is better – a wired alarm system, or a wireless one.

Wired vs Wireless Alarm Systems

The aim of this article is to outline the pros and cons of each type of alarm system as well as giving a definitive answer on which one is preferable. Wired Security Alarm System Historically wired alarm systems are far more common because it has been a commonly available connection type way before wireless systems became common place. A wired alarm system would typically involving connecting to the control unit using either coax cable or cat 5e networking cable. Pros More reliableMore cost effective; wire components are cheaper than wirelessLess maintenanceConnection with control unit does not fluctuateProfessionally fitted systems are very tidy Cons Often more expensive to install due to cabling requirementsHarder to hide wires to make the system tidyRunning cable in certain locations is not always possible.

Security Systems Kelowna. Home Security: Tips and Guidelines.